Zodiac sign Taurus is a very interesting person with a unique character. He has a lot of his personal characteristics, which sometimes seem strange to some people. But not all representatives of the mark have equally unordinary characters. Everything depends on the decade in which the person was born.

Sign of the Zodiac Taurus (male): characteristic, compatibility

Taurus of the first decade

So, these personalities were born in the period from April 20th to 30th. Taurus, born in this time period, have all the characteristics of this sign of the Zodiac in its purest form. These are individuals whose interests are directed toward the material world. In principle, any guy, whose sign of the Zodiac - Taurus aspires to sufficiency. A man born in this decade is distinguished by a business acumen and always tries to benefit, whatever that may be. Material wealth for them is very important. Plus, everything matters, cosiness and comfort in their house. Although, frankly, they begin to improve their lives after twenty years. Before that, they prefer to have fun and have fun at their fullest, without thinking about the future. And then they begin to combine the pleasant with the useful, like all normal people.

Taurus of the second decade

These people were born in the period from the first to the tenth day of May. Intellectual mindset, quite buying up the emotional component and not quite a stable mood - that's what you can say about the guy whose sign of the Zodiac is Taurus. A man born in this period, all his feelings seem to pass through the brain. His goals often change, like priorities, but he always tries to fulfill them. They are quite talented people who can succeed in almost all areas, starting with literature, ending with jurisprudence.

Taurans born at the end of the month

Relationships and the sign of the Zodiac

Taurus is a man whose character is rather rich and original, is a very passionate lover and devoted partner. He treats relations with all seriousness. Taurus does not change girls like gloves, they are looking for the very one that they would like to spend their entire life with. By the way, they have a very well developed flair in this regard. Even if there is a chance to start a relationship with an insanely beautiful girl, in case of a bad premonition they will not use it.
They give their relations completely, without rest, and demand the same in response. It is important for them that the chosen one belongs entirely to him. This is the sign of the Zodiac Taurus. A man, whose characteristics tell about the different qualities of this person, is very jealous. Sometimes he bends the stick because of his principle. Especially the jealousy is manifested in the beginning of the relationship. But then he begins to trust his chosen one and becomes calmer. She just needs to endure this period and, of course, not to give reasons for jealousy. Though sometimes such attacks happen without any reasons.

Taurus as a person

So, the first thing to say about these guys is that they are reliable. And also true. They make wonderful friends who will come to help at any time of the day, good caring husbands and, of course, business partners.
It should be noted that these people have golden hands. They will be able to fix almost anything: they have a lot of abilities. If they take on what they are really interested in, success is assured.

In the usual friendly dialogue Taurus is the soul of the company. He tells interesting stories, jokes, has fun. And when necessary, it manifests its intellectual abilities, which it is impossible not to be surprised. Taurus will never shine his knowledge just like that - he does not need it. However, in those moments where it is necessary, it is necessary. He will share his knowledge, tell you a lot of interesting things. Communication with this person is not only entertaining, it is also useful.

But the psychologists from them are not very good. Taurus is a bit harsh, and not all people can share what excites them. Because the interlocutor can respond with a sharp phrase or express his too straightforward opinion is not in a comforting tone. Restraint, loyalty and understanding they should learn. Taurus is not enough. Often, by the way, on this soil they have quarrels with the second half. They should understand that there are different tastes, opinions and preferences, and learn to accept this fact. Many Taurus believe that everything they do not like is tasteless, uninteresting, unappealing and, in general, complete nonsense. And they do not hesitate to say this to people who have other tastes than, of course, offend and offend them.

Sign of the Zodiac Taurus-man: compatibility with women

So, the taste of these guys in girls is pretty sophisticated. It is important for them that she is beautiful, kind, understanding, economic, faithful and, of course, loved him, believed and told absolutely everything that happens to her. There are many requirements, but they find their love. Signs of the Zodiac, suitable for Taurus, are Libra, Pisces, Cancers and sometimes Scorpios. It is these girls who can endure the ambiguous nature of their chosen one, find a compromise and wait for harmony in the relationship. With the rest it will be difficult, especially with the freedom-loving Aquarians, hot-tempered Aries and proud Lionesses.

About Taurus women

Well, at last it is necessary to say a few words about the fair sex. The compatibility of the zodiac signs of the woman-Taurus and the Man-Libra - that's what is really an ideal relationship. They have everything: passion, love, tenderness, mutual understanding. This is achieved, however, after a while, because first they need to get used to each other.