In a female person everything should be beautiful: especially hair, shower and underwear. In no case, no one argues that the spiritual qualities of the girls will pay less attention than panties. But still a self-respecting woman never walks in old, washed and stretched underwear.

Women's underpants, whose species each have their own peculiarity, in our liberated century can change not life (it would be too cool), but the woman’s self-esteem, her attitude to herself.

Women's underwear: types, their names and features

Also, beautiful panties can enhance the sexuality of women, which serves as a kind of magnet for men and, as a result, becomes a powerful impetus to the coveted happiness in his personal life. Note: sexuality is manifested in behavior, in the confidence of the woman, in her voice and eyes, and underwear serves only as a stimulus to all this.

Not grandmother pantaloons

When it comes to pantaloons, then, willy-nilly, children’s years and studies of a grandmother’s wardrobe, in which there was a supply of pantalons on terrifying elastic bands, emerge in memory. And all of them were made in blue-white-pink colors (almost marshmallow), differed only by the material (warm with fleece and light cotton with the addition of synthetic thread).

But when it was! The shortage at that time was high-quality women's underwear. The types of linen that the light industry was stamping could not boast of diversity either.

Now trousers - this is a stylish panties, tight (and often slimming) female figure in certain places. Such panties close a leg from a hip almost to a knee, however, there are also more shortened models.

Such types of women's panties as pantaloons come in very handy during the cold season. They are also adored by plump women - panties with a high fit perfectly mask the outstanding tummy and visually reduce the hips.

“Oh, I would, Mom, lace shorts. “

This is an endless and fertile topic.  types of women's panties. The name "shorts", however, does not fit into the category of "underwear", but, nevertheless, such models have been the most popular and popular among fashionistas for years now.

Still would! After all, this is the most convenient and practical women's panties. Types of underwear can amaze frankness or grace, and shorts touches their simplicity. They are equally good made of cotton or lace, decorated with a satin ribbon or without any decor.

Women especially love lace panties-shorts, which cover the buttocks by half.

One important caution: when buying lace underwear, you must ensure that the fabric is not too hard and does not rub the delicate skin in the process of wearing.

Women with wide hips wear shorts is not recommended - in them, this part of the body will look even wider.

Classic. Slips

Even women of Soviet times wore slips, not even suspecting that there were different types of women's panties in the world. True, the Soviet models were rough and baggy, but still they were slips.

So, what are they? This panties to mid-thigh, completely closing the buttocks. They can not rub the skin, they are almost invisible under clothing, and therefore slips are necessary for every day.

Tanga - open hip

The popularity of these panties is associated with the appearance of the dance "Lambada". Not only the melody turned passionate youth, the peak of sexuality seemed to be the “spinning movements” of dancers and stage clothes, especially for girls - short flying skirts, from under which looked pretty panties with incredibly high cutouts on the hips.

It was from “Lambada” that all residents of the post-Soviet space began to get acquainted with the actual topic “What are the types of women's underwear”.

And what is tanga? Now it is the usual for many lingerie, consisting of two triangles, interconnected with elastic bands or thin straps high on the hips.

Thongs - the very frankness

These panties are not for every day, although many people manage to wear such “strings” both on weekdays, on a holiday, and on an intimate evening, but at the same time they do not complain that they rub, crush or interfere.

However, similar types of women's panties are not for frequent wear. The name "string" means "flexible leather cord", such underwear was used only by striptease dancers, but over time it migrated to the masses. And the masses began to wear it even to work, although there it is completely inappropriate (if it is not a strip bar, of course).

If we consider all existing models of strings as separate types of women's underwear, the table will look like this:

Innovative silicone panties with absolutely no ribbons, consisting of a single frame, covering the most piquant places. In short, the "fig leaf" of the new generation.

How to adjust the shape with the help of linen

Separate conversation deserve corrective panties. Every woman has several of these in her wardrobe, since each one thinks that her waist is not ideal and that she can become thinner by a few centimeters. So they manage to remove “from themselves” these same centimeters by any means, the simplest of which is to put on slimming underwear.

Such panties are also good because they have no seams and are invisible under clothes.

Rules care for linen

The types of women's panties presented in the article with a description are by no means a complete list of existing models loved by women of all ages. There are also famous bikinis (panties with ties), there is a Brazilian - sports-style panties, half-opening buttocks, there is a devén-derier - for special occasions and most desirable dates.

But in order to look really amazing in lingerie, you need to properly care for him. And it is not easy to periodically throw the washing machine into the drum in order to “scroll” and dry quickly - so only memories will remain from it in a week.

Laundry should be washed carefully, keeping the water temperature no higher than 40 degrees, without twisting it with all your might, without using powder.

Powder lace on panties gets stiffness, so it is better to use liquid products that are quickly rinsed out of the fabric.

Panties should be washed immediately after purchase, as one seller knows where and under what conditions they were stored. The thing is intimate, so it's best not to risk it.

And then - wash the panties as needed.

Every woman dreams of diversity in the linen section of her wardrobe, but she also understands how expensive this item is - good panties for women. Types of linen, presented by various manufacturers, can cost as a quality bag or shoes. It is difficult to decide what to buy first. Therefore, young ladies are so reverent and belong to underwear.