In our days art is becoming more popular minimalism. A tattoo in this style is a favourite destination of body painting for countercultural youth. A minimalist image on the body now have not only “at home”, but the best masters of special equipment.Genre minimalism: tattoo in this style  Many experts predict a new push for this direction in connection with the popularization of perfectionism and the desire to find meaning in small details.

General information

Virtually all types of fine arts present minimalism. Tattoos in this style appeared among the first. Then it was a dominant style, as the masters did not perform large-scale complex drawings.

A vivid example of minimalism: tattoos of the "Soviet period". The name of your favorite girl, the emblem of the military unit, the blood group and so on. All these drawings can be called minimalistic.

Now tattoo in the style of minimalism abound with simple geometric motifs. The golden section, dotted lines, ideal circles and so on are now in a trend. Also, minimalism is considered "old school". Therefore, it is less common than other genres.

The canons of style

Mostly minimalist tattoos are made with black paint. The image should be as primitive, without the clutter and complicated strokes. But to be most symbolic. A separate subspecies can be called geometric minimalism. A tattoo in this style represent a symmetrical image of simple geometric shapes. With lines of thick, black, but thin. Such tattoos are rarely of large size. But some pictures can belong to one composition.

Subculture tattoos

Among the total mass of tattoos, minimalist is by no means the most popular. The bulk of people prefer the more classical species. However, in the environment of various subcultures such "portals" occupy the first place. Countercultural youth finds a kind of protest in small symbolic images. Most often this is a motif made by simple lines. Also, drawing can accompany provocative phrases with obscene vocabulary. Often, this style is called handpack.

Simple forms look pretty mysterious and, at first glance, there is no point in such tattoos. Minimalism is so remarkable that the contemplator must find the meaning himself. The sketch can be painted by yourself and shown to the master who will perform the artistic processing before applying.

Styles of tattoo: minimalism, female drawings

Among women this species is also quite popular. Often it is chosen for themselves by girls who want an inconspicuous figure. In order not to hammer the whole body, they create a minimalistic image in an unseen place. Very popular animal images. Only the outlines are made. In this case, almost no different colors are used. Even if the drawing is colored, there are no more than three colors in it.

There are many images where geometric motifs are interwoven with the natural. For example, the image of the mountains and the moon, from which departs the line that goes through the entire hand.

The universality of such tattoos is the ability to apply them to any part of the body. Some girls like to stuff a tattoo on their hands. The composition of five drawings on each finger will look very impressive. It is not necessary to bind several tattoos into one motif. Many small images also look attractive.

Experts argue that it is easiest to reduce the figures in the genre of minimalism. The tattoo of this style is small. They can easily be hidden or interrupted. In some cases, you can also paint over with another drawing. But it's better to think before you contact the master.