The mentality of the people, its uniqueness, is expressed in language. How fully a person is familiar with his own language culture, he is so much a representative of this culture.

Folklore in education

Acquaintance with folklore is laid in early childhood. Mother, rocking the baby, sings a folk song to him. Grandmother expresses thoughts with sayings and jokes. Grandfather sings chastushki to the accordion, and his father - bardic songs, accompanying himself on the guitar.

In childhood, the concepts "good" and "bad" are laid. What can, what can not be that taboo.

A small man absorbs the sounds surrounding him. Learns to respond to the outside world. How exactly the cock screams, what does the cat say. In different nations these animals make different sounds.

Children ask a lot of questions. So they fill their "intellectual piggy bank", with which they will then go along the path of life. They like to guess mothers' riddles about birds and animals and compose their own.

Character traits in birds in folklore

In fairy tales, each animal is attributed certain character traits. This is no accident. The man watched them before giving this or that name.

If you only address the world of birds, you can see a rich palette of vivid characters:

  • The eagle is proud.
  • The kite is cruel.
  • The falcon is valiant.
  • The swan is true.
  • A hen is a caring mother.
  • Cuckoo is a bad mother.
  • The goose is stupid.
  • Raven is wise.
  • The owl is wise.
  • Stork - loves children.
  • Woodpecker - heals the trees.
  • Vulture - unscrupulous, mean.
  • Magpie - curious, thief and chatty.
  • A parrot does not have an opinion.
  • The Nightingale is a singer.
  • Turkey is inflated and important.
  • Ostrich - hiding from problems.
  • Peacock is a self-satisfied handsome man.

This list can be continued. But how to explain these concepts to a child? The mystery about the bird for children comes to the rescue. They understand the characteristic behavior of one of the representatives of the bird breed. The riddle, however, attributes feathered features inherent in people.

Poultry yard

Riddles about domestic birds were composed by people who closely watched them in their lives. Sometimes a few species and breeds are collected on the bird's yard.

The rooster informs of the coming of a new day. Fishermen go for morning fishing. Chickens come out, bringing out the chickens. Behind them is a geese, an even system. The turkey does not allow to pass, it is circumvented.

He used to get up a little light.

Everyone will be awakened by his cry.

A very important fisherman

Mysteries about birds for children: about migratory birds, about domestic birds

Chicken with chicken

First sat in a basket,

Warming warm children.

Then she led me along the path,

Looking for a worm fatter.

He steps with an important step,

Does not notice anyone.

He has a beak in corals.

It is necessary to bypass it.

He and his wife in the morning

Will go to nibble on the grass.

And the guys go in single file

These birds are easy for a child to show in the summer for a walk. They can be fed, calling: "Chicken-chick-chicken", "Tega-tag". In winter, reading fairy tales and riddles about domestic birds, these summer walks will become especially expensive.

In zoo

Swans live in the zoo on the pond. What a pleasure to feed them and tell your child the fairy tale of Andersen "Wild Swans"! Or a fairy tale by Mamin-Sibiryak "The Gray Neck." And then he should think of riddles about migratory birds.

He is fearless and winged.

For the winter he flies away,

And in the spring it flies back.

So her name is not in vain.

She says: "Krya-krya."

And when the ponds are frozen,

Flies over the seas.

The outlines of the swan resemble the figure "2".

By the pond floats gradually,

And behind it there is a wave.

This bird is sure to

You will be reminded by the figure "two".

In the zoo you can see the heron. She has an interesting feature to stand on one leg.

In the swamp among the girlfriends

On one foot stands.

For lunch, eat frogs

And my stomach does not hurt.


There are many sounds in the forest. You can hear a cuckoo, a woodpecker, an owl.

Who in the woods screams "Ku-ku"

Who knocks on the tree?

Knocked - and is silent.

The owl is a nocturnal animal, it is not to be found on a walk. But the mystery about the bird for children will be informative.

Her eyes are big,

She sits in the hollow day.

Night flies through the forest

And "y-gu" says everything to everyone.

Swallows and swifts fly over the field. They build nests under the roofs of houses and sit nicely on the wires. At swallows, the tail is narrow and strongly bifurcated, and in swifts like a herring. Swifts are larger, and swallows beautifully sing.

Along the road, on poles,

On elastic wires,

Like notes, birds sat down

Music in Heaven.

Beautiful tail with a fork,

Nest your kids

Under the roof of the conscience.

Urban birds have developed their own tactics to feed themselves. They have a characteristic behavior, which is the reason to compose puzzles about birds.

And say goodbye to your head.

And then your hair,

Like a bird's nest.

He walks on the pavement,

We will feed the pigeons.

They took a piece from them

A brave guy ... (a sparrow).

When it's winter outside, it's not up to the walks. But you can hang a feeder and watch how guests come to treat. Pigeons on a small feeder can not stand up steadily, and tits and bullfinches will fly.

Tits can simply hang a piece of fat on a string. They will peck him, hanging upside down. How can one not guess the child about the birds!

He flew to the mountain ash

Red berries ate

His tummy is red,

I saw it today.

Klyuvikom knocking at the window

In a yellow scarf ... (Tit).

Bird in a cage

Children always want to have a pet. Not every parent will dare to dog, but you can agree to a bird. Buy a cage, a bird and make a surprise, guessing riddles about birds in rhyme.

A bird boy came to us.

It's blue ... (parrot).

The birds have arrived to us,

To wake us up in the morning.

Songs of a small family

Two lumps, blue with yellow,

They sit in a cage by the window.

They sing songs to each other,

They do not say anything in a friendly way.

Riddles as didactic material

In working with children, puzzles about birds for preschoolers are a wonderful didactic material, developing analysis and abstraction:

  1. Children are well aware of the characters.
  2. Do not be distracted by emotional attachment (as in the case of dogs and cats).
  3. They argue and draw conclusions without fearing the character (as in the case of the bear, wolf, snake).

Game tasks about birds:

  • Swan geese.
  • Finger games.
  • Dance of little ducks.

  • Fox and the crane.
  • Two happy geese.
  • Thumbelina.
  • Ugly duck.

Artists tell a fairy tale, adding to the plot riddles about migratory birds. It is very interesting.

After the presentation, the presenter asks the children about the birds, and they answer in chorus. Then the game tasks. Such an event will be remembered for a long time.

The benefit of the lessons with the baby is obvious. To help him enter the world, to find his place in it is the duty of the parents. On a simple, understandable child language, in the form of a game is the main training. Communication with native nature, folklore will leave a trace in the heart of the baby and make it good.