Every person is interested to know what the name, which his parents called him, means, because it is no secret that it affects the fate of its owner. Carolina, the meaning of which name will be discussed below, seems to us a majestic lady with royal ways. But is it really?

Meaning of the name Caroline

Name Carolina: origin and meaning

According to the linguists, this name comes from the old German male name Karl, which in Russian means “man” or “man”. However, after the reign of Charlemagne, this name was interpreted as “king”. Because of this, the meaning of the name Carolina sounds beautiful and majestic - “queen”. But does the character of its owner match this sound?

The value of the name for the girl

The value of the name Caroline significantly influenced the character of the girl. She is cheerful, agile, sociable, but her own interests are always her priority. If she doesn’t like something, she immediately closes in on herself or, on the contrary, enters into “battle”. Little Carolina is sweet and inquisitive, from an early age she loves and knows how to flirt, which wins the hearts of everyone around her. The baby is a true representative of the fair sex, everything masculine is alien to her. Carolina, the meaning of which name is “queen”, adores beautiful clothes and all sorts of decorations. A girl from an early age imitates her mother - she paints her nails or tries to apply make-up with cosmetics taken without asking. What else is remarkable girl, who was given the name Caroline? The meaning of the name and the fate, as is known, are interrelated. It was reflected in our heroine. The baby has many talents. She sings beautifully, dances, draws. In large families it becomes the most successful of all, in that case, of course, if the parents manage to develop the child’s natural gift. In general, it is undesirable for little Carolina to grow up as a single child in the family, since, due to pamperedness, she can grow overly selfish.

School years

The value of the name Caroline is fully reflected in the educational process of the young lady. The girl believes that putting maximum efforts to master various kinds of knowledge is not at all necessary, since the main thing for a woman is to get married successfully. As a result, Caroline learns it does not matter, although the natural data completely allow her to be an excellent student and get a decent education.

The meaning of the name Caroline reveals its owner as a wayward, slightly selfish person. The girl begins to realize her attractiveness from an early youth and with might and main uses it. She takes the grooming for granted, but doesn’t pay any attention to the envious glances of her friends, since all her thoughts are absorbed only in her own person. As they grow up, the arrogance inherent in adolescence passes away, but the awareness of their own attractiveness remains for life.

Impact of name on health

The owner of the name Caroline is in quite good health. The girl has a good immunity, she rarely gets sick, but even if she has a cold, she quickly restores her strength, which, of course, pleases her parents. In adolescence, prone to diseases of the upper respiratory tract, as in the pursuit of beauty can walk easily dressed even in the most severe frost.

Carolina: meaning of name, character

Giving an assessment of Caroline, it should be noted her reverie. The girl seems to fly in the clouds, not noticing the reality. In her manners, she really looks like a royal blood person, so subtly and elegantly she performs even the simplest actions. What else distinguishes the girl whose parents gave the name Caroline? The meaning of the name and the fate are closely intertwined, and in this name it is noticeable especially. Carolina's character is not perfect, she has both positive and negative sides. Striving for perfection can be called her dignity, because thanks to this she often becomes a high-class specialist in her chosen field. Decisiveness and perseverance make her almost inflexible, however, only if she believes that she really needs it. More often she tries to put all her problems on the shoulders of other people, and she perceives this as generosity from her side. The negative features include the almost complete lack of compassion. Carolina is not one of those individuals who will be wasting herself on helping others, the maximum that she can do is donate a small amount to charity. Excessive pride and arrogance are also negative qualities of Caroline. Sometimes she herself cannot cope with her proud temper, although she understands that she is not behaving quite correctly.

Love marriage

Carolina since childhood is not deprived of male attention. She flirts with pleasure, instantly falls in love and also cools sharply. True love comes to her after 25 years, when Carolina is fully aware of its importance and thinks about creating a family. Candidate girlfriend for a while will check. She gives preference to men who are not only attractive in appearance, but also possess such qualities as masculinity, decency, sensuality, generosity. Her chosen one must constantly prove his love, arranging romantic evenings and scorching her beloved with gifts. This is for Carolina has a special meaning. In a couple, she is the person who allows herself to love. Carolina loves her children very much. She surrounds them with care and attention. As a rule, the owner of the name Carolina has at least 2 children.