The snake is a reptile whose image is enveloped in a huge number of legends and mysteries. These animals are mentioned in the mythology and culture of all nations. Often they can be seen in works of art and modern decor. Today in the form of snakes make jewelry and jewelry, sculptures, often their images can be seen in the interior or as prints on clothing. Reptiles are also popular in tattoo art. What is the meaning of the tattoo "snake", which can mean this pattern on the body?

Ancient myths and tales

The value of the tattoo Snakes are wise enough, like most reptiles, they never attack first, and attack only in case of real threat. Cold-blooded animals can survive in any conditions and adapt to the environment. In hunting snakes also exhibit special talents. Their prey animal chooses carefully, and then masterfully attacks and strangles prey or swallow it whole. The inhabitants of Ancient Egypt believed that all the planets and life on them has created a giant snake eating the tail. Eating only a moderate portion of his body and managing to grow it back, this mystical creature is eternal and immortal. The people of Ancient Greece saw a tattoo of a snake on his leg, I'd say that is a sign of healing and resurrection. Remember modern pharmacy sign depicting a reptile that coils around the vessel, not everyone knows that this symbol was invented by the Greeks based their myths. In Eastern traditions snake also symbolizes life and the ability to adapt to any conditions. But not so simple, in some cultures "creeping, crawling" is considered a symbol of evil and dark forces. Recall the serpent-tempter of the Christian tradition, or the personification of malice and guile in Buddhism.

Snakes in modern culture

Our contemporaries perceive reptiles and reptiles also in different ways. Some snakes like it so much that they give them up as pets, while others simply terrify them. But at the same time, indifferent creeping living creatures, which have no limbs, do not leave anyone. The meaning of the tattoo "snake" is difficult to interpret, not knowing the person and his worldview. Sometimes these tattoos are made based on ancient beliefs associated with fertility, growth, the beginning of a new life. Many nations and tribes believed that snakes symbolize the masculine principle and power (phallic symbol). Therefore, today, tattoos depicting this animal are often chosen by women who dream of children and a large family. In addition, a snake wrapped around an object and heading up can symbolize spiritual growth and development. Many people choose creeping reptiles as a symbol of wisdom and eternity.

The value of the tattoo "snake" in the criminal world

Choosing a place for a new tattoo

Reptiles may be depicted on the body in the amount of one or several units, supplemented by other drawings or inscriptions. First, decide on the desired size and sketch details. High-quality tattoo "snake's head" looks no less impressive than reptile, depicted in its entirety. What is especially nice, this animal is ideal for male and female tattoo. However, the value of the tattoo "snake" varies somewhat, depending on the gender of its owner. Women more often dream of wisdom and the appearance of offspring, while men, choosing this drawing, dream of becoming more agile, resourceful and starting a new life. Many people apply this pattern to their body, only because of its beauty. In any case, a snake tattoo on your arm will be an interesting decoration for your body, and perhaps it will really help to achieve what you want. If you really like this animal, and you think that its value corresponds to your plans for life - do not deny yourself the pleasure to do such a tattoo.