It has already become customary in a solid or new company to see the reception area at the entrance. This is the place where a visitor can get advice from an administrator or a client relations manager. He can find out information about the mode of operation, the location of offices on the floors or other information about the company's activities.


The word reception (in the pronunciation of “reception” or “reception”) is borrowed from English. It denotes a reception area for visitors, guests, clients. It is assumed that in this place the newcomers receive further instructions regarding the planned event, clarify the order of behavior, are recorded.

This zone becomes the starting point for their further progress along the corridors of the new building. Literally translated as “receive” or “accept”. To a lesser extent, it is also used in the meanings: “perception”, “acceptance”, “meeting”. And this is quite logical: depending on the type of event, the structure of the organization or the type of company (enterprise), visitors may have different objectives of the visit.

In our reality, the concept of reception is also a special type of office furniture. Such a kit may include only a rack resembling the workplace of the hotel’s administrator. Or it will be a certain corner (wall in the room of general purpose) at the entrance to the office building with a small waiting area and the accompanying furniture.


There is no exact data on the correct use of this word in Russian. Some sources allegedly make recommendations on the need to use the form of the word reception by analogy with the existing borrowing (promotion).

Others insist on the option of reception. It is hard to say how to write correctly (there are still options: reception desk, reception desk, reception desk), due to the lack of official sources of information. When declining, any of them sounds "clumsy." There are proposals not to do it at all (at the reception), but to use the word form as it is in any case.

Scope of application

Where else can you find the reception area? It was before us. In hotels always, one way or another, there was a reception desk, where the new arrivals were registered. Those who lived there received or handed over the keys to the rooms, and those who were leaving - were calculated. At the enterprises and organizations where the administration buildings were located behind the common fence, the function of receiving visitors was performed by a guard on duty at the entrance. It is difficult to compare: turnstiles and admission system - and benevolently configured client managers waiting for visitors in a cozy and well-organized reception area.

Now the reception can be found in the beauty salon, and in the shopping center, and already at the renovated (reconstructed) walk-through plants and factories. The furniture market adapts to these trends. Many companies offer customers a variety of options for upgraded Western-style convenient racks administrators.

Zone organization

In order to “at the level” to meet guests, visitors or clients (investors), the reception desk must be universal. The convenience of the administrator and visitors depends on its shape and design. Caring for customers and staff is equally important for the company. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on furniture for the reception area.

The stand, as a rule, combines two zones at once. This is the workplace of staff at the first level. Above, usually, is a table for visitors. It should be convenient, customers like to put their hands comfortably in waiting for the solution of their question, to lean safely, to look around calmly.

Everything superfluous: communications, monitors, office supplies are hidden in the niches between these two levels. The client should see the friendly receptionist at the reception, behind him - the attributes of the company, on the table or next to the stands and racks - business cards, advertising and informational booklets, nice looking and not distracting decorative elements, souvenirs.


By and large, the reception - it is in many respects really the face of the company, so to speak, the “clothes” according to which they meet. And here it is appropriate to try to show the true potential. Leading the company to maintain the image, they consider it their duty to acquire for the reception of customers luxurious shiny stands of glass and metal, complete with elegant carpets, armchairs and sofas for the waiting area.

It is clear that a small, starting a company or organization does not have to spend so much. It looks good and pleasantly impressive, simple, but tastefully matched to the overall interior of the reception. Much more important for the guest is the impression of communication with the staff on the other side of the table. How the communication will be formed, how quickly and efficiently the visitor will be able to solve the primary issues of the organizational plan will depend on his impressions. Psychologists believe that they largely predetermine the outcome of a future meeting.

Administrator at the reception

Our reception staff can perform various functions. In a solid organization, an individual employee usually receives visitors. Secretary of the head is in close proximity to the main person of the company. Entering primary information, registration of incoming documentation and other organizational issues are all performed by individual employees.

In small firms, all these functions are often assigned to one person. He receives guests, is on duty on the phones, advises on general issues and may even engage in advertising or sales of related products. In this case, it is he who is the “face” of the company. The administrator at the reception should look presentable, understand the activities of the company, be a good advertising agent, perhaps even a competent seller and certainly an attentive and sensitive conversationalist.