Emilia is a name that has several variations of its origin. According to one version, in translation from the Latin language it means "strong", "diligent". According to another version, the meaning of the name Emilia in translation from the ancient Roman sounds like a "rival". The third option assumes the Greek origin from the word aimylios, which means "affectionate", "flattering". Another version, the nickname is a derivative of Emily. However, at the present time these names have become completely independent and independent of each other. Separately, the nickname Emily and the name Emilia. Significance, the origin of the latter, as we have seen, have several variants and sources of origin.

Diminutive caresses and name-day names

There are numerous variations of the name, which depend, first of all, on the state in which its owner lives. Thus, in England and Spain, forms such as Ellie, Millie, Emily or simply Em. Are widespread. The Slavs often use the following options: Mile, Emile, Lily and Emma. Also in many European countries there is also a male version of the name - Emil. In the Orthodox Church named after Emilia, they compare the nickname Emilia. Reverend Emilia of Caesarea lived a righteous life and preached Christianity, traveling through many countries. The day of her memory is celebrated on the fourteenth of January.

The meaning of the name Emilia, origin, mystery

Little Emilia

If parents decide to name their child by this unique nickname, then they need to know that the meaning of the name Emilie for the girl will bring in her character some features. Such a child differs from others in calmness and obedience. Instead of games with peers, a girl can choose to communicate with adults. She has a rich imagination and a developed imagination. Studying for a girl is easy - she is able to grasp everything on the fly. Of particular interest is the exact and natural sciences. Little Emilia is energetic, does not like to sit around. She tries to catch everything and find out everything. At the same time, the girl easily perceives criticism in her address and knows how to recognize her mistakes. However, the meaning of the name Emilia for the girl has also negative aspects. Often the child is uncontrollable and abrupt, which gives parents a lot of anxiety.

Nature and date of birth

The meaning of the name Emilia varies depending on the time of the year in which the bearer was born. So, if she came to this world in the summer, her character is very calm. She pays most of her time to the family. Very fond of planting flowers and other plants.

Emilia, born in the autumn, has good economic inclinations. He is interested in finances, politics and social activities. Spends time only on matters of her interest.

"Spring" is Emilia's stubbornness and persistence in achieving goals. Reads a lot, so don't miss the opportunity to show off knowledge in public. Loves communication and noisy companies.

A girl with this name, born in the winter, do not like to sit idle. He enjoys research activities and tries to be fully developed.

Relations with men

How does the meaning of the name Emilie affect the relationship of its owner with the opposite sex? It suggests that a woman can be alone for many years. Too arrogant and strict lady discourages men. She usually gets married late. Her choice is a strong and serious man. Between the spouses there will be no bright flashes of passion and emotion, but this union will be based on full mutual respect of the parties. To the birth of children, Emilia also fits well. First, she tries to create a solid foundation for the family, and only then have children. She pays special attention to intimate relationships with men. Her dissatisfaction in sexual life can lead even to parting. At the same time, a woman does not accept casual connections, but builds long and strong relationships with one man.

Career and business

The meaning of the name Emilia professionally suggests that career of its owner is extraordinary and even a little strange. It may be of interest to professions such as pathologist, stuntman. The main principle of the Emilia – to be like everyone else. However, in the selected case she achieves considerable success and professionalism. Career advancement can only interfere with its complexity. Emilia is a born individualist and does not like to work in a team. Has a well developed intuition that helps you make the right decisions.

The mystery of the name

The mystery of the name Emilia is connected with the main traits of her character: strength of will, activity, intuition and sexuality. Figure name is three, which, according to astrological teachings, ruled by the planet Saturn. The day of the week is Saturday. Color scheme includes black, grey and blue shades. A suitable metal for the creation of the amulet can become a lead amulet – onyx, obsidian, or chalcedony. The name of the totem animal is the lynx, and the sign of the zodiac – Scorpio.

Famous personalities

Many of its owners brought fame to the name of Emilia. The significance, the origin of this nickname implies the achievement of certain successes in the career. The most famous women named Emilia are British actresses Emilia Fox and Emilia Clark, as well as the winner of the international beauty contest from Afghanistan Emilia Shah and Russian fashion model Emilia Vishnevskaya.