Tattoo is perceived by many as a fashionable phenomenon. Like everything that the industry of beauty and style brings to the world, it has its fans and opponents. Contrary to stereotypes that a tattoo is not for women, it is the fair sex that most often decorates its body with drawings. According to statistics, among all clients of tattoo parlors more than 60% are occupied by girls. Female tattoos on the hand can favorably emphasize the fragility and tenderness of the owner, if you choose the right pattern.

The quality of female tattoo

Girls pay attention to several things:

  • the tattoo must be beautiful;
  • carry a certain philosophy;
  • coincide with the worldview hostess.

Tattoo placement

Female tattoo on the arm are usually located in several zones. Most Popular:

Female tattoo on hand: attractive self-expressionOn the hands, fingers and palms drawings are applied less frequently.

To decorate a better place than a hand, it’s hard to imagine. This gives the created image sexuality, beauty and expresses the willingness of an open dialogue with the world.

The female tattoo on the arm in the wrist area looks impressive, but the process itself is rather painful. The most popular pictures in this area:


Female tattoo on the arm can be made in the form of inscriptions or small images. Most often they carry the following information:

  • motivating words and quotes;
  • the name of the beloved;
  • decorative elements (bows, stars, symbols, infinity sign).

An example of how women can look like a tattoo on her arm, the photo shows very clearly.

Some time ago, female tattoo on the arm with the image of hieroglyphs or inscriptions were very popular. Now the demand for such drawings has decreased slightly. This option looks very beautiful, especially if you choose a beautiful font. Female tattoo on the arm - the inscription - is typed more often.


This part of the hand is made out rarely. The following images are mainly used:

  • flowers;
  • animal world;
  • hieroglyphs and phrases in Latin.

Tattoo sleeve

Female tattoo on the arm in the form of a sleeve is suitable for bolder girls who have a passion for tattoos and heavy informal music. They perfectly highlight the created image. In this embodiment, it is common to use abstract themes or images of flowers.

The sleeve can be the most diverse:

  • Long — from the shoulder to the wrist. The work can be performed as a single whole tattoo (for example, a flower or an image of an animal) and a composition of several small ones;
  • Quarterly. Such a sleeve originates from the shoulder and ends before reaching the elbow.
  • Half sleeves. Its location can be from the elbow to the hand or from the shoulder to the elbow.

Some other types of tattoos:

Every year, stuffing drawings on the body gets more and more fans. There are several more directions:

  • complex oriental patterns;
  • geometry;
  • patterns of a certain subject;
  • patterns, invented by the client;
  • religious, maritime, military symbols;
  • lace tattoos;
  • volumetric and realistic 3D tattoos;
  • drawings related to a hobby or work;
  • black and white tattoos.