The mentality of the people, his uniqueness, is expressed in language. How well people know their own language culture, so it can be called a representative of this culture.

Folklore in education

Familiarity with the folklore starts in early childhood. Mother nursing baby, he sings a folk song. Grandma expresses thoughts in sayings and rhymes. Grandfather sings ditties under the accordion, and his father, bard songs, accompanying himself on the guitar.

In childhood are laid the concept of "good" and "bad". That is possible, what is not that taboo.

The little man soaks up the surrounding sounds. Learning to react to the outside world. Exactly how the rooster crows, said the cat. In different Nations, these animals make different sounds.

Children ask a lot of questions. So they fill their "intellectual Bank", which then will have to walk the path of life. They love to guess my mother's riddles about birds and animals and make up your own.

Traits in birds in folklore

In the tales of each animal is attributed certain traits. This is no accident. People were watching them, before giving a name.

If we look only to the world of birds, you can see the rich tapestry of vivid characters:

  • Eagle – proud.
  • Kite – ill.
  • Falcon – valiant.
  • Swan is correct.
  • Chicken – caring mother.
  • The cuckoo a bad mother.
  • Goose – silly.
  • Crow – wise.
  • Owl – wise.
  • Stork – like children.
  • Woodpecker – treats trees.
  • The vulture unscrupulous, vile.
  • Forty – curious girl and very chatty.
  • Parrot does not have an opinion.
  • The Nightingale singer.
  • Turkey – inflated and important.
  • Ostrich – hiding from problems.
  • Peacock, a self – styled handsome.

This list goes on. But how to explain these concepts? There is a mystery about a bird for kids. They understand the characteristic behavior of a representative bird species. The mystery of the same attributes feathered traits of people.

The poultry yard

Riddles about poultry composed people who are close to watched them in my life. In the chicken yard, going sometimes a few of their species and breeds.

The rooster announces the coming of a new day. Fishermen go fishing in the morning. Go chickens, hatch chickens. Them geese, smooth system. Turkey does not pass, it is bypassed.

He's a bit light to get used to.

All will Wake him up screaming.

It is very important to fisherman

Riddles about birds for children: about migratory birds, about pet birds

Hen with Chicks

First sat in a basket,

Heat warming the children.

Then led him down the path,

Looking for a fatter worm.

Important gait walks,

No one notices.

The beak in the coral with him.

It is necessary to bypass it.

He with his wife in the morning

Come out to graze.

And jib guys

These birds kid show in the summer on the walk. You can feed them, calling: "Chick-chick-chick", "Tag tag". In the winter, reading fairy tales and riddles about pet birds, this walk will be especially expensive.

At the zoo

In the zoo pond, live swans. What a pleasure to feed them and tell your baby a fairy tale of Andersen "the Wild swans"! Or the tale of Mamin-Sibiryak "Grey neck". And then make him riddles about migratory birds.

He is fearless and eloquent.

In the winter it flies away

And in the spring flies back.

So her name is not in vain.

She says: "quack-Quack".

And when the ponds freeze,

Flies for sea.

The outlines of the Swan resemble the number "2".

On the pond swims sedately,

And behind it comes a wave.

This bird certainly

You will resemble the number "two."

In the zoo you can see a Heron. She has an interesting feature to stand on one leg.

In the swamp among girlfriends

On one leg stands.

For lunch eat frogs

And belly ache.


The forest has many sounds. You can hear the cuckoo, woodpecker, owl.

Someone in the woods yells "Ku-ku",

Who is on the tree knocking?

I knock, and keep quiet.

The owl is a nocturnal animal, it is not meet for a walk. But the mystery about the bird children will be informative.

Her eyes are large,

A day in the hollow it sits.

Night in the forest flies

And "-GU" is telling everyone.

Over the field flying swallows and Swifts. They nest under the eaves of houses and beautifully sitting on the wires. The swallow tail is narrow and strongly forked, and Swifts as herring. Swifts are larger, and the swallows sing beautifully.

Along the road, on poles,

On the elastic wires,

Like notes, sat birds

Music in heaven.

Beautiful tail fork,

Nest kids

Under the roof of a twist.

Urban birds have developed their tactics to feed themselves. They have a characteristic behavior that was the reason to write riddles about birds.

And say goodbye to the head.

And then your hair,

As a nest the birds.

He goes on the pavement,

We're going to feed the pigeons.

They took a piece

Brave guy... (Sparrow).

When the window winter is not over. But you can hang the feeder and watch as their meal guests. Pigeons on the small feeder steadily will not be able to get up and Tits and bullfinches fly.

The Tits you can just hang a piece of bacon on a string. They will eat it hanging upside down. How can you not tell the child about the mysteries of the birds!

On Rowan arrived

Red berries eaten

His tummy red,

I now could see.

Beak knocking on the window

In the yellow scarf... (tit).

The bird in the cage

Children always want to have a pet. The dog dare not every parent, but a bird can be agreed. To purchase a cage, a bird and surprise, making riddles about birds in rhyme.

Came to us from a bird boy.

This is a blue... (parrot).

The birds flew to us,

To Wake us in the morning.

Songs little family

Two lump blue with yellow,

In a cage by the window sit.

Then sing each other songs

Some friendship are silent.

Puzzles as teaching material

In working with children riddles about birds for preschoolers – a great didactic material, developing analysis and abstraction:

  1. Children are very well aware of the characters.
  2. Not distracted by emotional attachments (as in the case of dogs and cats).
  3. Speculate and draw conclusions without fear of the character (as in the case of bear, wolf, snake).

Games about birds:

  • Geese-swans.
  • Finger games.
  • Dance of the little ducklings.

  • The Fox and the crane.
  • Two cheerful goose.
  • Thumbelina.
  • The ugly duckling.

The dancers tell the tale, adding a plot about the mysteries of migratory birds. It's very interesting.

After the speech, the host asks the kids riddles about birds, and they respond in unison. Then the game tasks. This event will be remembered for a long time.

The benefits of training with a baby is obvious. To help him enter the world, find their place in it is the responsibility of parents. A simple, child-friendly language, in the form of a game going on the main training. The connection with mother nature, folklore will leave a mark in the heart of the baby and make it good.