Scorpio man walks through life with firm steps. He is confident and not afraid of condemnation from others. Influencing him or imposing his opinion is impossible. He strives with all his might for independence not only from people, but also from circumstances. Who is he: a narcissistic cynic or a sensual person who hides his weaknesses behind the impenetrable shell of self-will and arrogance? What zodiac sign suits a male Scorpio, how to attract his attention and how to build a family with him? Answers to all questions are set out in this article.


This zodiac sign always stands out from the crowd. Scorpio-man is different athletic physique and intelligent look. He is always smart, nicely dressed, fashionably trimmed. An indelible impression is made by his self-confidence, purposefulness, unshakable courage. These qualities of character are also reflected in the gait: it seems that he is not walking, but, like a tank, he is striving towards his goal — he overcomes obstacles, does not notice traps, ignores danger. Many people label him as "proud", and there is some truth in this. A high head and a dazzling smile suggest that he loves himself too much.

Zodiac sign Scorpio (male): characteristic and compatibility with other astrological signsScorpio will never obey. And this is felt by everyone who communicates closely with him. Even at home, where you can relax and make concessions, he often remains unshakable in his decisions. In order to be on an equal footing with such an interlocutor, one should cultivate in oneself the firmness of the spirit, raise emotionalism to its level. At the same time, he often needs support, although he himself never admits this.

Scorpio's Weaknesses

Defects in its defense complex are hard to find, but they exist. Like any other sign of the zodiac, Scorpio-man is endowed with vices and passions. For example, he cannot imagine his life without comfortable conditions. Surrounds himself with luxury, often too fanciful and dazzling eyes. She loves to live in prosperity and shows it in every possible way. If he is not lucky to be born in a rich family, he will do everything possible to achieve financial stability. It is natural that for material benefits there are great prospects in the field of entertainment: Scorpio begins to "indulge" in alcohol and drugs, his sexual relationships become promiscuous.

Vices for him - not self-affirmation. He does not need to prove anything to himself or to other people. He also will not go the wrong way under the influence of external influence. Such a man is beyond the authority of another person; rather, he himself will act as an organizer and lead the crowd. Cases when Scorpios do something immoral, out of the ordinary, are frequent. It is impossible to rationally explain their cruelty and rudeness. It only has to be tolerated.

Main character traits

Perceptive and brave Scorpio (zodiac sign). A man whose characteristic fits in one word - “hard”, is endowed with other qualities. This is an extremely demanding person. Often sets for others so high bar that not everyone can overcome it. Proving nothing for him: even if you jump above your head, he will not appreciate it and will remain unhappy. Or he will attribute your success exclusively to himself: they say you would have remained at the bottom without his assistance. Do not go on about and do not give in to provocations - smile and agree. Believe me, this is the best way out.

Scorpions have many positive facets of character. First, they hate lies. Always tell the truth in the face, avoid gossip and whispering behind your back. Secondly, they are promising. Thanks to perseverance, a developed intellectual and philosophical approach, they are able to achieve vitality. Like other people, Scorpio is frustrated and hurt, but always keeps his emotions under control. Therefore, many are amazed at his spiritual stamina.

Life credo

“I came, I saw, I conquered,” - the first thing that comes to mind when you remember the behavior and habits of a representative of this constellation. The zodiac sign Scorpio - a man in particular - is not afraid of difficulties. On the contrary, the more barriers there are, the more interesting it becomes to go towards the goal. For him, it's like a computer game, where the level of complexity only adds excitement. When his position is critical, he accumulates his creative abilities, at the very last moment finding the original way to get away from the water.

Whatever Scorpio does, he always gives all the best. Therefore, the phrase "Walk so walk" also clearly demonstrates his position in life. In any occupation - love, work, hobby - his soul is tense to the limit and ready to explode, because he pulls the maximum of emotions out of any business, enjoying them, breathing in and out, smelling and chewing them. Passions are boiling in him, he is used to doing everything to fulfill his own desires, therefore, it is almost impossible to see the inert and sluggish Scorpio.

Charming and gallant this sign of the zodiac: Scorpio-man, if someone liked him, step over his pride and will pursue an object of insanely passionate feelings. Achieving the hand and heart of the chosen one, he is able to move mountains. But it rarely comes to such extremes. Usually, under his magnetic gaze, a young lady capitulates very quickly. Scorpio beautifully cares, says compliments, falls asleep gifts. Most likely, he does this not for the lady herself, but for himself: to emphasize its importance, a woman should be beautiful, well-groomed and happy.

The girl should be careful because a man might use against her any of her weaknesses, faults. He plays on the feelings of others and does not feel this remorse. But women forgive him everything – this passionate "macho" just drives them crazy, and they are drowning in their own passions. Not every girl can be with a Scorpio. The young lady should be able to withstand the sensual onslaught, and the wolf man.

A dull existence promises his companion Scorpio (zodiac sign). The man, whose characteristic is similar to Don Juan's life style, is very fond of love joys. For him, intimacy is so important that he is ready to destroy even the most durable relationship, if the partner does not go to meet him. The wife should be mentally prepared for the husband's insatiability, she must be able to satisfy his hunger, as well as to surprise and experiment. Seeing in his wife a passionate nature, he will be grateful, will give her love, tenderness and care.

Scorpio is a good father. He is a kind of idol for children - his strong spirit, realistic approach to life, resilience can not be an example to follow. True, he has a commanding tone of upbringing and heightened demands that gives the offspring a lot of unpleasant moments. At the same time, they always feel that in any difficult situation they will come to help, will be supported, advised and, if necessary, will take upon themselves all the problems and problems.

Compatible with fiery zodiac signs

The biggest chances to build a relationship with Scorpion are Aries. Both signs are very sensual, therefore the stormy relationship is provided to them. The development of the novel will contribute to the powerful physical potential, energy of this couple. But passion eventually subsides - difficult times will come. Everyone will pull the blanket over himself, trying to control the situation. And no one is going to concede. Another fire sign of the zodiac is characterized similarly: Scorpio-man and Leo-woman are simply doomed to eternal conflicts. Everyone will defend the position of leader, so the novel will be short-lived.

With Sagittarius, too, not everything goes well. Being a huge property owner by nature, Scorpio-man will not tolerate the love of freedom that his chosen one preaches. Her eternal gatherings with her friends, traveling and just endless walks around the city will take him out of himself. If the pair change the constellations in some places, the same bad compatibility of zodiac signs is expected. Scorpio woman, Sagittarius man - conflicting natures who find it difficult to maintain close relationships.

Element Earth

What is the sign of the zodiac for a male Scorpio, if we are talking about this zodiac trinity? To be honest, with all representatives of the earth element he can find a common language. In Taurus, for example, be sure to see a partner for love affairs. Both adore carnal pleasures, which they will shamelessly enjoy anywhere, not paying attention to passers-by. But sooner or later, the stubbornness of a woman will lead him out of himself - in anger he will be terrible. To keep the union, both need to respect each other. As for the Virgin, with her await promising prospects. He will be able to awaken sexuality in a girl that will make her soft and compliant.

With the fair sex, born under the sign of Capricorn, the relationship will develop successfully. A man will help the woman to relax, get rid of unnecessary complexes. This is almost a perfect match. But on one condition - the young lady should go for the gentleman, trust him with all my heart. Neither should both start a meaningless struggle for dominance in relationships.

Air signs

Good compatibility signs of the zodiac - a female Gemini, a man-Scorpio. Communication begins with physical attraction, as both love this part of the relationship the most. But soon the jealousy of the gentleman would collapse with all the force on the changeable young lady, which would cause her anger and discontent. Confrontation can even turn into mutual hatred. Marriage between them is extremely rare. Scales will also constantly provoke Scorpio. Flirting with other men, the girl will arouse rage in her chosen one. This is the only minus of the union. For the rest, they converge. Libra is one of the few signs of the zodiac that does not seek leadership, which is an ideal characteristic for Scorpio.

As for Aquarius, the relationship with him is not able to last long. A young lady who adheres to free bread will never succumb to the onslaught of the gentleman. In addition, she is not obsessed with sex, as her partner. All this leads to the fact that people are moving away from each other, a chill runs between them. For a relationship to work out, both need to work a lot on themselves, but hardly any of them will try to please the spouse.

Scorpio and representatives of the water element

Unsure of Cancers is impressed by Scorpio (zodiac sign). Male, compatibility with which is almost perfect, no problem takes the reins in his own hands. It can be as it likes to be driven. In private life too all is going well. The passionate temper of a man well-suited gentle and sensual young lady. In addition, it does not force the elect to be jealous of that, no doubt, very important to him. Fish is also full of harmony. They are great lovers, and on this Foundation relationships are built easily and naturally. Lady needs a patron, and powerful partner like it.

But if two Scorpions converge, expect trouble. To be in such a union - to sit on a powder keg. Both are capricious, jealous, stubborn. Their quarrels are like a volcanic eruption, they contain all the elements of love dramas - broken dishes, furniture flying out of windows, fights, and ambulance calls.

Such a he, freak and emotional Scorpio - a sign of the zodiac. A man whose love promises to be explosive and bright can lead a young lady through all the circles of hell. And all because the character of this guy is one of the most difficult among the entire star company.