The unpleasant sensations arising at the time of the emptying of the bladder prove to be a rather intimate symptom. That is why burning in the urethra in men is far from always the reason for most of them to see a doctor. At this stage, a representative of the strong half of mankind makes an unpardonable mistake, which threatens him with serious problems.

Burning in the urethra in men: causes, treatment

Why does it hurt to urinate?

Pain during urination provokes an inflammatory process that can develop in the kidneys, the prostate gland, the internal genitalia, or the bladder. Itching, burning in the urethra in men is due to the ingestion of salts that are excreted through the urethra.

Discomfort in the process of emptying can be caused by various kinds of harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, Escherichia coli, fungi, etc.), and also be the result of traumas or pathologies in the male body.

Urethritis - the cause of discomfort

Pain during urination is very often a sign of developing urethritis. Infection can be caused by sexual contact with the patient, less often the disease is triggered by inflammation, malnutrition, severe physical exertion or hypothermia. The urethra in men is rather narrow and long, for this reason the infection that has penetrated into it, before reaching the bladder, settles right here.

Burning in the urethra in men is only one of the symptoms of urethritis. To it can join:

  • itching in the region of the penis;
  • mucous, purulent discharge from the genital tract;
  • inflammation of the foreskin and head of the penis;
  • difficulties with defecation;
  • increased frequency of urination.

In the absence of proper treatment, the ailment can acquire a chronic form and cause the development of orchitis, epididymitis and other diseases of the urinary system.

Prostatitis is a male

Inflammation of the prostate gland located just below the bladder is termed prostatitis in medical terminology. To lead to the development of the disease can infection of the genitourinary system, irregular sex life, chronic constipation, crotch injuries. With prostatitis, a slight burning sensation in the urethra in men develops into a permanent and is supplemented:

  • frequent urination;
  • blood in the urine;
  • drawing pain in the lower abdomen;
  • problems with potency;
  • pain in the penis, testicles, rectum;
  • pain in the lower back.

Having discovered signs of an ailment, men often write them off on the aging process of the body and do not go to the doctor, which can threaten the patient with the development of complications in the form of infertility, cystitis, impotence,

The cause of painful urination is urolithiasis

The disease develops during the exacerbation of urolithiasis. Urolithiasis is accompanied by the formation of stones in the bladder, ureters, kidneys, urethra. The reason for the development of the disease lies in the change in the chemical composition of the blood and the violation of metabolic processes.

The aggravation of the disease is very difficult to confuse with the manifestations of some other disease. Constant burning in the urethra in men is accompanied by aching pain in the lower back. Painful sensations can be permanent or periodic, given in the genitals, lower abdomen, ureter, leg. There may also appear frequent urination, with urine becoming pink with impurities of blood. Against the background of the development of urolithiasis, blood pressure may rise.

Ignoring the symptoms of the disease is highly undesirable, because it can lead to urethritis, acute pyelonephritis and other serious ailments.

First aid

What can be done to eliminate one of the most unpleasant symptoms - burning in the urethra in men? Treatment is complex.

Immediately recommend washing the bladder. Drink a few glasses of drinking water. Then you need to dissolve the baking soda (1 tsp) in one hundred grams of water and take the resulting solution inside. Drink a few more glasses during the day. Such a method will be effective only if the patient has no kidney disease. To reduce painful sensations at urination the broth of a dogrose also will help (to apply it is similar to above described).

Irritant effect of various kinds of detergents, which contain fragrances and dyes. It is necessary to limit the use of a strong-smelling soap, shower gels and bath foam.

However, one should not get involved in self-medication. Burning in the urethra in men - an obvious reason to contact a venereologist or urologist. Depending on the cause of the symptom, the doctor will prescribe the proper treatment, which most often involves taking antibiotics.

Diet to help men

Weaken the burning sensation in the process of emptying the bladder will help to adhere to a special therapeutic diet, the principle of which is to exclude from the diet sick products that are able to irritate the mucosa of internal organs. In this case, we mean green tea, black tea, coffee, alcohol. The list also includes citrus fruits, chocolate, vinegar, condiments, carbonated drinks, asparagus, cranberry juice, sweets.

After a week and a half, if the burning stopped, you can gradually include provocative products in the patient's menu. Priority in this process is of great importance. So you can find out which product stimulates the inflammatory process.

However, the proposed diet will help only reduce burning in the urethra in men. Only the doctor can eliminate the cause of unpleasant sensations.

Preventive measures

Among the preventive measures preventing the development in the strong half of mankind of diseases that entail discomfort during urination are:

  1. Conducting a regular, excluding casual sexual relations, sexual life.
  2. Observance of hygiene of genitals.
  3. Selective attitude to the subjects of hygiene. It is not recommended to use scented toilet paper, intimate soap, etc., which contains a large number of chemical elements that can cause irritation of the urethra.
  4. Maintain an environment conducive to external genitalia. It should be avoided wearing wet swimming trunks, raw laundry, since a moist environment is the best condition for the multiplication of bacteria.

Today, a fairly common symptom is burning in the urethra in men. The reasons for this phenomenon, as we already know, can be different. And the only correct decision of the patient in any case - an immediate appeal for qualified help for diagnosing and prescribing adequate treatment.