This Saint, who in the days of the earthly life and called himself "wretched Seraphim," after fair's death became known as the "father Serafimoska". Many saints of God will Shine into the world. Worship them, revere them. But it can only dignify someone you especially love. Open the life of St. Seraphim of Sarov and see what has earned it such a sincere love.

The Child Prokhor Moshnin

The life of St. Seraphim of Sarov (briefly)

St. Seraphim was born on July 19, 1759 in Kursk, in a merchant family sosninykh. At Holy baptism, he called him Prokhor. In childhood, the future founder of the St. Seraphim-Diveyevo convent was marked by God's special grace. The life of St. Seraphim of Sarov tells us about his wonderful salvation, when one day he climbed with his mother to the bell tower, slipped and fell from a great height, but miraculously remained unharmed. Another time, during a serious illness, when the family had no hope that will survive, he vouchsafed in a dream to see the Holy mother of God, heralded the imminent recovery. And after a short time passed around them the procession, and Prokhorov made out of the house, kissed the icon of the Mother of God and soon recovered.

It tells further of the life of St. Seraphim of Sarov, distinguishing itself with the mind, a good memory and energy, he didn't want to follow in the footsteps of the deceased by the time of his father. Do not lay the soul of the future ascetic to the merchant. Pulled it into the temple of God, all his thoughts were full of Christ's teachings. A big role in his religious upbringing played a mother — Agatha Moshnin. She was the first to notice the closeness of the son to the Lord and tried to help him in the spiritual life.

Striving for monism

When Prokhor was sixteen years old, then it finally had a strong desire to devote his life to God. When he spoke with the mother about the possible monk, met with sympathy. Agatha blessed son, wearing on his neck a copper cross, which he wore until the end of life. Prayed to God and sat down on the track u ever left home.

He first went to Kiev, where the Holy father, he blessed it, told to go to the Sarov Hermitage to father Abbot Pachomius, there to contend as a novice. The life of St. Seraphim of Sarov with great warmth of his father says Pahomie as zealous a servant of God and an unusually good man.

The beginning of monastic life

Their zeal in the performance of duties Prokhorov has earned the respect of all the brethren. It was a great pleasure to take part in Church services, where he played the main role of the reciter. But some special abilities had Prokhorov to secluded prayers. For their sake, he, with the blessing of his spiritual father, went into the thicket, and there alone and talked with God.

Further, the Life of St. Seraphim of Sarov tells us about his illness and about the second phenomenon Prokhor of the blessed virgin. Sent him the Lord test — dropsy, from which swelled the whole body. And again, as in early childhood, appeared to him the most-Holy Theotokos with the apostles Peter and John the Theologian, and, predicting a speedy recovery, said, pointing to the patient: "This is Our kind!" Soon the disease left Prochorus.

Monastic vows

For eight years, Prokhorov has remained a novice in the monastery. Finally the time came for vows. The Abbot, father Pachomius, tonsured him into the monastic San with the name Seraphim. It happened, as evidenced by the life of St. Seraphim of Sarov, August 13, 1786. From that day dead to the world Prokhor Moshnin was born, the monk Seraphim, meaning "fiery". This name captures all the fire and fervor of his faith.

After two months, he was ordained Hierodeacon. The rank Seraphim days and nights spent in Church services and private prayers, leaving himself to sleep only a very short time. To this period belongs the first visit to the Diveyevo community, which subsequently formed a monastery, the founder and patron of which will be St. Seraphim of Sarov. And in those days he was awarded during his service in the temple to see Jesus Christ coming in the air and blessed him. About this miracle also tells us the life of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

Life continued with the wilderness efforts

It's been five years, and ierodiakon Seraphim was elevated to hieromonk. He by that time was thirty-four years. In the Prime of life he begins life continued with the wilderness efforts. With the blessing of the father Abbot, he retired to a solitary cell, built in the forest. Here he is far from the world indulged in prayers and contemplation of God and reading spiritual books. No outsiders had no access to him. His life was likened to the one that led the ancient ascetics.

Saint Seraphim always wore heavy fetters, and only the clothing that befitted his monastic rank. He ate this fruit of your hands, smashing around the cells of the vegetable garden and in the forest collecting edible herbs. Occasionally he brought from the convent of bread. It is known that a part of his Holy gave to the wild beasts, who frequently came to his cell. Icons often depict the Holy bread feeds the bear. Even the evil creatures of the forest felt the kindness of a Saint.

The demonic prizes

The enemy of the human race, as we know, always exerts power to shake the faith of the righteous and to prevent them to serve God. So St. Seraphim fought the unclean spirit, trying to intimidate him and make him stop his retreat. Many times sounded in his ears, eerie voices, the growling of animals and other fruits diabolical obsession. He tried to shake the body of the Saint, and even beat it on the ground. But all won by fasting and prayer. And the enemy was forced to retreat.

To top it off brought the enemy of mankind on St. Seraphim of robbers. Those he was severely beaten, almost deprived of life, demanding money. But the Saint endured everything with humility, even later forgave the offenders. For a long time after been beaten he could not walk to the end of his days remained bowed. To this period belongs the third scene of father Seraphim of virgin Mary. As in previous times, It was accompanied by the apostles Peter and John, and also She said, pointing to Seraphim, "This is of Our lineage".

The feat of pillar-dwelling

Five months later he returned to his forest cell. Again reached out days filled with prayers and reading spiritual literature. But the monk decided to take on a new voluntary cross — silence feat. From now shut his mouth for worldly speeches. Even with those rare guests who came out to the monastery, he communicated by signs. Very soon this ceased to satisfy, and it's time for a feat that is rare in the life of the saints.

Seraphim of Sarov began his famous standing on the stone that lasted a thousand days and nights. As much time he spent repeating the Jesus prayer, the night, on a huge boulder in the forest, and a day in his cell, specially brought stone. Sleep only when power was completely left him.

After this period, the man came back to the abode, as a weary ascetic life finally lost health and could no longer do without assistance. But in the walls of the monastery father Seraphim leads former life. This time he brings the feat indoors. His whole life confined to the walls of the cells. Again prayers and Scripture. Its closure lasted five years, ended the last apparition of the blessed virgin Mary, who commanded to open the doors of all the cells coming to him for help.

The last years of earthly life

A great spiritual experience it has gained over the years of asceticism, should not have been in vain. God he was obliged to give to the people. From that day began the last phase, which tells the Life of St. Seraphim of Sarov. For children and adults, rich and poor, for people of all social strata he were wise words that can help and support. In addition, his Holy life, he gained the ability to heal illness, because he took in his cell hundreds of the afflicted, and everyone got a freedom from disease. He departed to be with the Lord January 2, 1833.

Thousands of the souls and bodies of human healed St. Seraphim of Sarov. Life, a summary of which is only marginally conveys all his love for God and people, has become an example of life for generations of monks. Just as he, they strive to achieve spiritual heights, to give themselves to the service of God and people. That's where the roots people's love for him. Here since his affectionately called "father Serafimoska".