The name is an integral part of everyone's personality, therefore it is very important to know its meaning and history. Our great-grandfathers believed that every name carries a great charge of energy, and the name of a person has a truly magical power. This fact is due to the fact that we hear our proper name dozens of times a day, and, consequently, its energy has a significant influence on us. From this article you will learn the meaning of the name Tamerlane. It occupies an honorable place in the fund of the world's name-worship.


Meaning of the name Tamerlane goes back to the Iranian language. It was worn by one of the greatest conquerors who have played an important role in the history of the Caucasus and Central Asia, Amir Timur Taragai bin Barlas. In written Persian sources referred to the commander was called not only Timur Gurkani, but also by Tamerlane. That name was created by adding to his name-personal nickname – "a LAN" (lame). This nickname testified not only about the lameness of the owner, but also about the fame of Timur among the people, who gave him a simple and clear name.Value for Tamerlane name: description and detailed description

The very same name Timur, pronounced in ancient times as Tamer or Timer, is translated from Turkic as "iron" and refers to the category of national, glorifying valor and courage, as well as the spiritual and physical strength of a man bestowed upon him by nature itself.

The meaning of the name Tamerlane over time has lost its original meaning. It was established as an independent name in the system of the name of the Turks, and it gained unprecedented popularity, which can be explained by its melodiousness and sonority. Along with this, his customary interpretation also changed: the name began to be interpreted as an "indestructible commander", thereby reflecting the characteristics of the personality of the very first carrier. Henceforth, calling his child this sonorous name, the popes and mother were convinced that it would become for the heir a symbol of victorious destiny and a sign of an uncommon destiny.


Many parents want to name their son named Tamerlane. "What nationality will the child bear?" They are interested. At first it was used only by the Turkic peoples, because its origin dates back to the Iranian language. Now this name is very common in Georgia, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan. In addition, in connection with the demand for names of Eastern origin in the modern world, Tamerlane began to be called children in France, America and Portugal.


Many famous scientists, statesmen, athletes and musicians have made a name for Tamerlane. For example, it was worn by the South Ossetian novelist Tamerlan Tadtayev; famous judoist Tamen Tamerlan; South Ossetian Minister of Culture Dzudtsov Tamerlan; the system analyst of objects of the raised complexity, the biochemist and the expert of history of Russia Айзатулин Тамерлан.

Personality of the carrier

The origin of the name Tamerlane affects the identity of its bearer. As a rule, it differs integrity and self-sufficiency. Such a person will not seek recognition and fame, it is enough for him to know that he respects in the chosen circle of close friends. Among them, Tamerlane can lose the mask of importance and become sociable, open and cheerful. On other people, the owner of this name makes an impression of a person who is harsh, serious and even domineering. Some even believe that he is unsociable and angry. But this is not true, Tamerlane is a strong and noble man, always ready to help.

What can we expect the parents who chose the name for the boy Tamerlane? Since childhood, their son will show truly masculine qualities. He will take his duties seriously, take a thorough approach to learning, and to the accomplishment of daily activities.

In addition, the boy will spend a lot of time with his father, helping his parents in the household. Tamerlane is a good student, especially he is given languages ​​and mathematics. He is balanced and unsociable, with great difficulty converges with others, which can disturb his relatives. To make Tamerlane more alive and open, it's worth giving it to a theater group.

Uncommon business ability gives its owner the meaning of the name Tamerlane. His carrier early acquires financial independence and leaves his parents' home. He will never give up his salary, so he often combines additional work and the institute. Tamerlane is able to reveal all his potential in such specialties as a programmer, a mathematician, an inventor, an engineer. In addition, Tamerlane can open his own business and achieve significant heights in it. He - a real workaholic, dedicating himself to the work of himself, so he often does not have time and energy to communicate with friends. He diversifies his leisure by reading books and thinking alone.

Tamerlan outwardly cold and stern, so some women are afraid of it. He is capable of strong and deep feeling, and a fleeting novels not interested. If Tamerlan meet with an unusual woman, even if not beautiful, but possessed of great charisma, for the sake of attention and the location he will turn the mountains. For the sake of conquest of the heart a sweetheart, he will not stop even before the destruction of the family. Next to his beloved Tamerlan to be affectionate and open person, his wife will always be surrounded by care and attention.

Now you know what character traits give its owner the name Tamerlane. Meaning, the meaning of a name for you is also not a secret. The boy, whose parents will be called Tamerlane, will grow up to be a serious and thorough man, whom you can always rely on.