Being an ancient Slavic name, Miloslav is an extremely rare choice of parents for his daughter. And in vain, because the meaning of Miloslav's name exactly corresponds to his sound, which associatively makes us imagine a pretty creature with an angelic appearance and the same character. It is truly so!

The meaning of Miloslav's name, origin


The origin of the name of Miloslav, whose meaning in modern Russia is small, originally Slavic. It was known in Russia from pre-Christian, pagan times. Then it was common in both male and female forms, but then, with the spread of the custom of baptizing children in honor of Christian saints, it was replaced by Greek and Latin names. Its etymology for the Russian ear is obvious: two roots - "mercy" and "glory" give in the sum a name designating something like a glorified grace. In general, in this vein it should be interpreted.


The meaning of Miloslav's name for the child is as great as that of his parents. If the future girl has a reason to be proud of such a beautiful name, then the parents are usually immensely proud of the nature of their charming baby. From all sides it is a sweet, kind, quiet and modest girl, about whom they say "gold, not a child". Growing up, the girl shows obedience, interest in what the elders tell her. He enjoys spending time in needlework or reading books. Quickly growing up and differing in high intellectual qualities, Miloslava finds it difficult to establish relationships with peers. It is much more interesting to communicate with older children, among whom she feels psychologically comfortable. She is generally friendly and peaceful. Miloslava whose name attracts the sympathy of others around her, likes to stay at home, appreciates tranquility and coziness. When a girl enters the school years, she is known as an excellent pupil or at least as a girl who has all the chances and opportunities to become one. She is talented, clever, easily assimilates new information. With regard to classmates and teachers, he shows the qualities of openness, sociability and friendliness. Left alone, Miloslav will not be bored and quickly come up with something to do. Nekapriznaya and unpretentious, she is brought up without unnecessary problems and worries. In addition, Miloslav has distinguished himself from childhood with outstanding hospitality. Therefore, her friends often look at her, whom she treats with pleasure to tea and various delicacies. Miloslava is endowed with a subtle sense of beauty that, from her childhood, she compels her to collect a variety of things in an extensive collection. However, the girl is not such a harmless and naive silly woman. Along with cheerfulness and lasciviousness in her character there is a steel rod that makes her a real person with her principles, goals, ideas, worldview and value system. It is also not devoid of firmness of spirit and, when necessary, is able to confidently stand up for the protection of their interests. The meaning of Miloslav's name in this sense is twofold - it, on the one hand, creates an angel-like light being, and on the other, this creature has sharp claws. So, it is not necessary to offend Miloslavov and abuse her location, otherwise she can take the path of open confrontation. Being by nature not rancorous, she quickly forgets grievances, but in moments of outbursts of rage she can show her offender what she is capable of, since her bright and stormy emotions Miloslav has been accustomed to express directly, without half-tones and hints. It is best to leave Miloslavu alone in a conflict situation. When feelings fade away and the storm stops in its inner world and the bright sun shines again, it is likely that she herself will take the first step toward reconciliation. Another meaning of Miloslav's name boils down to her inclination to idealize others. Often a girl chooses heroes, who take for her the place of teachers and role models. They may be celebrities, historical figures, teachers, or just someone from the milieu of Miloslava, who managed to impress her. Often, however, all this ends in frustration, so it's necessary to change the idols regularly. This same feature can affect the fact that the girl with a head will go into religion. Miloslavov, whose meaning is based on the root "glory", "glorification", is indeed very prone to intense spiritual search and religious practice. The environment should be considered with this in order not to lead a wrong story in relation to the young person.

Personal life

Relations with the boys Miloslava builds on the scenario of a classic fairy tale, where she is a princess, which must be won by some beautiful prince. Accordingly, neither of the first step on her part, about anything like that can not be said. Milosława, the meaning of the name, whose character and destiny are subordinated entirely to her romantic ideals, do not allow her to become a heartthrob. However, it is not so easy to win her own heart - she waits a long time and requires a lot of evidence of sincerity of feelings and seriousness of intentions about herself from a partner. He likes beautiful courtship and displays of attention. But if someone has managed to charm her, she is given completely and without remnant. Milosława is incapable of betrayal and in general of any manifestation of infidelity. In addition, she avoids quarrels and clarification of relations in elevated tones, since peace and a favorable atmosphere for it are of great importance. The name of Miloslav is also characterized by a special taste for trust and calmness, dimensionality in relationships.

When marrying, Miloslavava retains a significant degree of internal freedom and independence. The same she gives to her husband. Boundlessly trusting him, she does not torture herself with jealousy and with regard to her husband shows only concern and love. Psychologically comfortable atmosphere in the family and at home, this is the most important for Miloslavska in her house.

As for the career, for Miloslava this is a secondary thing, which plays for her a very minor role. At the same time, she is an extremely hardworking person who basically performs any kind of work at the highest level. Whatever sphere she chooses for herself, she will achieve success in her if she wants, but all this will be for her insofar as. The real life of Miloslavava is concentrated in her family and has nothing to do with the business world and the world of career achievements.

Famous people named Miloslav

From celebrities with the given name it is possible to recollect Miloslav Blazkalo, a popular model in Ukraine. Also worthy of mention is Miloslav Grabelnikov - artist, designer, and also a talented actress.