Gore-Tex shoes are high-quality products that will serve you for many years. Today we will talk about the advantages of this company for the production of shoes, why they deserve your trust, and also learn more about the production technology of products.Gore-Tex winter shoes for men and women

Brand History Gore-Tex

The history of the brand begins with the usual desire of man to enjoy nature. This is only possible if you wear quality shoes that will not create unnecessary inconvenience. It is very important to select it according to its features, and not blindly follow the fashion. Gore-Tex shoes are made for all people who want to wear eco-friendly, warm and comfortable shoes.

The history of the brand begins in 1976. It was then that his technology began to be actively tested around the world. It was a time of travel, and it lasts to this day. Testing the quality of this shoe was not only on Earth, but even on the Moon! Developers are enthusiastic to create more and better and thoughtful models that would satisfy the wishes of customers. New technologies allow you to engage in active sports in shoes Gore-Tex, and at the same time wear it daily. The combination of the most necessary functions in one pair of shoes is what the Gore-Tex brand is.

Let's turn to the official data. In 1959, Wilbert and Genevieve Gore opened their own footwear production. It is located at their home - in the city of Newark. Bill leaves his main job to devote himself to the study of the features of the material, which has a future. Already in 1969, his son Bob creates a unique material that is particularly durable, has micropores, and also practically does not let water through. At the same time, such material wears out very slowly. In 1970, Bob Gore filed an application for the patenting of his invention, from which begins the production of Gore-Tex shoes.

Product Specifications

Gore-Tex shoes have very good performance. It is simply indispensable for active recreation, in harsh conditions or with strong frosts. Finding shoes of this quality is impossible, because the secret of this material, as well as its proper processing, is known only to Gore-Tex. The shoes are made of a material that has been so refined that today it does not let in water. Since 1979, the company has launched machine production, which is dynamically developing to this day. It seems incredible, but the material invented was tested by NASA astronauts.

Quality testing

Winter shoes Gore-Tex passes especially many different tests. For what? And all so that manufacturers can safely guarantee the quality of products. It should be noted that not only finished products are subject to testing, but also fabrics, materials, linings, membranes, etc. — all of this must fully comply with quality standards.

Laminated material undergoes a series of laboratory studies. After that, testing begins in the intended area of ​​use of shoes in compliance with the temperature and other modes. But is it possible to test everything with the help of computers and computers? Of course not. That is why Gore-Tex employees themselves test footwear for wearing comfort in different environments and in various activities.

Gore-Tex Products

Winter shoes (men's) Gore-Tex is designed for hard frosts, as well as all sorts of temperature changes. Models are designed according to fashion, as well as for everyday wear. Male models are focused on quality, convenience and style.

Women's shoes Gore-Tex is made on the same principle. In this case, more attention is paid to even the winter options are elegant and feminine. Fashion trends are also taken into account, but the main priority is quality and comfort.

In addition, the company Gore-Tex is engaged in the production of children's shoes. You can be sure that the child will be comfortable to run and jump. In such shoes, the foot will not sweat too much, and the foot will not be clamped, which can lead to its deformation at such an early age.

Gore-Tex Fabric

The fabric is characterized by the fact that it can protect the human body from all weather conditions. But what is it? Is it a coating, an impregnation, an outer material or a regular lining? In fact - none of the above. A special membrane forms the fabric, which we will discuss below. It is the membrane that gives the fabric the characteristics for which it is so famous. It should also be remembered that a multilayer material is used to envelop it. The quality of shoes allows you to use it in different climatic conditions, as well as when engaged in various activities.

Shoes with Gore-Tex membrane

Shoes will ensure dry feet and complete comfort. A special membrane will allow you to maintain the desired microclimate inside the shoe. It is thanks to her that the skin will breathe, but cold and moisture cannot penetrate inside. Gore-Tex shoes are not only for wearing on the street - there are special models that are great for wearing indoors. Also, it is perfect for sports in warm weather. The foot will not sweat and sweat, so you will feel the maximum comfort. One of the main features of this shoe is that it adapts itself to the desired climate. That is why the transition from cold to the room will not be a sharp drop.


Through the use of modern technology and material that was invented by Bob Gore, you can create the shoes of the future. She will determine the temperature and will take care that the leg does not sweat. The main advantages of this shoe are as follows:

  1. Breathable ability at the highest level. Due to this, optimal heat exchange occurs, which ensures maximum heat retention inside the boot.
  2. Used at any time of the year. This is an important distinctive feature of this company, because shoes are suitable for work and for outdoor activities.
  3. Water resistance is another advantage. Reliable moisture protection is guaranteed to customers for the entire period of use!

Gore-Tex shoe care

Clean shoes should be a regular rag. Water should be of medium temperature. Before washing, shake out dirt, sand and small pebbles. It is also better to pull the insole. You should not use any products that may contain bleaching agents. Drying should be a natural way. It is best to use only branded creams and lubricants, so as not to harm the top layer of shoes. You should not dry clean, it is better to clean it yourself. In any case, when you buy branded shoes, you will be given a reference book, which will indicate what processes you can expose and what not.

In the end, I would like to say that the choice of quality shoes is a personal decision for everyone. It is good that there are manufacturers on the market who can present a decent product.