Choosing a name for a child is a very serious task. Of course, we want our children to be healthy, happy, successful. And the name given to the child at birth is very important. The name should be chosen not only based on its sound, beauty. It is very important to take into account other important aspects. For example, the origin of the name, its characteristics and meaning. This will not only unravel the fate of a person to some extent, but also help him in some vital situations. So, our article describes the meaning of Lisa's name, its characteristics and origin. If you decide to call your child this wonderful name, you will be exactly interested.

The meaning of Lisa's name

Origin of the name Liza

Full name (Lisa) - Elizabeth. It comes from the Hebrew word meaning "I swear by God," "The Lord is my vow." In other countries this name is common as Elizabeth, Lizaveta, Eliza, Olisawa, Isabella, Elsa. Lisa's name is of great importance in Orthodoxy.

So, the cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary Elizabeth the righteous was remembered in Orthodoxy as a woman who dared to resist the law on Beating babies. She took her son and fled with him to the desert. As the Bible says, this boy was the future John the Baptist.

Meaning of the name

This beautiful and sonorous name means steadfastness, independence, pride, aspiration to power and a kind of egoism. These girls are always on the alert and in full readiness. The meaning of Lisa's name speaks of her impulsiveness and unbalance. She can easily offend a person, which she later regrets. Girls with this name often want to change this feature, but the desire is quickly forgotten, and a new "victim" appears on the way.

As a child, Lisa is quite restless and spoiled. She does not sit still for a second. She always has some very important task, which requires urgent permission. The girl's name - Lisa - speaks of her impetuosity, her desire to know everything and everything.

The main quality of Lisa - the impulsiveness, which often pushes her to ill-considered and wrong actions. As a rule, after such actions she criticizes herself and tries to correct the current situation. Liza, unlike others, always recognizes her mistakes and can quietly apologize to the offended person.

A girl with this name is always looking for some kind of flaws in herself, and this quality often pushes her into being closed in communication. If you do not get rid of it in time, then a lot of problems in the future girl is provided.

Lisa has a difficult character. At first glance, she is meek, shy, sentimental and shy. But, after talking with her a little, you can notice that she exaggerates her importance somewhat. Therefore, often Lisa is seen in petty lies and embellishment of reality.

Lisa are friendly and sociable. Around these girls are many friends. They always try to be in the spotlight and often put themselves above others. Girls with this name seek leadership. They clearly go to their goal, they are calculating and pragmatic.

To friends and friends Lisa, whose name is quite common both here and abroad, always treats with kindness and affection.

Girls with this name are attractive enough, sexy and feminine.Lisa is always surrounded by a huge number of fans, which is very flattering her vanity. They are pretty cunning and agile. Using these qualities, Lisa often confuse others.

The meaning of Lisa's name speaks of her emotionality. Suddenly, a girl can burst into tears or laugh out loud, which often leads to confusion surrounding. Noticing this habit, Lisa struggles to improve herself.

Being surrounded by family and friends, Lisa becomes soft, sympathetic, kind and able to always come to the rescue. In the women's company, in the team always takes the place of the leader. Surrounding people always imitate her and want to be friends with her. Despite the fact that Lisa is quite impulsive and quick-tempered, she never makes decisions using her emotions. The mind is what becomes the key to its success.

The meaning of Lisa's name speaks of her feeling of undervaluation. The girl thinks that she deserves better. This lack always leads to conflicts with others, which prevents it from revealing itself from the positive side and demonstrating its best qualities - cheerfulness and good nature.

Character by name

For Lisa, the family is very important, as well as the well-being and mutual understanding in it. For this, the girl is ready to go to much. Liza is unfriendly with her mother-in-law. The girl thinks that, having married, she is the only woman who must exist in the life of her chosen one. Against this background, the couple often disagree. The husband who disagrees with this position tries to prove a different point of view.

Lisa always lives only for the sake of her family. Entertainment and friends for her play a secondary role. She is an amazing housewife, who regularly pleases her chosen one with different delicacies.

Liza loves order in everything. They are quite hospitable and hospitable. They like to spend their free time at home with their families.

What does Lisa's name say about love

In love, Liza often does not carry. Thinking that she found that unique and unique, after a while understands that she was wrong. After this, the girl begins to attach special importance to the search for her beloved. The mystery of the name of Lisa lies in the desire to make your relationship perfect.

Lisa does not like to work at enterprises, preferring to stay at home and do business. Often girls with this name earn knitting or sewing clothes to order.

In the depths of Lisa, whose name is sonorous and beautiful, always sad for unfulfilled dreams. Despite the fact that next to her a wonderful and caring husband, she always thinks that everything could turn out even better.

She will never go "on the side" and remain faithful to her husband.

Influence of a name on health

Full name (Lisa) Elizabeth speaks of strong health. Very rarely these girls can have diseases of the nervous system and thyroid gland. There may also be problems with varicose veins.

The influence of a name on sexuality

What is the mystery of the name of Lisa from the point of view of sexuality? In bed, these girls rely only on the experience of the partner. Those who are lucky enough to give her real pleasure, "zasyadet" in her heart for a long time. She will often remember this night and imagine her during physical intimacy with another partner.

Lisa does not accept rudeness and tactlessness in bed. She prefers long foreplay and affection.

What will Lisa's name say about her career

Lisa does not like to deal with paper and money issues. It does not seek to become a leader. She really wants to devote herself to that work that will bring joy and interest. More prefers to involve himself in knitting, sewing, art, cooking.  Always pays attention to details and trivia, so she has to wait for a long time to rise up the career ladder.

Astrological aspects of the name of Lisa

  1. The planet: Jupiter.
  2. Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo.
  3. Color: purple.
  4. Stone: amethyst.

Despite the complex nature, Lisa is very devoted to her family and friends. They always come to the rescue and help in difficult situations. Lisa will never allow herself to speak outrageously to her parents, realizing that they have breathed life into her. Girls with this name should be accepted as they are, and only then will someone find an indispensable friend or. loving wife.