Secrets, they have surrounded mankind ever since one group of people realized that the other does not need to know what they are talking about. And the more riddles swirl around secret societies, the more society thinks that everything is controlled by them. This is also reinforced by the fact that, for example, the sign of Masons can be met very often, even walking around the city.

History of Masonry

Many know that the second name of the Order of Freemasons - free masons. But few are aware of why they are so called. In ancient times, when the grandiose objects of architecture were being built, there was such a profession, which was called "mason". If we draw a parallel with the present, then we can say that they were foremen. The idea of ​​the foundation came about when people realized that the construction of cathedrals and castles could take ten or thirty years, but a hundred and even more. Construction equipment was not then. To ensure that the knowledge of how to build a particular building is not lost, a method was invented, because, strangely enough, the architects, like other people, had the property of aging and dying. If the architect was dying, then all the drawings and documents were handed over to the foreman who finished the construction. Regrettably, the superintendents were also not immortal, and the construction is associated with certain dangers to life. Then the principle of dualism, the teacher-pupil, appeared. While the teacher is alive, he teaches the one he took under his care. When the death of the teacher comes, the student becomes to them and takes himself an apprentice. So, knowledge and secrets are not lost and are not forgotten. And in order to cunning scammers did not steal them, it was decided to classify all the talk about construction outside the circle of Freemasons. And the name "free" is due to the fact that only masons and artists had the privilege to leave their lands, moving around the country. After all, construction was conducted not only in a single province. Initially, the Masonic sign was a pair of dividers and a pair of basic tools for the architect. Later, others were added to it, including the most famous - radiant delta.

Sign of Masons - photos and their meaning

Signs of the Masons and their meaning

To date, there are many symbols and signs with which it is customary to associate Freemasons. Next, the most popular secret signs of Freemasons will be considered. Only the symbols of the main boxes will be taken into consideration, hardly touching the signs of the Order of Rosicrucians and Illuminati. Since neither the one nor the other did not have their beginning as builders. And therefore, we will not take their symbols and treat them as facts. The most popular secret signs of masons will be presented, photos of which will be placed in the article.

Compasses and a square

Since it is quite difficult to call Freemasonry an order that uses certain dogmas, then the values ​​of this symbol vary from lodge to lodge. Most often, the compasses are associated with the sky, and the head with the earth. The frequently encountered letter G has a dual interpretation. It can be God, from English God, and geometry, in English, respectively, Geometry. The mutual arrangement of these two objects also has a weighty significance in various ceremonies and rituals. There are three variations:

  • The first degree - both ends of the compass are placed under the corner.
  • The second degree - one of the ends is on top.
  • Third degree - both ends are free and are above the triangle.

There is also a variation with a rose and a cross placed on top of the letter G, this is the distinguishing sign of the Rosicrucian order - the foreign branch of Freemasonry, which, unlike the Illuminati order, were not subjected to persecution by the church and society. This one of the two most popular sign of Masons, whose photo is known even to those who are completely unfamiliar with this topic, deserved its place in world culture and history.

Two columns with symbolic images of Earth and space. Are the equivalent of Yin and Yang, meaning order and chaos, creation and destruction. Often as elements in Gothic cathedrals. Also participating in the ceremonies. Their value is the passage between them and you receive a warning that human differences in Church masons invalid.  This extends to material goods, skin color, religion. He is a man, and it is not necessary to divide into classes according to certain attributes, because then those who are in the society above the others, imagine themselves standing above all and can begin to decide their destinies.

The Book of the Holy Law

This is not a code of laws, as can be inferred from the title. This is the main Scripture of the religion, which preaches the members of the Lodge. Often it is not only the Bible, in fact in the box can veroispovedaniya several different religions at the same time. Therefore, it is impossible to say that it is a sign of the masons. It is usually a compass and try square. Symbolizes the will. It is quite possible that this symbol was introduced in order not to spoil relations with the clergy that had and have significant power in the world.

Plumb bob and level

Two similar tools of the architect. Perform similar tasks - adjustment of the degree measure of the vertical and horizontal object for the plumb and level, respectively. Like all the non-standard signs of the Masons and their meanings, they sometimes differ.

Most often symbolize Truth and Equality for the plumb and level, respectively. They are also personal signs of the first and second guards of the lodge, which monitor the fulfillment of all conditions during rituals and sacraments.

Radiant Delta

Here he is, the most popular sign of Freemasons, the most puzzling wonders. First of all, it should be noted that this sign of Masons, the photo of which is presented in the article, has no subtext to designate control. It symbolizes wisdom, the truth that the disciple knows, the absolute victory of good over evil.

And the reason why everyone considers this sign of Masons to be something like total control is due to all the events in the world, is due to the fact that it meets on banknotes and coins of various countries of the world. And this was due to the fact that once long ago the Masons realized that they were surrounded by the aura of the sacrament and many people wanted to join them. And some had a lot of money. And a lot of money, as is known, especially in a large organization, does not happen. Here, in the ranks of Freemasons and began to join not only masons and architects, but also those who have an impressive material wealth. This is the nobles, entrepreneurs, kings, lords, bank owners. And then they began to place the sign of the Masons - the eye - not only on buildings, as an indication that this order was built by him, but also on many other things. Thus showing the vastness of the Order.

Marks of Excellence

On the question of what insignia in the Masons, the answer can not be given. It is impossible, because the order is secret. After all, if a member of the Order had shown everyone that he was in it, the sacrament could have been violated. In the Middle Ages, with the calculation of secrets, it was easy - torture. And the mysteries of the Masons included not just drawings, diagrams, the basics of mastery, but also the designation of secret passages in palaces and cathedrals. And this is already quite weighty information, which, in its true sense, you can make history. This required a high level of conspiracy. Therefore, one of the rules for joining the order reads: "If you want to become a Mason, ask a Mason." And this at least is not easy, because there is not a person on the street with a banner on which is written "I am a freemason".

Influence in the world

Sometimes mainly because of the secrecy, people assume that the order of Freemasons is indirectly or directly connected with the situation in the world and historical events. This understanding could arise because of the signs that the Freemasons left in many places and on many subjects.  Significant historical events, the participation in which is attributed to Masons:

  • The French revolution mainly take into account the influence of one of the Grand lodges (or Grand East) of the Grand Orient of France. The assumption that revolution with up to date was planned for twenty-years before the revolution.
  • The February revolution - also there is an opinion that was planned by the Masons. However, it did not go further than the revolution itself - they did not manage to react and the Bolsheviks got the reins of power, creating a superpower.
  • The society that emerged in Russia under Peter the great, collected mostly nobles, who had to build any relationship, and in fact it was a private club of the upper classes. However, after the French revolution, they drew the attention and began to oppress the fear of such.
  • And many more events, including war of modern times: in Vietnam and in Iraq, revolution in America, the war between the North and the South. However, this may not be entirely true, since most of the presidents of the United States of America is not very secret as they regularly remind us of this, fraternity "Skull and Bones", which to the Freemasons.

Do not forget that these facts are mostly conjectures of the conspiracy theorists and do not have any documentary or verbal confirmation. And the Masonic society itself is shrouded in a dense veil of secrets that can hardly be dispelled. In mass culture, the debate about the influence of Freemasonry on history never ceases.


Undoubtedly, one can state that the Order of Masons successfully uses the principle "you want to hide something, put everything in your sight". And they have it not for one hundred years. You can endlessly build any theories around this secret organization. However, the fact that Masons, signs and symbols are firmly integrated into world history, culture and, in particular, into architectural structures, remains a fact. In most of the great architectural buildings one can see the sign of the Masons, which means their direct participation in the project. We can also say and thank you to some extent, because before the people who had nothing to do with construction began to join their ranks, the teacher-student principle worked non-stop and thanks to this we have amazing structures that amaze with their beauty and complexity . Who knows, be in their ranks all as before, the Temple of the Holy Family, which is almost the most complex architectural creation of our time, would be ready, despite the death of Antoni Gaudi-i-Cournet. Or, for example, many architectural ideas that were not implemented for one reason or another could become a reality.