The female name of Mia refers to the ancient names, but this only adds to him the mystery and eccentricity. In Russia it is, despite its simplicity and euphony, practically not used, but in Europe and America it is quite common. The meaning of Mia's name allows us to judge the nature of its owner and the fate that the heaven has prepared for her. Therefore, we will try to understand everything in order.

Meaning of the name Mia

Origin and meaning of the name Mia

The exact origin of the name of Mia is unknown even to anthropologists. Some of them claim that it has Swedish roots. If you stick to this version, then the meaning of the name Mia will sound like "recalcitrant" or "stubborn". Another part of the scientists is sure that this name was formed from the Spanish word Mia. As a consequence, the meaning of Mia's name will be the same as the translation of the word "mine." The last group of anthropologists has its own opinion about the origin of the name, radically different from the first two. According to him, the female name of Mia is a shortened version of Salome and translates as "quiet as a temple" or "quiet."

Since early childhood, the baby is not ordinary, not only in deeds, but also in the style of clothes. Miya is a name for a girl who is proud of her personality and always strives to stand out from the crowd, so parents who choose him for her daughter should not be surprised at some of her actions. The girl tries to show its uniqueness in everything. For example, she can put on the shoes of one of the parents and categorically refuse to go out on the street in anything else. It should be noted and creative talents babes, which, however, are also somewhat unusual. Suppose she can draw a picture she invented, and after a long time compose stories with the depicted hero. Mia's name rewards the girl with a magnificent fantasy, she easily imagines a fairy world, interwoven with elements of reality. The girl is incredibly communicative, she seeks to communicate with anyone, even a stranger, if he is next to her. This behavior accompanies her throughout her life.

School years

Studying the girl, despite his hyperactivity, very well. She especially are the Humanities. At school she also converges easily with people, she has many friends, but true friendship MIA very seriously. Secrets it can tell us only those who have proved their loyalty and sincerity. Great importance girl gives reciprocity, therefore, never refuse to help someone in need, even if totally unfamiliar with it. The name MIA characterizes its owner as a girl who lives by the principle: treat people the way you want them to treat you.

Miya: the meaning of the name, the character

A distinctive characteristic of the owner of this name can be considered her absolute objectivity, the girl will never stand on the side of a person who is wrong, regardless of his age or position in society. Mia has a rare quality for the girl - the ability to assess the situation without bias, introducing herself as a third-party listener. Mia discusses the disputes very scrupulously, so she is often invited to resolve conflicts. Miya incredibly values ​​her reputation, for her the opinion of other people is very important to her, however, despite this, she never loses her uniqueness and does not become "like everyone else".

In the character of Mia, like any other fair sex, there are positive and negative sides. The first can include justice, diligence, creativity, kindness, sincerity, optimism. To the negative qualities, the emotionality of the girl is attributed, which she disguises under the conditional tranquility. A not very good feature is that Miya often considers only the right opinion to be her own and, as a rule, tries to prove it to her interlocutor by any means. Sometimes others notice her tendency to manipulate people, but, given the girl's developed intelligence and her education, she completely trusts her.

Mia will make a good career only if she gives all her attention to one type of activity, and will not try to do everything at once. Sometimes, in order to become successful, she lacks self-confidence and leadership qualities, although, thanks to natural intelligence, she can reach unprecedented heights. Professions that assume a monotonous work are not suitable for Mia, as she is gravitating towards creativity, creativity, and various changes. Therefore, the most suitable for her will be the profession of a journalist, detective, reporter, trainer, diplomat.

Love and marriage

Mia, as a rule, is externally good, so it is surrounded by a crowd of admirers. However, the girl does not attach much importance to empty confessions of love, for her sincere feelings, proven by time, are important. Mia will try to keep his choice on equal terms. She will not allow him to manipulate himself, but she herself will not drive him "under the heels." Because of this, quarrels and clarification of the relationship in this pair practically does not happen. As a partner, Mia chooses an intelligent, intelligent guy who will love her, despite the existing shortcomings in the character. In relations with the chosen one for Mia everything is important: the ability to get along in different living conditions, full compatibility in a sexual way. The girl's personal life is built according to the principle: all or nothing, she will not drag out a miserable existence with an unloved person.

Mia's wife can be called an ideal man, however, in many respects it is the merit of the girl herself. Of course, she does not train him, Mia achieves her sincere care, affection and love. Children at Mia, as a rule, are born already in adulthood. For their sake, she is ready to do anything, even to part with her favorite work, in order to devote herself to the education of a worthy person.