Toothache is a condition that is rarely tolerated. And you can get rid of it only after visiting the dentist. But it is not always possible to do it right away. And the patient has to use any means to get rid of the pain. There are a lot of pills for these purposes now, but not everyone can drink them, and they often cause side effects. In such cases, an effective and natural remedy that has been used in dentistry for a long time - dental drops - comes to the rescue. Few people know now that there is such a medicine, but in vain: many doctors recommend that you always have it in your first-aid kit.

The composition of the drug

Almost 90% of this medicine is valerian tincture, which has a sedative effect on mucosal receptors.

A very important place in the composition of tooth drops is natural peppermint oil. In addition to the analgesic effect, it has a disinfecting effect.

Camphor is a natural antibacterial agent.

In addition to this classic composition, there are several variants of the drug. In different combinations of cutting can include chloral hydrate, menthol, thymol, phenyl salicylate, glycerin and alcohol. The drug can be bought under the name “Dietplus” or “Pentahotel”. Dental drops: application and compositionIts analogues are “Stomatofit”, “Kamistad”, “Holisal” and others. But one should not ignore cheap ordinary dental drops, since the effect of their use is the same.

What effect does the drug have?

For a long time in dentistry used tooth drop as a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Complex action of all components of the drug has antibacterial effect and soothes inflamed gums. Note that dental caries, dental pain caused by inflammation, the drug has no pronounced therapeutic action. You still need to visit the dentist as soon as possible. And tooth drops can only temporarily relieve pain, soothe sore gums and have a disinfecting effect. Under the influence of the herbal components of the drug, the development of the infection quickly stops.

When are dental drops applied?

The most commonly used drug for the prevention and treatment of such diseases:

- acute toothache when it is impossible to immediately visit the dentist.

Their use is also effective after surgical interventions in the oral cavity. Therefore, dentists often prescribe precisely dental drops for the prevention of inflammation.

Dental drops: instructions for use

Called drug drops, not because they are directly instilled into the aching tooth. Probably due to the fact that he has an alcohol solution and is used externally. Not everyone knows how to correctly use dental drops. Instruction manual recommends that you moisten the drug with a cotton swab and apply to the affected area. Usually you need to drip from 6 to 10 drops, so that the action was effective. Keep the drug must be at least 10 minutes. With severe pain, you can change the cotton wool with drops every half hour. If there is a large cavity in the tooth, then a small piece of cotton can be put directly into it.

Side effects and contraindications

Almost all you can apply tooth drop. The instruction to the drug only notes that sometimes may cause a burning sensation when injected droplets to the mucous. But it passes quickly after rinsing the mouth with clean water. So you should try to get this drug only on the aching tooth. Particular caution should be used cutting children, which is easy to burn the mucosa. Specific contraindications to the use of drugs no, on the contrary, it is recommended for toothache for pregnant and lactating women and young children. But you should not use tooth drop those who have the tendency to convulsions, or patients with epilepsy. We have to be careful people with allergies. Sometimes the drug may cause swelling and redness of the mucosa, as well as drowsiness and dizziness.

Special instructions when taking the drug

Before the first use of the drug, it is necessary to test for tolerability, causing 1 drop to a healthy area of ​​the oral mucosa. Use the drug only in the absence of an allergic reaction.

During pregnancy, you need to use tooth drops only on a natural basis without alcohol.

With severe pain, it is possible to keep the drug in the mouth for a long time, but not more than 8 hours.

It should be borne in mind that the destruction of the tooth and the development of periodontitis still can not stop the dental drops. The instruction recommends using them only for temporary relief from pain or as directed by the dentist.

For pregnant and lactating women, as well as young children, the use of drops is possible only after consulting a doctor.

Tooth drops: reviews

For several decades, this inexpensive and effective drug has been used. Its price is so low - about 25 rubles, that few people believe that it can really help. But after applying change their mind. Most of the reviews about the drug are positive, although there are cases when the drops did not help. But most likely, this occurs when advanced caries or chronic periodontal disease. With the beginning of the same diseases, even doctors recommend the use of dental drops. Their use is especially justified during pregnancy and in other cases when analgesics are contraindicated. Patients note that the pain quickly passes, after a while the tumor subsides, and the inflammation does not return. It helps the drug even with teething wisdom, making this process less painful.