Obsidian is a mysterious stone with unusual properties that help people to protect themselves from negative thoughts and intentions, to improve health, to get rid of aggression.

The origin of this mineral

Obsidian is a mineral, amorphous silica, formed by rapid cooling of lava. In fact, it is the frozen glass. Of volcanic origin attributed magical properties of the stone. Obsidian is a mysterious stone.

The importance and the magical properties of the stone

Its deposits are found in the locations of volcanoes, active or extinct. A significant part of the stock of obsidian is located in Mexico, Ethiopia, Iceland, Canary Islands. There are deposits of stone in Siberia, the Caucasus, Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands.

The most common translucent rocks with iridescence and luster gray, black, reddish-brown or brown and the stripes due to the directions of lava flow. One piece of the mineral can contain the full range of shades. Transparent specimens are very rare.

The types of obsidian

The natural stone is famous for its diverse shades and varieties.

There are a number of types of this material:

  • snow – stone black with the star-shaped inclusions in white-gray color
  • iridescent - material with modulations of reddish, blue and greenish shades;
  • Golden, having inclusions in the form of gas bubbles, giving the effect of gold coating
  • obsidian onyx obsidian cross stripes
  • obsidian "cat's eye" – a stone with a light longitudinal stripe, resembling the pupil of a cat.

The snow obsidian is a stone to have magical properties which help to attain purity, to achieve balance of body, mind and spirit. Its effect is milder than dark-colored rocks, but the snow sort of obsidian helps to cope with bad habits and cure herpes, and relieve muscle spasms.

Rainbow helps to mitigate feelings of betrayal or unrequited love.

Gold, onyx and obsidian "cat's eye" are rare and are valued highly.

The origin of the name stone

The volcanic origin explains the unique properties of obsidian. Its healing power was known in antiquity.

Often the name of the stone was in contact with different nationalities with mysticism. In Central Asia, the crystal was called "fragments of Satan's claw" (as the stones with longitudinal stripes resembled the claws of a monster), in Latin America – "tears of Apaches". Last name is connected with the legend of the frozen tears of native American women, oplakivala the lost tribe.

In Greece, the stone was called "the spectacle," as it is often manufactured from obsidian polished mirrors.

Russian name of the stone also comes from "obsis" — sight mirror. However, according to another version, it was named after a Roman legionary Obesa (name obsius), bringing this mineral to Rome from Ethiopia.

A trading name of obsidian — Wasser-beryl. Shiny stones called bottle glass, dark-colored resin stone.

Legends and myths about the stone

Obsidian has been known since the Paleolithic era, when knives, spears, and axes were made from it.

Magical properties of obsidian stone led to its destination: the black color and ability to serve with a sharp blade allowed to use made out of stone knives and mirrors in ritual sacrifice. In Ancient Egypt, the wizard cut out vessels for the storage of incense. It was thought that obsidian will preserve the healing and magical properties of the oils. In India, believed in the cleansing power of the stone and that he conducts in person the energy of the Earth, gets rid of bad intentions. In Transcaucasia obsidian was making amulets for children.

Maya, who did not know iron, used guns of this mineral up to Cortez (early XVI century). Where in the course were metal products, made of obsidian carved ceremonial figurines of animals and people.

In the middle ages, this stone did beads, beads and pendants. It was believed that his energy allows you to concentrate and refrain from the negative, and the wearing of jewelry improves health, cures kidney and regulates blood pressure. Widely used the obsidian for magical balls and mirrors.

Was a popular stone in the XVIII-XIX centuries, used as ornamental material and in our days.

Obsidian stone: properties and significance

Up to the present day it is believed that the stone can cleanse man from within, to feed its energy. In ancient times, and now the magical properties of the stone obsidian is associated with volcanic, fiery origin, which makes the stone as close to Universe of energy and space. However, thanks to the charms of obsidian should be treated with caution.

Stone is used in magic for all the elements, the obsidian orbs need to capture the forces of the astral plane, subjecting it to yourself. This mineral allows to comprehend the mysteries of the universe and nature, gets rid of aggression.

Snow obsidian, a stone whose magic properties (photo below) are especially strong, protects its owner from the evil eye and damage.

  • to concentrate the energy
  • reflect evil thoughts and intentions
  • remove negative energy;
  • to make important decisions.

Who is the power of the stone

Despite the considerable magical power of the stone, use it carefully. The energy of obsidian so strong that the constant wearing can start to overwhelm its wearer, making him too cautious.

However, there are people who have shown the use of stone as an amulet or decoration. This indecisive nature and emotional suffering through any more trouble and turmoil taking everything to heart.

It is they, as well as those who for a long time can not dare to make an important decision that fundamentally changes the life (place of residence, new job, etc.), wearing the amulet will allow for a small period of time to come to correct conclusions and give strength for the desired action. Obsidian does not simply reveal the essence of the problem, but will also show you how to change the situation, encourage growth and support.

For highly sensitive natures, the stone will become a protective talisman, eliminating the attack of negative energy, will help to get rid of psychological traumas of the past that have a negative impact on human life in the present.

Useful obsidian and to recharge the body with energy, cleansing from negativity. Here, too, we should not overdo it and wear the stone only from time to time.

Obsidian and Zodiac signs

Obsidian is suitable for all Zodiac signs. It is especially recommended it is Capricorn. Efficient, thorough representatives of this sign mineral, let you not be afraid of changes, it is easy to accept the new views of the world, eliminating the natural slowness and desire long count future steps. Women Capricorns are more suitable stones are dark colors.

Fiery Leo and Sagittarius, the mineral will protect from rash actions and narcissism.

Air Twins and Aquarius will help to gain composure, self-discipline, concentration.

Perhaps the only Cancer and the maiden is carefully to handle the talismans out of him. It it can give unnecessary indecision and suspiciousness.

As astrological amulet manifests most strongly, set in silver, obsidian (stone) magical properties. The Zodiac sign it does not matter. You can also buy a piece that will accumulate energy for its owner.

Obsidian: the importance of stone in medicine

Since ancient times this stone was used to protect from disease: it was believed that he was capable of handling pressure, kidneys, intestines. And currently the main reason to use obsidian in lithotherapy (therapy with gemstones) is its cathartic effect, the ability to remove toxins, acting at the cellular level.

It helps the stone in the treatment of diseases such as gout, removing excess salt from the joints, as well as for colds. It increases the body's protective energy, gives physical strength.

When used for medicinal purposes, the magical properties of obsidian stone are associated with its energy of the Earth, which is why it helps with diseases of the liver, kidneys, and the gastrointestinal tract.

Obsidian in jewelry

In jewelry, obsidian has been used for a long time. He gained special popularity after Faberge began to make his masterpieces out of this mineral.

Currently, the stone is used as an ornamental and jewelry. This material is inexpensive (except gold), and it is not fake. From the mineral cut as a practical writing instruments, the business class and magic balls for astrologers.

Stones for jewelry to recover gold, platinum, astrological charms put in silver-pearl (stone). Properties (photo below) it conveys their magic products, and they, in turn, transmit them to their owners.

It is important to remember that, used as amulets and amulets, obsidian jewelry is quite fragile, and they must be regularly washed with running cold water to neutralize negative energy.

Due to its natural properties, Obsidian can be successfully used as a guardian against negative influences, as an astrological symbol, and as an exquisite decoration.