Immediate and curious, sociable and friendly, Aquarians are full of light, airy energy. They like to dream, but their fantasies do not always become reality. There are many contradictions and originality in this sign of the zodiac.

What is Aquarius? From what number does it dominate? What are his lucky numbers, the talisman stones? Aquarius is marked by incredible intuition, insight. It is a sign of philosophers, inventors, geniuses, madmen.

Description of the sign Aquarius

The sun, the moon and the eight planets exert their influence on the destiny and temperament of man. The characteristic of all the signs of the zodiac depends on where the heavenly bodies were at the time of birth. An important role is played by the hour, the minute, the place of the appearance of a new life. Therefore, people of the same zodiac sign can differ from each other in temperament, character, and potential.

Sign of the zodiac Aquarius from which by what number? Characteristics of Aquarius

The winter is Aquarius. From what date does this sign begin and end? From January 21 to February 20, Aquarius dominates, endowing those born in these numbers with a height above average and subtle features. The eyes of Aquarius are usually light. Blue, gray, light green. Hair is more often blond, straight.

In some horoscopes there are small changes in dates. Has them and the sign Aquarius. By what number it ends - depends on the location of the planets in a particular locality and hour of birth. Therefore, sometimes in horoscopes you can see other dates of domination of Aquarius - from January 21 to February 18.

Symbols and planets

Aquarius refers to the air element. This gives windyness, ease of behavior, airiness and inconstancy of thoughts. Symbols of Aquarius - wings, zigzag, flight of birds, sage. This means scatteredness in goals, ideals. At the same time, a deep mind, a tendency to think, to analyze. Flight of thought and rigid control of mind.

Sociable, lively, keen zodiac sign Aquarius. The characterization of Aquarius depends on the ruling planets - Uranus and Saturn.

The first half of life is marked by greater ease and fun than the second half. Up to 30 years, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Giving the character stubbornness, self-will, eccentricity. Granting Aquarius peace, nobility, self-confidence.

The second half of life passes under the rule of Saturn, which adds a deep wisdom to life sign. There will be less fantasy, but pragmatism and the ability to analyze the situation will be added.

Full characteristic of the sign of the zodiac: Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is a man pouring out water. It is a symbol of knowledge, spirituality, which he conveys to mankind. Aquarians are amazingly able to calm, encourage, encourage. They try to improve the natural essence of man. By the strength of your temperament you can help or inspire.

Thinking them quickly and people do not have time to understand what Aquarius wants to tell them. From what date are born the true representatives of this sign of the zodiac? The famous astrologer Pavel Globa believes that the date can vary from January 20 to January 21. It depends on the region, hour, minute of birth.

Aquarius - freedom-loving and unpredictable people. Outwardly they seem to be active and sociable. But deep inside Aquarians are very isolated. They clearly separate themselves, their emotions from those around them. Often take the position of the observer.

Changing in his feelings and priorities Aquarius. The sign of the zodiac (a brief characteristic of this confirms) dictates a constant renewal of life. New sensations, impressions, emotions. The accumulation of life experience and wisdom leads to a constant change of beliefs. At the same time, Aquarius is a faithful friend, a reliable spouse for those who truly love.

Positive and negative qualities

Positive qualities of Aquarius. A devoted friend, a reliable comrade. From him you can always wait for help and support. Can listen, advise. In critical situations it is able to contain your emotions. In love, a devoted faithful companion.

Aquarius is good at people. Intuitively understands their hidden motives. Has a good sense of humor. Aquarius has a sharp analytical mind.

Negative qualities of Aquarius. There are many ideas and plans that can not be realized due to their utopian nature. Spends time and energy on talking about his future to the detriment of the present. Considering freedom above all else, he tries not to get too close. He often changes his tastes, preferences, ideals, convictions.

Aquarius is too emotional, does not know how to say "no." At times to the detriment of himself rushing to the rescue. He is understood by very few people due to too much inclination towards fantasies. These are brilliant people born before their time.

Main Types of Aquarius

Depending on the date of birth, Aquarius is divided into 3 main types. From which to what number of the planet were built in a certain order, such traits and endowed their wards.

The first type of Aquarius is influenced by Venus. These are people born in the period from January 21 to February 1. Venus, the planet of love, gives them subtlety, shyness. Aquarians of the first type attach great importance to emotions, spiritual impulses. Love dreaming rarely allows you to achieve real life goals. Temperament is more often melancholic. Important years of life - 12, 22, 32, 42, 52.

From what date does Aquarius of the third type begin? Born on February 12 to 20, they are under the influence of the Moon. It is a planet of emotions, kindness, flexibility of communication. Aquarians of the third type pay much attention to the family, relationships. They are able to give advice based on amazing intuition. Popular among colleagues, superiors. Temperament is a lyric sanguine. Important years of life - 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 42, 48, 56, 64, 72.

Male Aquarius

Norms and rules do not limit men-Aquarius. Only their own experience will show what they agree to go to, which is not. They will always be supported by numerous friends.

Constant thought process distinguishes this sign of the zodiac Aquarius. Characterization of Aquarius is unthinkable without creative experiments, tireless ideas. These men carry with them a variety, interest in life. Desire to prove yourself, to try all the nuances and situations.

Aquarians act spontaneously. Their career, family life are subject to ups and downs. Their freedom-loving disposition does not tolerate limits, restrictions. Therefore, male Aquarians often achieve career heights at the end of life. They do not hurry to marry, preferring free relations.

Often and in a jiffy are ready to change everything and start from scratch. A gray, dull existence is not for them. Male Aquarius can change jobs, an apartment, a car, a wife, completely without thinking about the consequences. The desire for change is more important than a calm, measured life.


Adventure and friendliness - such is Aquarius. From what by what number, how the planets were built in a certain sequence, such basic qualities were given to the charming women of this sign.

Unlike men, they have a pragmatic mind, rational thinking. A woman Aquarius always sees its benefits and can categorically declare it. Their non-standard solutions, creativity will help to show themselves in leadership positions. They are more punctual, they are able to act within the established limits, limitations.

Aquarius women have a huge circle of acquaintances and friends. They like pleasure walks, holidays, romantic evenings. Their independence, freedom of love is forced to achieve success in the profession. The family also tries to start later. They do not like routine homework. Nevertheless, their house is full of interesting guests. The humor and sharp mind of the Aquarius woman will always attract new friends and admirers to her.


Only own mistakes and experience is perceived by Aquarius. From what date the child begins to count down his years, he will always appreciate his own knowledge, achievements. This sign does not like boring learning. A pedantic approach to knowledge, he rejects. With these children it is worth talking to peers. Conflicts are resolved calmly, adequately advising a child's competent behavior.

Parents of Aquarius children should allow their children some liberties in self-education. The desire to innovate, unexplored places and situations will lead them to wisdom and self-knowledge. They listen attentively to conversations of adults, often friends with older children. They strive to protect babies and pets.

Children Aquarius - alive, active. Abrasions and bruises, tears and broken knees are quickly replaced by joyful laughter and the search for new adventures. They have a very developed intuition, so the Aquarius children are very sensitive to the mood of adults, understand their hidden motives.

It is necessary to teach a small Aquarius to be assiduous. Do not only interesting things, but also those that are useful. Be sure to instill a careful attitude to money.

Parents should learn from which number the sign of Aquarius is controlled by a particular planet. Depending on the birth date of the child, adjust the basic milestones of upbringing.

Stones and Talismans

Talismans of Aquarius - the key, the icon. They tell of the mystery, the true spirituality of the sign. About deep wisdom, the ability to reborn and reborn.

Modest and daring can be Aquarius. Temperament, character, talisman stones will help to reveal the internal contradiction of the sign. His recklessness and rational mind, friendliness and seclusion. Stones-mascots can be:

Stones will help balance the character of Aquarius. Learn to make informed decisions. Complete the small strokes of the whole picture of this sign.

Sapphire  will give clarity and clarity to thinking. Will bring good luck in business and respect for colleagues.

Aquamarine  relieve anxiety, suppress emotional impulses. Will add calmness, wisdom.

Turquoise  will strengthen the marriage. Eliminate quarrels and enmity. Attract the attention of the opposite sex, keep youth.

Amethyst  bring new victories to life, give inspiration. Sharpen your intuition. Will restrain in the manifestation of aggression, negative emotions.

Chrysoprase  will help in the implementation of new plans and ideas. Attract new friends, build understanding with colleagues.

Agate  add gentleness, calmness, patience. Will help make the right decisions.

Lucky numbers

Every sign of the zodiac has its lucky numbers. They influence fate, help to choose the right road in life. What are the lucky numbers of Aquarius? Which of them can bring happiness and luck? Numerology is a whole system of knowledge. It is able to give a person success and good luck.

A lucky number of cars can bring an unexpected joy to its owner. With the help of numbers, their lucky combination - win the lottery. The number of the apartment promises an unsuccessful or lasting marriage. What days can Aquarius be lucky? What month numbers will help bring joyful events?

At first. number 17. It is a symbol of new ideas, searching for unexplored, creative impulses. In sum, it gives the number 8, the symbol of wealth. This number is associated with the search for treasure - both material and spiritual.

Secondly. figures 2, 4, 8. Or all the numbers that can be divided into 4.

Favorable are the days of the week. For Aquarius this is Wednesday, Saturday. It is during these days that serious conversations or long trips, major purchases or surgical interventions are planned.

Unfavorable day is Sunday. It's better to devote this time to quiet domestic chores.

Colors and shades

A successful combination of colors harmonizes everything around. Dressed in a certain range of people can attract new pleasant acquaintances. An apartment that is in the right color can attract success or contribute to rest.

For Aquarius are considered successful blue, blue, green shades. Bright colors can bring emotional instability. Screaming colors negatively affect the delicate taste of Aquarius, his psyche. Therefore, it is better to choose a quiet soft scale.

Gentle blue, light purple, rich blue will give hope. Inspired by creativity. Smooth the negative emotions, pacify the negative. Block sadness and longing. Such colors will present peace, spiritual joy.

Green, in all its shades, gives Aquarius the inner energy, the capacity for creativity. Give maturity to thoughts, restore peace.


An idealist in the soul, the only love for life is looking for the sign of the zodiac Aquarius. What numbers will bring happiness, what stones will add good luck - these parameters will help to find their destination. In the companions of life Aquarius - men and women - choose partners carefully. Not everyone can approach their high demands.

In the first half of life worth paying attention to Gemini and Libra. These signs are united by the air element. It will help to find a common language, to find common interests, to achieve goals.

In the second half of life Virgo, Aries, and Pisces are good. With them it is good to build a family, to erect material values. They will help in practice to realize the creative impulses of Aquarius.

After 40 years, partnership with Leo is possible. Both signs, becoming wiser and calmer over the years, are ready for compromises. May allow some error in the relationship. Calmly tolerate the difference of views and thoughts.

You should avoid Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio. This does not mean that you need to ignore them. Of course, Aquarius is unhappy with the excessive jealousy of Scorpio, the lack of imagination in Taurus, the complete lack of understanding with Capricorn.

Nevertheless, all signs of the zodiac are subject to love. Just need to know how to behave properly. What to encourage, and what to avoid with Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio. It is better to study what is Aquarius, the horoscope, from what date and at what time each of the signs is born. On what conditions compatibility is possible.

How to behave with Aquarius?

  1. Aquarians are often tactless. This is not because they want to insult or impose their point of view. They are just interested in many areas of life. They want to understand all situations and feelings. It is necessary to stop Aquarius in time, having warned that not all questions can be pleasant.
  2. Do not deceive and disappoint this sign of the zodiac. Aquarians are very trusting. They do not tolerate lies and betrayal. If they trusted someone, do not let them down. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to restore previous relations.
  3. In no case should Aquarius put an ultimatum. He will consider this a limitation of freedom of choice. In this case, Aquarius will prefer to break off the relationship. It is better to translate everything into constructive criticism. Only by succumbing to reasoned convictions, Aquarius will be able to change his point of view.
  4. Often this sign of the zodiac seems cold, indifferent. To find out the true state of things, do not put pressure on Aquarius. Do not force events. It is necessary to have patience and wait. When Aquarius is ready to speak, he will tell the truth.