Long, thick, shiny, smooth hair is relevant at all times. In order for the hair to grow quickly, they need careful care and daily care. In search of a magical means to activate hair growth, many girls have tried both folk remedies and innovations. Recently, representatives of the fair sex have increasingly heard the series of care products and to accelerate hair growth Golden Silk. Let's see if it is impressive, they activate it, as promised by the manufacturers.

Golden silk hair

What is included in the series

The main series includes five funds. Each of them separately will be ineffective, but the use of the whole complex will help the hair to accumulate the necessary amount of active active substances, and the result will be noticeable after the first day of application.

  • Shampoo "Golden silk" - an activator of hair growth. It gives strands volume. Due to the special formula "Shelkosil", its member, the hair will be protected from damage. Also strengthening weakened curls. Means well foams and is easily washed off. If you dream of a shock of gorgeous hair, be sure to try this shampoo.
  • Balm. It softens the hair after shampooing, and also contributes to a larger volume and strengthening of curls. In addition, the balm due to its keratin will provide a chic shine. After it, the hair is easy to comb, and therefore less susceptible to fragility.
  • Cream mask "Golden silk". With it, you restore hair that has been affected by chemicals and extreme temperatures. Curls after this means with a creamy texture gain elasticity, silkiness, much less push. The substances in the composition intensively regenerate and nourish the hair. For a visible result, it is enough to use it twice a week.
  • Mask-strengthener hair follicles. This tool fights against hair loss, activates their growth, accelerates cell regeneration, and also increases the volume and simplifies combing.
  • Hair Strengthening Oil. Included in the oil improves blood circulation in the bulb, nourish it with vitamins and nutrients that actively promote hair growth. The tool becomes the final chord in restoring the volume of curls. Shake before use. The jar is equipped with a convenient dispenser.

What is included in the composition?

All products of the series are saturated with natural ingredients:

  • parsley, sweet almond, licorice, sage, tomato, calendula extract;
  • juice of kiwi, apple, orange, grapefruit, Rhodiola rosea, milk of silk;
  • essential oil of grapefruit;
  • oils - burdock, corn, shea, castor.

The active active ingredient in all means of the Golden Silk series is the innovative complex Silkosil. It contains milk protein and silk proteins, as well as keratin peptides.


After the first use of Golden Silk products, many girls note gorgeous hair volume, unsurpassed softness and silkiness. After two weeks, you will notice that the hair falls out and breaks down significantly less. Some note the effect of lamination. This is easily explained: the components that are included fill the damaged hair and smooth the hair scales. After several months of constant use, many girls boast a hair growth of 1-1.5 cm in four weeks.

Beauty from the inside

Hair activator "Golden Silk" is not a panacea, because beauty is primarily formed from the inside. In pursuit of miraculous means to activate hair growth do not forget about a balanced diet and vitamin complexes. Hair is 80% made of keratin protein. Therefore, by enriching your diet with dairy, meat and fish products, you will provide curls with the necessary substances for their growth. In addition, it is necessary to abandon the products that affect blood circulation - strong tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol. Due to lack of oxygen the hair cannot obtain the necessary substances for growth and loses its strength.