Did you have to jump in the middle of the night in a cold sweat? You will not even feel such a feeling. Often, it leads to terrible visions of global disasters. Of course, not everyone can survive such an event. However, it is worthwhile to find out in advance what the earthquake means, for example. Why dream such a destructive phenomenon to people who once experienced it in reality, and to those who saw this only in video broadcasts?

An earthquake is a dream? Interpretation of dreams

Why is this image so important?

Family Dream Book

In this collection there is an earthquake. Why do you dream such a nightmare, does not understand in detail. However, one can understand from the text that a person is in great trouble. It's not about the troubles that it is customary to tell your friends about, to discuss with your relatives. The source believes that the dreamer will face a real threat, affecting the most important areas of his life. So, to the businessman the earthquake in a dream unequivocally predicts loss of all property. His case will be ruined by competitors, accounts are arrested or looted. Partners disdainfully turn away from him. Never already this person can not regain the position that he earned with a quirky mind and hard work, the dream book reveals a terrible truth. An earthquake in astral wanderings to a woman does not bode well either. Her family happiness is literally on the brink of a deep abyss. From the catastrophe, the dreamer is separated only a moment. And he is very close.

East dream book

Let's understand further, is there any other opinion on this issue. The one who was terrified in the nocturnal astral wanderings by the earthquake, to which the nightmare is dreamed, can also learn from this peculiar source. Here, interethnic conflicts are foretold here, as well as the destruction of business. In addition, the dream book warns against military clashes, which, most likely, will begin in the area where the person lives. Agree, this is a serious threat, from which you can not just brush it off. The dreamer is advised to inquire about the political situation in his city. Once the image appeared in his subconscious, it means that the higher forces want to save his life, warning in such an interesting way. A terrible dream can be a chance in the future, if you take it seriously and thoughtfully. By the way, as the source indicates, the same meaning has a vision in which a person only felt jerks.

Sonnik Miller

So far we have seen only objective-pessimistic forecasts. Even sorry for the people who entered the consciousness at night an earthquake. What is the reason for such a catastrophe, this source of astral knowledge also explains. However, it does not make you happy. A terrible catastrophe, observed in the night vision, predicts trouble of a huge scale. Here, a terrible dream is associated with global cataclysms. Although if you read articles about the Yellowstone volcano for the night or the melting of glaciers, then do not pay attention to the nightmare. This is a reflection of the stress received by the psyche due to the study of anxious material.

Modern dream book

So we got to the book, which has a completely different view of the problem at hand. This dream book earthquake does not consider a threatening plot. By the way, there are also tips on the embodiment of astral signs in reality. If you saw a catastrophe associated with a concussion of the earth's crust, then wait for serious pleasant changes in your life. However, they can bypass you. To prevent this from happening, the dream book recommends a whole week not to rest in a comfortable bed, but on a hard floor. Try it, maybe it is. When a person has only observed the terrible consequences of a catastrophe, he now has a difficult period. This person is in a difficult situation, not having the opportunity to consult at least with someone. It is recommended to go to the churchyard, find an anonymous grave and burn a candle beside it. All will pass.

Dream Maya

The ancient people knew a lot about astral visions and images. We got only the crumbs of his wisdom, including the interpretation of dreams. The earthquake of Maya was considered a sign of mental overstrain. It occurs on a subtle plane. That is, the person can not even realize it. According to the beliefs of the Indians, we are all connected with each other and with the planet by invisible threads. Therefore, we feel trouble relating to others. The earthquake reflects in dreams the general state of the planetary scale that is observed before the cataclysms. A person is recommended to work on the internal state. This will help the planet to free itself from the symptoms that threaten its existence.

Dreamer of Dmitry and Hopes of Winter

Noble dream book

Dream Interview by Denise Lynn

Esoteric dream book

This collection of advice from the subtle world also does not contain optimistic forecasts. Although he considers sleep a cause for activization of work on obtaining spiritual knowledge. The fact is that this image speaks first of all of the condition of the person himself. He is unnecessarily tense, anxious. Constantly expects a dirty trick, betrayal, sees in every counter fraudster or murderer. So you can bring yourself to depression. Look at the world by other lazy, look for good in it. On the other hand, the feeling of fear has grounds. The dreamer feels in the depths of his soul the guilt for which he will have to answer. Better, since you are so oppressed by such a situation, open yourself to the one who was offended. Spiritual conversation will remove the secret threat, which will remove the internal tension.