The most famous of the bearers of this original name is an inanimate object, which is a small winged statuette, presented to the winners in the world of cinematography. The best film, the best part is a victory. And the value of the name Nick fully meets this word and the state of a jubilant soul.

The value of the name Nick

Goddess like

The above-mentioned statuette appeared not from scratch - it personifies the ancient Greek goddess Nike, the daughter of the famous titan Pallant, known for her struggle against these huge God-men on the side of Zeus and everywhere accompanying Athena - the personification of the highest all-conquering power.

Mindful of the ability of the goddess to win in the most unfavorable circumstances for her, newly made parents, deciding how to name a daughter, pay attention to Nick's sonorous and uncomplicated word. The name for the girl is beautiful because of its brevity, compatibility with the Slavic surnames, although in any interpretation it sounds slightly foreign.

Among impressionable mothers there is an opinion that, having such a name, their daughters become similar to the famous goddess. The main program that parents launch, choosing such a name, is very transparent: the daughter must be able to win. It doesn't matter what or whom - the circumstances, the people, the time. She must, period.

What is the parent error

Considering that Nick is a name for a girl who will surely lead her to heights of glory (career, success in any undertaking), parents begin to load their daughters almost from infancy.

Nika participates everywhere and in everything, she goes to figure skating and to the pool, she is intensively engaged in English, she is led to choreography and to a music school. But this does not mean that the girl is so talented or is eager to comprehend everything. Not. Her parents just want it.

Having hammered into my head that a girl with such a sonorous name should stand out from the crowd, parents simply torture Nike with their demands. They do not want to take into account that the value of the name Nick does not imply continuous and often unbearable labor for the child and that the daughter should win only in those areas that are interesting to her.

Parental error leads to the fact that the child loses interest in life, quickly gets tired, weakens and starts to get sick often.

Nick matured, trying to get out from under parental care as quickly as possible, so hurries to jump out of marriage, which carries out his idea almost immediately after graduation.

And yet she is a cutie!

The most positive traits seen in the overwhelming majority of the bearers of the name Nick are intelligence, wit and charm.

Of course, they are somewhat inclined to dissemble, but this does not represent a great threat to them or to their surroundings. Nika is practical enough, but as a result it becomes an advantage in running the house or choosing a profession.

The meaning of the name Nika pointing at some (considerable) percentage of selfishness in the character, but in General this woman is very pleasant and nice man, not devoid of tolerance, besides an interesting conversationalist.

Mystical Nick

The feminine name of Nick, many esoteric people endow with some involvement in secret knowledge. Nicky does not learn this - talent to penetrate into the unknown is given to them by nature.

Infrequently, but very confidently, Nika says: “I feel that such and such will happen soon”; "It seems to me that this and that should happen." As a rule, these forebodings come true, and very accurately.

This predictive gift can only be explained by one thing: Nika is very sensitive to events occurring in a certain period of time. What is called "here and now." She feels the current moment so clearly that she is able to accurately predict what will happen in the near future.

If Nika is ready to develop her talent, figuratively speaking, to learn not to listen to “jolly jellyfish” as a character in a well-known cartoon, but to comprehend everything at a much deeper level, then she will be very successful in mystical areas.

I'm afraid, but I'm going

One of the negative features of Nick interpreters of names is called the uncertainty in each step, complemented by impatience and impatience.

Nick is scared. She is very afraid to do something wrong, look ridiculous, let down those who counted on her. But, gathering all the strength and closing her eyes, she takes a step at random.

The value of the name Nick prophesies his owner and fame and honor. But the girl does not always have the patience to wait for the moment to come - she wants a laurel wreath urgently, it seems to her that she has already done enough to get it.

What does Nick work for?

By the choice of a profession, hardly anyone is able to approach as responsibly as Nick. The origin of the name makes its bearer calculate all the nuances, to be sure that it is in this industry that she will win victory after victory.

The ability to command people lies in her from birth, so Nika feels at ease in any management position, as well as having her own business at her disposal.

Nick, whose full name sounds exactly like this - Nick, and no additions, often chooses a sports or political career. She likes being in the thick of things and in the spotlight. And what professions give impetus to the care in sports or in politics? There may be a lot of options - from a store manager to a journalist in a small newspaper.

Who is Nikusha?

Wealth of choice among diminutive forms on behalf of Nick is not observed. Only Nikusha, Niki and Nikulya.

But here's the ill luck: another popular female name, Veronica, claims the same form, including Nick's name directly.

Claiming that Nick is the full name, his owners risk being misunderstood by those who combine these words into one and perceive them as mutually productive.

But it is not. Nick and Veronica are completely different, independent and self-sufficient names, each occupying their own separate niche in anthroponymy.

Although their meaning is similar. But if Nika is a victory in the pure form, then Veronica means literally "carrying victory". That is, in the first case, the victory is perceived as a completed action and a fact, and in the second everything is a little different: there is confidence in it, but you need to put some more effort, show a little patience and wait.