Not only as a symbol in the shape of a star with six rays. They say that this is a sign witches, Jews. But which one is it? What does the star of David in Christianity? A lot of questions. Will try to find the answers.Star of David: Significance in Christianity

The origins of the symbol

Researchers found that in India, the star appeared earlier than in Europe and the middle East. Even this fact is already clear – the star of David was not originally a symbol of Judaism and Jews, whom she considered now.

But the use of the mark these people since ancient times is the fact that the Jewish press, referring to the seventh century BC, Sidon was discovered hexagram. And the name “star of David” comes from the history of the shield, which was made in the form of this symbol known and defended the king and all his army.

In 1354, the Jews of Prague had the opportunity to have your flag representing a six-pointed star on a red cloth, and printing with the same sign. Only then hexagram became a symbol of national.

Initially, as the star of David was depicted whole, the division into two superimposed on each triangle happened later.

Russian roots

The value of a symbol the star of David can be understood better if you understand where and when I first started to use people.

Known in scientific circles different facts of use of the mark with six rays. For example, the researcher of the Russian North by Vyacheslav Meshcheryakov in his publication wrote about the discovery in those places where, among other interesting things, found a six-pointed star of silver on a stone base. Scientists believe that in the times before the ice age in Northern Russia, the climate was warmer. And the area was inhabited by the ancient Aryans – a highly developed civilization.

It is too early to conclude that from where, from India or from the territory of the Russian lands, the star of David has come to the culture of other countries. After all, the point in this matter has not yet been set.

Star of David: symbolism, value

This theme also has differences. The symbol consists of two triangles attached to each other. So, it is likely that one of them is heaven, the other Earth, or God and man or man and woman and, possibly, the four elements (fire, water, earth, air), – in different cultures differently. But the meaning in either case connection is started, of which the universe consists.

In India this symbol means human nature, the eternal struggle of spiritual and carnal started. The six-pointed star and today yoga is a Yantra – familiar chakra, responsible for the heart center.

The symbol of the star of David, the value of which is not so easy to understand is used more often in Christianity than in Judaism. It can be found in Freemasonry, magic, alchemy, in the practice of the sorcerers and.

Star of David: Significance in Christianity

Every area of human activity interprets the meaning of the stars on its own. There is even a view that the hexagram refers to the number of the beast – 666.

During the early Christian sign with six spokes meant the star of Bethlehem, and was a symbol of the six days of creation.

There is a reason why this symbol is inscribed in the cross of the Orthodox faith. It is believed that the star of David has a very important connection of the divine nature with the human in Christ. It is a symbol of Jesus.

It should be noted that in Christianity, the star of David was used much earlier than in Judaism. Therefore, to say that Orthodox believers have no right to use it in the decoration of temples, iconography and the cross crowning the dome, it would be wrong. Although this is a moot point, and only the Lord knows the correct answer. The main thing – the attitude of the character himself, not what others say about him.

Why the star of David is associated primarily with Judaism and Jews?

This was influenced by the period of domination of the Nazis. In order to distinguish the Jews from the locals, in the cities of Europe, the Nazis used the yellow star of David. Photos, value of a symbol revealing, you can see in this article.

It's a brand, but with triangles of different colors, sometimes used by the Nazis in concentration camps as a sign of certain categories of prisoners. Political red triangle, immigrants, blue, homosexuals pink, deprived of the right to profession green, anti-social elements – black.

In the same period, residents of the UK and the USA on the graves of soldiers of Jewish nationality of the armies of the allies portrayed the star of David as a symbol of Judaism. This was done in the same way as Christians celebrate the gravestones of the dead cross.

The star of David in Israel is huge. It is used on the national flag, emblems of organizations (e.g., Ambulance services) and the army. But still we cannot say that is entirely a symbol of Judaism and Jews.

Another version

Another variant of the shape of the character mentioned above. He was whole without splitting them into triangles. It is believed that the substitution of the original star on that which is used today everywhere, happened at the instigation of Satan means his imaginary victory over God. This is the opinion of the priest Oleg Molenko. He writes that the coming of Antichrist will be accompanied by a stamp on this character.

The true star of David had the following: five rays of the five senses of man, and the sixth beam, directed upwards, symbolizing the desire to the Heavenly Father, to whom all should obey. This is what the whole image is found on ancient icons. This star is a true Christian.

The star of David in occultism

It is no secret that the symbol used even in Christianity, used by magicians and sorcerers. The star of David in magic has a different: combination rotated in different directions of the triangles can be understood as the interaction of two opposites. It is necessary for the continuation of life.

Jews have the star of David was far from magic. The impact of Kabbalah led to the giving the symbol of the occult properties. Hexagram is used for divination in the Tarot cards, and various magic items. In addition, the star of David, the adherents of the occult are widely used in rituals to invoke demons.

In view of the foregoing, father Oleg, Molenko is strongly recommended not to wear this symbol in any form.

Of course, the understanding of the marks of Christianity has always principalsa, especially opponents of the faith. And today the symbol of the star of David, the value of which in Christianity is great (it's the identity of Jesus), it seems, is not the one that was originally used by believers. But no need to condemn the Church for the use of the hexagram. The main thing to remember is all the will of God. To use things with the image of the star carefully, but not to go to the temple, where the presence of this symbol is hardly a reasonable solution. God bless you!