Since ancient times, the name emphasized. It carried a special meaning that influenced the fate, the character of a person. Parents, before calling the child, consulted with wise people, carefully thought out the relationship between the future personality and the sound envelope, which will accompany the person throughout his life. After all, the name, if properly chosen, contributes to the awareness of oneself as an individual who is able to solve problems and withstand difficulties.
There are names erased, beaten, and there are rare. The latter includes the name Eleanor. What does the captivating and such a beautiful name mean? What features and features gives it to the owner?

What is the origin of the name Eleanor?

Meaning of the name EleanorIt is difficult to unambiguously answer where the given name comes from. There are several options.

• According to one version, it goes back to ancient Greek roots. And in tune with the name of the Greek deity Eleos, venerated by the Athenians, who sought his protection, counting on compassion. In those days, the Hellenic people worshiped a deity named Compassion. Therefore, the meaning of the name Eleanor is interpreted as “merciful”, “sympathetic” and “compassionate”.
• According to the second version, the name comes from the old French Alienor, which has Germanic roots, the meaning of which is not completely clear, but partly translated as “its own”.
• The ancient Aramaic meaning is also attributed to the name, where the existing roots “el” and “op” are translated as “God” and “light”, and in the general combination give “God is my light” or “my God is a lamp”, “shines my God".


The name Eleanor sounds very beautiful and has a powerful energy. From it emanates aristocracy, refinement and refinement. The owner of such a name is inherent in the desire for a high position in society, and thanks to the characteristic sense of purpose, it will certainly be achieved. Eleanor is also credited with a certain amount of arrogance and snobbery.

What is remarkable girl's name? Eleanor in childhood

Being a little girl, Ellochka gives the impression of a charming and well-bred child that touches the people around her. However, it is a little tyrant with family people who require special treatment.From an early age it is difficult for her to impose someone's opinion, because she recognizes only her own. The girl is incredibly stubborn. Even with the obvious wrongfulness of Eli to everyone around her, she will stand her ground. Calling the child so, future parents should know about the meaning of the name. Eleanor's family should be perceived as it is: with all its whims and antics. Punishments of the proper effect on the girl will not make it, but she will remember them for a very long time.

If you are initially respectful of Eli’s opinion and convince that they are considered to be with her, then you can win over the child. By nature, the girl is a homebody, who prefers quiet home games to noisy companies in the yard. She can gladly help with her mother’s home and get into her father’s hobbies.

At school, the girl will eschew participation in events and groups, in which, against her will, they will try to engage. The rejection of the mandative tone and strict school regime can provoke conflicts.

Children's toys girl will replace the books that will be read with gusto. After graduating from school, the girl will never be nostalgic for the time spent at the school desk.

Character traits

Obstinacy, which in childhood was regarded as a disadvantage, in adulthood will provide an opportunity to realize all the plans that Nora will outline in life. Strong character will help reach the intended heights.She perceives life rationally and thinks soberly. Analytical mindset contributes to the consideration of current events from a philosophical point of view, finding them a positive point. Having such a meaning of the name, Eleanor will find the optimal way out of the most difficult life situation.

The owner of the name is always attractive to men, and it's not just beauty. Even if nature did not give Ella flawless appearance, she will be able to keep men's attention with her special charm, using charms for specific purposes. Her social status in society is of paramount importance; every effort will be made to make it prestigious.

Interaction with others

In the circle of friends and acquaintances, congenial people, distinguished by purposefulness and decisive character, are allowed, because the very name Eleanor dictates this. The meaning of the name and the fate are firmly connected, therefore, in the immediate environment there are only proven people who are close in their thoughts and help to be realized in life.
For the rest, she sees an egoist who is able to go over her head to achieve her goals. In their opinion, she succeeds easily: both career growth and conquest on a personal front. The image of the “cold lady” and the independence with which she holds on, protect her from the attacks of ill-wishers.

From strangers, mercy and kindness, willingness to help and compassion are hidden, just what the name means in one of the interpretations. But it is available only to very close people, and not necessarily it will be relatives. Pity for animals and people in distress, encourages the best intentions that Ella translate into worthy deeds in spite of everything.

Talents and abilities

Gifted with talents, Nora gladly develops them. Among them, the love of different types of art: theater, painting, ballet. Musical ability helps to be the center of attention in any company. The meaning of the name Eleanor implies the development of perseverance, discipline, objectivity and diligence, and this contributes to the successful development of those disciplines to which there are no inclinations from nature.

Talents can become the basis of a future profession, because Ella can easily find herself in creative activities. A literary critic or critic, a journalist or an insurance agent — everything is within her power.
She by nature has a vulnerable heart that hides behind an assumed coldness. The set of necessary qualities with which the energy of its name has endowed it will help to be successfully realized in the medical field, where compassion and kindness will be worthy of use.

The quest for the unknown and the inexplicable can direct Eleanor to science or to the study of religious trends. There is no danger of being attracted to the occult sciences, because it is important for her to know the sources of religious movements, to reach their very essence.

A rational mindset will help to be realized in the legal and economic industries, as well as to become an excellent programmer. Whatever Ale undertook, she will reach heights in the professional field.

Considering all aspects of life, it should be noted that the name Eleanor, meaning, the origin of which is multifaceted, affects both family relationships and the choice of a spouse.Choosing a satellite, she is guided by common sense. But at the same time, one of the name translations - “My Light - God” is reflected in family life. A spouse cannot be a random person, it will be a long-time acquaintance, held in a society, most often older than her, capable of keeping a family at a high level. A happy life together is possible if her chosen one has a courageous and strong-willed character, as well as an attentive attitude towards Eleanor. Possessing a multitude of advantages, she will become an ornament to their married couple, it will be a pleasure to be with her in any company. But such a format of relationships is possible with love and decent care, otherwise Ella will never allow herself to be used as a status addition to her spouse.