Manual bag sealer, price of which today ranges from 5000 RUB. for the manual model and from 20 000 RUB. for industrial units, available to a wide range of consumers. The equipment finds application as in the implementation of household tasks and production. Such devices allow you to ease the process of packaging products in plastic film and put the process on stream.

Technology sealing

To use a manual bag sealer manual as an industrial model, quite simply. For starters, the device is configured to work with material of a certain thickness. Further, the polyethylene is placed on the working plane, aktiviziruyutsya presser lever, and a few seconds in the presence of a finished sealed package.

In made with the help of special equipment packages are easy to pack any products, which is of neat, attractive appearance.

Manual bag sealer manual and industrialDespite the fact that manual bag sealer manual differs slightly from the table and floor units, operation of this equipment is aimed at the implementation of the same task, namely, obtaining strong and neat weld.

Despite the variety of modern sealing machine, vary only a few types of stitches. Thus, the detachable connection is obtained by treating the material of the heating element of circular cross-section. Most often, a reliable sealing is used here heated nichrome wire, which stick particles of polyethylene.

Flat seam is almost no different from previous appearance. The only difference is the possibility of creating wider connections through the use of as an alternative to nichrome strips of the heating elements.

Any modern manual bag sealer manual or industrial suitable for such materials as:

  • Polypropylene.
  • Vacuum and multilayer film.
  • Dacron.
  • Metalized film.

Main types of reduction gear

Domestic consumers are available a number of efficient polyethylene sealing machine. Various modifications are performance, some parameters of the joints, power, ease of use, a method of joining surfaces.

Among the common options worth noting the following zapayschiki:

  • Manual.
  • Outdoor.
  • Horizontal.
  • Vertical.
  • Pulse.
  • Conveyor.
  • Device continuous heating.

Let's look at the most popular devices for working with the above materials.

Manual sealing machine

Manual bag sealer manual – budget, but at the same time reliable device. Equipment of this category is convenient to use both in the household and small manufacturing, which do not require the mass manufacture of packaging.

The scope of application of such devices is limited only by the imagination of users. Manual manual bag sealer with a knife has been successfully used to seal packages in the production of semi-finished products, packaging products, sorting food at the point of sale.

Impulse sealing machine

Their simple design, relatively low cost, efficiency. At the same time, there are some restrictions on the use of such devices. In the first place here is the lack of opportunities for long, continuous operation, create stitches of a certain length and thickness. In addition, such devices with a limited range of materials.

There are several types of pulse devices:

  1. Manual bag sealer table – has a heater tyre width up to 80 cm cost model, common in everyday life, distinguished by the presence of the plastic housing. For use on production it is recommended to acquire more reliable manual bag sealer table with metal housing.
  2. Floor sealer – provides a platform for creating seams with a width of about 100 see the Devices in this category contain functional elements for automatic cutting of material and are supplied with extra tyres.

Sealing machine continuous heating

Characterized by the possibility of long-term, intensive operation, the presence of individual modes of operation. Equally effective when sealing thin, thick and multi-layered materials.

Most of the models suitable for mass production of packaging with the creation of prints from the date of manufacture at the seams in automatic mode. Fine temperature adjustment of the connecting bus allows to perform reliable and accurate sealing.

As for the disadvantages of these units, then the first place here come impressive weight and dimensions. Standard roller manual bag sealer constant heat allows to run the seams up to a width of 40 cm, which can also be considered a disadvantage in mass production method of the package.

Conveyor sealing machine

The device conveyor type the most versatile among all units of this purpose. Suitable for effective sealing of plastic films and finished packages, multi-layered foundations.

The majority of models has the function of melting materials by means of electric heating elements, hot air, ultrasound and infrared radiation.

Among the main advantages of conveyor-type units, it is worth noting:

  • Ability to work with a wide range of materials.
  • Automatic operation.
  • High level of performance.
  • No restrictions on the width of sealing.
  • Creating high-quality seams.

The disadvantages include a limited number of available configurations and design solutions, high cost. At the same time, as practice shows, conveyor equipment pays off within a few months.