The serpentine stone, which for a long time was considered a mineral of magicians and sorcerers. There are numerous legends associated with it. One legend says that in the garden of Eden, Adam choked on the forbidden fruit. Spat it on the ground, and a piece of Apple turned into the coil. According to another legend, the Ural masters could with the special processing to split the stone into thin threads of fiber, and make a tablecloth.

Coil: origin, name

Serpentine (stone), or serpentinite, is a mountain breed, having a heterogeneous structure and different components. Usually in its composition it is possible to meet a mixture of minerals of the serpentine group and admixtures of olivine, garnet, chromite, talc, carbonates. Noble serpentine, with several varieties, is an opaque mineral that is green. Are black or Golden blotches.

The name of the stone is the coil of the Ural origin and comes from the Latin word serpens – "snake". The fact is that the mineral has a specific "snake" shade. It differs from emerald and jade a muted olive color.

Ural miners believed that the Great Snake (fire snake) guards the gold mines. Once a year it sheds the old skin, which later turns into a Golden-green stone serpentine.

In the XVIII century in the Urals, were found deposits of this mineral. Boxes, sets, candelabra, table tops made of stone have become popular in Russia. Ornamental stone in used today as a finishing material for pools, fireplaces and other decorative elements.

Serpentine (stone): properties

An ancient legend says that in no case should not give or to give products of the coil. The stone has a property to bind to the same owner and is able to serve him for many years. You can give it only to blood relatives inherited. However, ordinary people should not wear the coil constantly. Only mages and wizards could tame the mystical powers of the mineral.

Pharmaceutical stone was called before a stone-pipe. Properties and significance of these rocks helped to enhance the action of drugs. So in the old days of coil made of the pharmaceutical utensils. Modern scientists have proved that drugs are better preserved and amplify their effect in the blood vessels of the serpentinite.

The stone is able to neutralize negative energy. Therefore, all jewelry made of gold, silver, precious minerals should be removed for the night in a serpentine box.

Medicinal properties

The coil is able to absorb the negative effects on the physical and mental levels. It helps to eliminate toxins and toxins from the human body. Helps tissue regeneration after injuries, cuts, bruises.

Serpentine is a stone that helps to lower blood pressure, improve the condition of the body for headaches and vascular spasm. It calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety, and excessive emotionality.

In inflammatory processes of the kidneys and the digestive system coil reduces pain syndrome. Fractures will help to accelerate the merging of bones. Able to serve as an antidote in case of bites of reptiles. A positive effect on the circulatory system. As for children, the serpentine will help to improve their memory, develop logic.

Magical properties

The amazing value of the stone serpentine is that it not only stores energy, but also neutralizes it. Why all the negativity accumulated over the years and different owners, completely goes. The positive energy of the stone remains in force.

Serpentine is a stone for the strong spirit of people. It will help you to survive in difficult situations, will protect from troubles and unforeseen dangers. Promotes physical stamina, intuition, imagination. Warning of the danger. A sudden intuition will tell you how to avoid it.

The coil will protect against the evil eye, protect from negative energy outsiders. However able to tempt his master, testing his spiritual strength.

Helps those who treat him with respect. Serpentine does not tolerate lies and falsehood in people. Owners with such qualities will harm the minor grief, instability in the affairs of the family and career.

Coil for signs of the zodiac

Virgo and Capricorn best suited to the coil. The magical properties of the stone will help activate hidden potential. Virgos will give an understanding of the motives of other people and compassion for them. Reward empathic, will help to overcome the estrangement. Learn to accept others for who they are. Capricorn will help you to maintain an active lifestyle, will give a love of sports and exercise. Will facilitate the rapid assimilation of new information. You will learn to adjust the activity time and rest time.

Other representatives of the zodiac signs also can carry a coil, however, provided that it will not cause negative emotions of rejection. It is best to wear it 2 times a week. So it will contribute to wisdom, improve professional potential.

Astrologers recommend to wear the coil Scorpios, Pisces, Cancers and Gemini. Typical representatives of these characters will not be able to cope with the strength of stone. As a result, they are guaranteed a nervous breakdown or a retarded depression.

Decorations of stone

Beautiful semi-precious stone serpentine is especially good in combination with bronze and copper. And the contrast with the obsidian and rhodonite emphasize its unique color.

Earrings of the coil will help with headaches. Bracelets and rings will contribute to the rapid merging of bone fractures. Beads will cleanse the space around the owner from negative energy. Will help with fatigue and emotional burnout.

The metal frame of the coil can be different: gold, tin, copper, silver, platinum, bronze. It should be remembered that stone is able to neutralize the negative information. Therefore, when choosing jewelry made from serpentine should be based on internal feeling, external compatibility of the mineral with the metal.

As the coil is able to protect against the evil eye, damage and other energy-invasions of the mental field of the person, then it will be combined with silver and cupronickel. Will increase its healing properties.

Stone serpentine: price

On the planet many fields of the coil. They are found not only in the Urals, but in Siberia, the Northern Caucasus, Afghanistan, Italy, Mongolia, New Zealand, India, Kazakhstan, USA. So the price of stone low. One kilogram of the coil can be purchased for an amount from 10 to 60 rubles. Crushed stone, buy bath, sauna, aquarium.

Quite different prices for coil jewelry, decor items. For example, a bracelet costs from 300 to 700 rubles. Coil necklace - from 1000 rubles.

Cheap sets (beads, earrings) can be found in online stores. Their price starts from 600 rubles. Caskets made of stone, depending on the size and decor, cost from 500 to 5000 rubles.

Stone serpentine: meaning

Serpentine – the rock whose properties are to purify the body and space of negative energy. It is able to absorb negative waves, to the owner. Therefore, the stone once a week rinse under running water. It will wash away all the negative information from the coil.

The mineral interacts well with those people who are striving for new knowledge, trying to understand themselves or the structure of the world. In this case, the stone will bring composure, give your protection.

Its value lies in helping his master. If a person has pure thoughts and good intentions, the coil will devote all my energies to cooperation and support. Will help to develop intuition and logical thinking. Gives composure and the necessary skills to defeat the competitors.