Once the fox vest was considered just an accessory. She played a purely decorative role, and no one thought about practical qualities. It was hardly possible to meet such a thing in the wardrobe of a simple representative of the working class or the creative intelligentsia. In a fur vest, and even from spectacular fox fur, some outrageous person from the stars of the stage or the golden youth could show off.

Today everything is completely different. This thing takes a fairly strong position in the fashion world and is considered a full-fledged clothing. Modern women of fashion appreciate not only the excellent look of noble fur, but also its warming properties.

Arctic fox vest: how and with what to wear?

If you are thinking about how to replenish the wardrobe with this spectacular thing, our article will help you not only to understand the compatibility with other details, but also to choose the right vest, and also tell you how to care for it, so that the noble fur preserves beauty for a long time.

Fur features

The arctic fox vest can refer to both casual and festive wardrobe. This fur is considered noble, but does not belong to elite varieties. Simply put, the arctic fox is much more exquisite than a rabbit or goat, but simpler and more accessible than mink and chinchilla.

The fox fur is quite durable. If you use the vest for its intended purpose, do not wear it in wet weather and do not expose to significant mechanical loads, it will last a long time. You will not face many years with scuffs, balding spots and felted spots. If the dressing of fur was done by a good furrier, the hairs will not fall out during the operation.

It is very warm in the clothes made from arctic fox fur. Therefore, if you are counting on a decorative option that could decorate the image even in early autumn and late spring, you may want to pay attention to other types of fur.

The main trends of the season

On the catwalks today, most often you can see a wide variety of fox fur vests. Photos of models, flaunting in luxury furs, many cause the desire to replenish the wardrobe of such a thing.

Stylists call the season favorite straight and narrowed cut. Flared and A-shaped models in the collections of leading fashion houses are represented much less.

A real hit of winter can be called dyed fur of unexpected colors. The arctic fox is beautifully subjected to coloring, which creates a wide scope for experiments of designers.

Remains a trend and the use of accessories: jewelry, wide belts, sashes.

Fur colors

Many manufacturers, owners of fur salons and just connoisseurs of natural fur are sure that nature has already created the arctic fox as a real handsome man. There are several varieties of color of this fur animal. Gamma is wide: from white to silver-gray and even blue. Moreover, the skin is unevenly colored, the fur on the back is darker, which allows you to create many interesting effects with transitions of tones or contrast patches.

But with proper selection of colors and compliance with the technology, the fox fur can be dyed in almost any color. It will not affect its quality.

Therefore, do not be afraid if you came across vest from fox color of fuchsia, mustard, carmine or any other. What to prefer: natural color or bright? It depends only on your taste.

What can I wear with a fox fur vest?

This detail of the wardrobe will help create many spectacular images. The selection of parts companions depends on the style and length of the waistcoat.

The short fox vest will suit classic trousers of even or narrowed cut, mini skirt, midi or pencil, as well as jeans. Going for a walk in the offseason, you can wear a vest over a warm sweater, both plain and with a print. You can combine this thing with a strict dress in a business style, for example, if you work in a spacious cool office. The movements of the shortened vest are not constrained, warm enough and do not look too pretentious.

The fox vest, hip-length or knee-length, looks beautiful with a narrow skirt, pants and leggings. An ensemble with a full midi or maxi skirt will even make a slender figure disproportionate and inharmonious. Such combinations are best avoided.

How to choose shoes and accessories

High-heeled shoes, both thin and thickened, are perfectly combined with most models of Pesy vests. Classic is always a winner.

When thinking about how to wear a fox vest, do not even consider the option of sports shoes. With sneakers and sneakers, this thing looks weird and seems to be taken off someone else’s shoulder, and not part of a well-thought-out image.

You should not combine a fur vest with shoes richly trimmed with furs. The image is overloaded and heavy. Uggs and quilts are also not the best companions.

A leather or suede handbag of classic style will suit the fox vest. This thing is binding, it must be combined with worthy partners. Try to avoid low-quality accessories and easily recognizable replicas of expensive brands. It is better to choose an option from a natural material from an inexpensive but good manufacturer. Knitted and woven bags decorated with fur should also be avoided.

Great company for polar fox vests - spectacular gloves or mitts. High options look great, completely covering the wrist and even reaching to the elbows. Shortened fingerless gloves look good. They can be decorated with rivets, rhinestones, beads and play not only a practical, but also a decorative role.

Arctic fox vest

Many women who spend much of their time behind the wheel love to warm themselves with fur vests. The machine is heated, it is hot in a warm jacket. But in one sweater chilly, because sometimes you have to open a window and a door. Comfortable vests that do not overheat, do not hold down movements, but protect from drafts become an excellent option.

Reviews of many avtolyubitelnitsa says that the fox vest is not the most convenient option for the car. First, the fur deteriorates from mechanical friction on the seat. And secondly, the arctic fox is too warm for solving such problems. However, there are many who consider this option the most convenient. Weigh the pros and cons, choosing a fur vest for trips to the cold.

What to look for when buying

As a rule, such a thing is not bought at one time or even for one year. This is explained not only by the rather high price, but also by the durability of the fur. A well-chosen model of a classic silhouette and a basic shade will look fashionable and relevant for more than one season. But when buying a fox vest, you need to follow some recommendations:

  1. Carefully inspect the fur, shake the product, remember the hand. The arctic fox should not lose its shape, hair loss is unacceptable.
  2. If you buy a dyed version, swipe the fur with a cloth moistened with clean water. On it should not remain the slightest trace of paint.
  3. Pay attention to the silhouette. The cut should be perfect. If the fur is crooked, do not expect that over time it will hang and level. This will not happen, the defective thing will have to be carried in the studio and altered for a lot of money.
  4. Pay attention to details: lining, pockets, hooks or buttons. If at least one trifle is worked out not carefully enough, take it as an indicator of the manufacturer’s frivolous attitude to quality. Believe me, over time you will find other errors. Serious furriers and tailors are always attentive to all the details.
  5. Make a choice in favor of salons with a good reputation. They sell the highest quality vests of arctic fox.

Photos that are presented in our article, make it possible to understand that even a polar fox vest of the most simple cut looks solid and expensive. When buying a thing should make you just such an impression.

How to care for a fox vest

You should not wear such a thing in the rain and during sleet. Avoid any contact with contaminants. In no case can not wash the natural fur alone. If necessary, contact a dry cleaner.

Fur vests from arctic fox in the summer must be stored in a packed state and occasionally ventilated in the fresh air. There will be no extra and prevention of the appearance of moths. With good care, the thing will remain beautiful for a long time.