Pressing dumbbells on an incline bench is a very popular exercise. On demand, it is second only to the bar press. Before choosing this technique in training, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its advantages and disadvantages, as well as to learn general information and features of this exercise.

Pros and cons of technology

Any exercise has pros and cons. After analyzing them, the athletes select their own individual program.

Press of dumbbells on an incline bench: technique of execution

The first and, perhaps, the most important advantage is the rapid growth of muscle mass. Therefore, athletes increasingly choose to press the dumbbells on an incline bench. The breast becomes powerful, broad and beautiful. Also, the pluses can be attributed to the uniformity of the load. On the direct bench, the lower part of the chest is trained more, and the upper one develops weakly. The slope solves this problem.

By the minuses of this exercise can be attributed only to the fact that over time the athlete can not gradually build up his load, which can not be said about the bar. On the bar, you can hang a pancake, for example, weighing 250 g or 1.25 kg. In dumbbells, the run is large, as a rule, 5 kg. This leads to the fact that a person, engaged with dumbbells, stuck for a long time on the same weight, and the training seems a little monotonous.

Exercise can be done while sitting.

What muscles are involved?

It is easy to guess that when performing the exercise "dumbbell bench press lying on an incline bench," basically the group of muscles of the chest is involved. The upper and lower part of them is trained regardless of the angle of inclination, but the load on the delta directly depends on the degree. Such an exercise is included in the basic training program, which is aimed at the development of power and physical strength.

Beginners can not determine what is better: a barbell or dumbbell bench press on an incline bench? This question can not be answered unambiguously. Two of these exercises differ in amplitude. The control of two hands simultaneously with the use of dumbbells helps to engage the stabilizing muscles, so the exercise is so well suited for the female.

So, during such an exercise, it develops perfectly:

  • small, anterior and dentate pectoral muscles;
  • the lower trapezoid beam;
  • rotator cuff of the shoulder;
  • triceps.

Basic information

Since the dumbbell press is sitting on an incline bench and bench press - these are two basic exercises, you can safely start training with them.

In order not to dislocate or not to stretch the joint, when choosing a dumbbell with a large weight it is recommended to resort to the help of an unauthorized person. Also, it is necessary to perform classes with an instructor, if there is still very little knowledge about this technique.

The shells must be selected correctly. Do not immediately grab for a lot of weight.

The following steps are recommended:

  • dumbbells are placed next to the bench;
  • in order to take shells, it is necessary to bend down with an even back, slightly bending the knees;
  • sit on a bench and put dumbbells on your hips;
  • after that you need to take the necessary position, and the shells to fix at the shoulder level.

Press of dumbbells on an incline bench

The technique is as follows:

  1. First you need to choose the angle of the bench and install it. It is better to choose 40 degrees, because in this case, the muscle fibers of the chest will be involved. When the degree is changed, the load moves to the delta and triceps. At dumbbells there is no neck, so the activity of the muscles will be maximum.
  2. Then it is necessary to lie down comfortably, resting your feet on the floor. The head should also be pressed against the surface. For convenience, the waist can be slightly bent.
  3. It is necessary to keep hands above the shoulder line. Divorce is best done with a little bent elbows.
  4. During the movement it is necessary to feel the tension of the muscles. To obtain the result, it is important to repeat the exercise before the appearance of pain.
  5. Elbows should be kept only divorced. This process is worth controlling.
  6. On inhalation, the shells are raised. Exhalation is done only when the hands are brought together at the top.
  7. At the upper point, you can not allow the distance between the dumbbells.
  8. Weight should be increased gradually.

Bench press is an exercise that must be performed, clearly following the established technique. Change it for the use of other muscles is unacceptable. Also, you should not allow a pelvic lift or beating the projectile from the chest, which is possible with a normal bench press.

Features of the training

As already mentioned above, the press of dumbbells on an incline bench is an exercise from which it is best to begin training. It is possible to alternate this type of bench press with the lifting of the bar by the day. Combine them is not necessary.

Starting a workout with a dumbbell press will help make the muscles symmetrical and achieve balance in their work.

The number of repetitions of this exercise should be selected individually. Usually it is recommended to perform 5-6 repetitions on strength training. For muscle growth, you need to do 12-15 repetitions.

Women are advised to choose a bench press only with dumbbells. The bar for the fair sex is not suitable due to the peculiarities of their anatomical structure. You can start training with lifting the bar, but only for women who have naturally broad shoulders.

Features of technology

The dumbbell press on the incline bench is used both in fitness classes and in bodybuilding. Body builders, as a rule, increase the amplitude of the movement of dumbbells, planting them under the bench. This helps to work out all the pectoral muscles as much as possible.

To finish work with such shells is necessary the same as at the beginning, that is, smoothly lifting the body and sitting down on the bench.

Some athletes are advised to immediately use dumbbells with a lot of weight. This remark is true, but only in the presence of the insurer. If dumbbells are very heavy, you need to insure two people. It is inadmissible to push the athlete under the elbows, as the fingers can reflexively open.

Perhaps the collision of shells in front of the chest, but this method is strictly not suitable for beginners.

If there is a crunch in the elbows, the exercise should be stopped.

Safety regulations

To finish a press of dumbbells on the inclined bench it is necessary as accurately as possible. In the absence of an insurer, unbend elbows and lay the shells on the floor in turns.

To avoid injuries and strains, it is necessary to control the deflection in the lumbar region, straining the press. The feet should stand exactly on the floor.

To workout did not end sadly, all actions must be performed accurately and synchronously. Do not simultaneously raise the dumbbells at the top. Also it is necessary to watch, that hands did not make any sharp movements. If you feel tired, it's better just to rest.