Winter break is a great time for relaxation and entertainment. However, kids can't be left to themselves. The duty to arrange children's winter vacation falls entirely on the kindergarten teacher or a teacher at school. So, where do you start?Winter holidays: a plan of the event

Winter vacation for kids should start with a gay disco, which is devoted to celebration of the New year. Now children of all ages ready to dance under incendiary music, to have fun from the heart, jump and just have a good time.

The disco can be conducted in kindergarten/school and to negotiate with the local House of culture. Very often young teachers lead classes in older clubs to disco nights, however, this trip depends on the wishes of the Manager and the consent of the parents.

None of the winter holidays are not without active eating sweets. That is why dance event may be accompanied by a Cup of tea, but can work without it. In this case, the question of the organization depends entirely on the children's desire.

Winter is a beautiful time of year, opening his arms to the amusement in front of everyone. The most popular activity during low temperatures – a trip to the skating rink. As practice shows, ice skating is accompanied by positive emotions and cheerful mood.

If the boys have their skates on a warm day you can go to the open areas. As a rule, they are free. However, if you want to spend the day with comfort, preference is equipped venues that are usually found in children's amusement parks. Skate rental is just increase the cost of recreational activities. But never mind paying for a lot of positive emotions. On the bases of rental skates enough children's sizes.

If you plan on a winter vacation includes a visit to an ice arena, a vivid impression of fun in good company will leave a trace in the memory. And remember: every child should be closely monitored, because the rink is a place of danger and unexpected drops.

What winter holidays do without going to the cinema? After all, all the kids just love cartoons! Surely there is a couple of interesting animated films in the period of children's holidays at the box office.

Here it is important to consider the age category of children, and the cost of going to the movies. In addition, be sure to ask your class or group, what cartoon they want to watch. After visiting joy is not the limit!

The best option – before going to the cinema to book tickets. So you can protect kids from the disadvantage areas. Many teachers combine several classes together and negotiate with cinemas on personal viewing of the picture. And don't forget to warn the kids about what movie sold the most delicious popcorn!

If you need to make a daily plan on a winter vacation, January 5, suitable for any educational activities. You can go to the Museum, to the exhibition. As a rule, such events occupy a small amount of time, but events occur as scheduled.

This day probably after vivid impressions of the roller and film over the past few days the child will want to spend time more measured. So going to the library or visiting the Museum will provide a huge amount of interesting information, but it does not fill the child's head with explosive feelings. Activities for winter break held on 5 January, must be calm and measured.

After exciting events to come watch an active holiday. Every winter vacation for children should be accompanied with sports, games, races, ice entertainment. Leader in the organization of this event, it is important to consider the specifics of kids. If the majority of keen on skiing, you should spend ski race

On the holy day of the seventh of January, the whole country celebrates the great feast of the Nativity of Christ. The teacher or educator must organize a circle dedicated to the stories about this wonderful event.  In addition, the leader can tell what carols are, how to learn caroling and what lies behind such an amusing ritual.

If you need a class or a group of such session for the first time, the day is better for the theoretical part of the festival. However, if you are organizing events for the winter holidays every year, you can go to collect gifts and candies. Colorful costumes, fun ditties and wishes will give children a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions, is not comparable to other activities. Organization of Christmas day will significantly expand the horizons of the child, and foster respect for religious culture.

How to spend the rest of my vacation? The number of winter should not only consist of active measures. The day after a holiday is better to spend in a quiet occupation. Today you can organize all your favorite Club cheerful and resourceful.

Gathering teams and coming up with jokes from an early age will provide the children a good sense of humor and a desire never to lose heart. On this day, you can negotiate with teachers of parallel classes for the organization of KVN. Surely they will meet you.

As for children of preschool age, it is better to pay attention to educational programs. This includes quizzes on all sorts of baby topics. However, it is important to consider the specifics of a young age, so after an interesting conversation, you need to make an interesting intellectual game, for example, "clever and clever".

In the following day – January 9 – it is important to give guys a day off from entertainment. Since most events are held in the morning, every child wants to sleep longer. In addition, the day at home with their parents, also give positive emotions and excellent mood. And the teacher should have a good rest, because there the most long term!

Preventive conversations will help children prepare for the upcoming school period. On this day, the teacher can talk about possible difficulties, but at the same time carefully to reveal the possibilities of overcoming obstacles. The effectiveness of interviews depends on the mood of the child in further learning activities.

Entertainment the event will allow kids to forget about the onset of repetitive study. On the last day of vacation you can go to the water Park or bowling alley – Sovremennye children are delighted by such a pastime. The latter option is also available for children of preschool age.