Aquarius and Sagittarius seek independence. Both signs love freedom, the world is moderately inquisitive and a little adventurers. Aquarius and Sagittarius prefer to live in pleasure. What happens if these two signs meet? Could they be together? How to make their marriage perfect? This will be discussed in the article.

Male Aquarius

This person is famous for his generosity, sociability and kindness. He is interested in people around him. Aquarius loves to take part in their lives, and flattery that they need it. The man of this sign is always acquainted with new people, so he has many friends, to which he is ready to come to the rescue at any moment. He will not spare time and energy for them.

Woman-Sagittarius, male-Aquarius: compatibility in love

Often a male Aquarius is shy with women. Therefore, he prefers that the weaker sex should meet the first step. However, a woman will have to try to win the heart of Aquarius. Very often it is not easy to do because of his shyness.

With a male Aquarius you can not talk in an orderly tone, he will not tolerate such treatment. If you want to ask him about something, do it carefully and tactfully so as not to frighten him away. Female trick wins Aquarius. If the companion can talk to him heart to heart, then he will do the impossible.

It seems that the strong sex of this sign is cold and prudent. However, it is not. Aquarius just hides and goes into itself. After all, in fact, he is a very vulnerable and sincere person. Aquarius is also very amorous, but before you associate your life with a woman, will consider each step. He does not hurry to become a husband.


The weak sex of this sign loves vivid impressions. The Sagittarius woman is resourceful, enterprising and will never sit idly by. She is always at work and does not like to be dependent, so she does everything to become successful.

Women-Strellets are leaders in life who do not like control from someone else's side, but strive to be free. This weak sex is in no hurry to tie the knot, but always cautiously approaches this issue.

If it so happened that the Sagittarius woman met a man, she will do everything in her power to ensure that both are on equal terms. As he does not like to command his beloved, he will not accept such an attitude towards himself.

A woman born under the sign of Sagittarius, open, honest, will always express her opinion. Without difficulty, you can understand who she liked. She likes hardworking men, and most importantly, not greedy. Therefore, not all the signs fit it.

And what if a woman-Sagittarius, a man-Aquarius, met? Their compatibility is almost ideal, if you do not take into account several nuances. For example, a representative of the first sign can not tolerate boring life. If a man can diversify it, then the Sagittarius woman will be happy.

Woman-Sagittarius - male-Aquarius: compatibility in love

As mentioned earlier, these two signs are very similar. Perhaps that's why it's easy for them to understand their second half. The Sagittarius, the Aquarius male, are both unpredictable. They can meet even in transport, and at first glance a spark will run between them. It is this couple that feels their second half in the distance.

When meeting Aquarius tend to get lost, but then the initiative without problems will take in their hands Sagittarius. When she conquers it, they will have a mutual understanding not only in love, but also in friendship.

There is an opinion that Aquarius and Sagittarius were blessed in heaven, since each meeting happens as if for the first time.

They have the same views on life and similar rules. Therefore, very often people around wonder how these two can understand the second half at a glance.

What is the relationship that the man-Aquarius, the Sagittarius woman, entered into? Love between them flares up at lightning speed, but it can quickly go out. The couple divorced because of several things: deception, betrayal and disappointment. None of them will forgive these things.

Compatibility in marriage: female Sagittarius and male Aquarius

This pair can be perfect. They will go for anything in their own half. However, there are some difficulties in marriage. This, oddly enough, is a good compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac. Sagittarius woman, Aquarius male is a couple who live a calm and measured life. Therefore, only boredom can destroy their marriage.

If they do not diversify their weekdays, then they will quickly get bored of everything. A couple loves to travel and learn every day a new way - so why not do it together?

However, if one of them wants to have a rest from hard everyday days, his companion will not like this behavior. Only therefore the couple part. Then no one can stop them, even joint children.

A pair of Sagittarius woman - a male Aquarius is subject to boredom, and then both begin to look for new impressions. This behavior often leads to treason, then to disappointment, and then they get divorced.

Children for both signs are the most valuable thing that can be in their life. However, the couple will also be taught their child to an active rhythm of existence. They will not pay attention to the fact that this kid can be alien. Therefore, they will be very surprised that their adult child will oppose such a life.

How to make relations completely ideal?

Female Sagittarius, male Aquarius - a great couple. However, in order to make relations ideal, every day you have to invent entertainment, because from boredom they can spoil the impression of their half.

More often try to travel, go hiking, discuss the past day, read books, etc. On weekdays, work does not let you relax, but on vacation or on weekends you can afford it. After all, both Aquarius and Sagittarius are able to be independent and earn enough money for entertainment.

Both signs are active and cheerful. Therefore, they need to visit cultural events as often as possible. Although Sagittarius and Aquarius are not jealous, however, it is not recommended to change. In fact they can forgive almost everything, but only not such.

If these two signs will periodically arrange their half of surprises, then both will not be bored for sure. Temperament is complex both in Sagittarius and in Aquarius, but together they will survive all.

A pair of Sagittarius woman - a male Aquarius, is a perfect match, the main thing is to correctly use the chance that has fallen out in the form of meeting your second half.


Sagittarius and Aquarius can be great friends, lovers or colleagues. They are equally active, like working and paying attention to the family at the same time. Strangely enough, they succeed.

The couple will be happy until they get bored together. To prevent this from happening, they need to find new entertainments and hobbies every day. Sagittarius and Aquarius will not sit at home in front of the TV. They need the air of traveling, hiking, etc. Only then will they be completely satisfied with their lives.