Riddles for a child of 6 years is an integral variant of a fun home pastime, developing activities, games and elements of lessons. Therefore, a set of such puzzles for babies of the transitional stage of development is simply necessary. The article presents riddles for children 6 years old with answers. Some of them are in verse form, some in prose, about the most common phenomena and subjects.

Puzzles for a child of 6 years with answers

Riddles for children 6 years old about animals

Especially children like to solve riddles about animals and birds:

  • "They fly and squeak, they circle over the kiddies. If they sit down suddenly on their feet, they can scratch their feet "(mosquitoes).
  • "On the birch he sits and insistently knocks" (woodpecker).
  • "A spiny small animal, he knows everyone in the forest. But he has needles, and he is not afraid of a fox "(hedgehog).
  • "She's graceful and fluffy. He likes to sleep in the sun, look out the window and catch mice "(cat).
  • "She is always silent, does not like fishing rods and breathes gills" (fish).
  • "He is cheerful, fast, brave, guards the house skillfully. The tail wags frequently, if the ball rolls red "(dog).
  • "She is very fragile, with colored wings. It was a caterpillar for a long time, and now it flies over a raspberry "(butterfly).
  • "Give people a tasty honey, when they collect all the pollen" (bee).
  • "He loves to graze on the meadow, chew the grass and share milk" (cow).
  • "Striped predatory cat, he lives in the zoo" (tiger).
  • "In the village he wakes all the sun before, he is among the chickens - the king, and among the chickens - the elder" (cock).

Riddles for children of 6 years are short statements, in which one can fit a whole story about an object. It is important that for the child they have elements of magic, fiction, fairy tales. Then the guessing process will pass with special enthusiasm.

Riddles about fruit for children 6 years old

Another category of puzzles that children like:

  • "Long, yellow, sweet fruit, for monkeys - best friend" (banana).
  • "Round, like a fist, has a sweet drum" (apple).
  • "Yellow, sour, with a cold is fast" (lemon).
  • "Round, like the sun, an orange ball. Children find under the Christmas tree now "(orange).
  • "Red earrings in a dumpling pour a spoon" (cherries).
  • "Like a doll-tumbler, sweet, honey" (pear).
  • "Growing on the stalk of a bunch of sweet and sour circles" (grapes).
  • "In a thick red skin sit berry berry" (pomegranate).
  • "Little brother of orange" (mandarin).

Riddles for kids about the winter

Riddles for children of 6 years about the winter cover all manifestations of this time of year: weather, New Year, fairy-tale characters, etc.:

  • "It is covered with snow all around, because the frost is her best friend" (winter).
  • "Ride the hill, go for the dad will help such a coach for the guys" (sled).
  • "Draws without brushes and paints on the windows of beautiful fairy tales" (frost).
  • "Beautiful, until you touch it with your finger. With a beautiful pattern, until it turns into water "(snowflake).
  • "His arrival the children are waiting for, otherwise they will not be carried on the sled" (snow).
  • "Good old man who comes with gifts to obedient children" (Father Frost).
  • "The faithful companion of Santa Claus" (Snow Maiden).
  • "The bag with gifts brought an old, kind. " (Santa Claus).
  • "Tiny ice floes milled a street and a house" (snowflakes, snow).
  • "It flies on my head, it cracks under my feet" (snow).
  • "His nose is tweezed, his cheeks are twitching, he is severely shaving his hands" (frost).
  • "He calls the kids to skate, and my dad - to go fishing" (ice).
  • "What is the crust covered with a river, like a hard board?" (Ice).
  • "Nose-carrot, coals-eyes, it comes to life only in a fairy tale" (Snowman).
  • "Grandfather puts gifts under the tree. What a feast. " (New Year).
  • "He will give anything if his mother and father listen. And the chocolates will be filled, if your verse is the best "(Santa Claus).

Riddles about things

You can solve with children and riddles about ordinary household things:

  • "All the specks in the house are afraid of him, because he is happy to clean them" (broom).
  • "A miracle is wonderful, it will show all the movies" (TV).
  • "Big cupboard. Mom loves him very much, because he helps her to wash "(washing machine).
  • "Like a star, it illuminates an apartment in a dark night" (light bulb).
  • "I'm put under the mouse and adults, and children" (thermometer).
  • "Two round transparent twin that help grandmother read" (glasses).
  • "The sound is piercing and sharp it publishes honestly in the morning" (alarm clock).
  • "Where does winter live in an apartment all year round?" (Refrigerator).
  • "She is big, soft, I like to sleep in it. And if suddenly nobody sees, then with friends jumping "(bed).
  • "A house filled with water. There the fish feel peace "(aquarium).
  • "As soon as someone wants to talk, this device always rings" (phone).

Mysteries about people and profession

To study the professions such puzzles will be useful:

  • "He knows all the roads he has in the area, he will bring a grandmother and a friend" (driver, taxi driver).
  • "And at night, and in the daytime he fights with fire" (fireman).
  • "A man who can fly not only in a dream" (pilot).
  • "From under his hands grow houses" (builder).
  • "The most gay circus, with a red nose act dodger" (clown).
  • "Bold, strong and stern, he follows the order of the courtyard" (policeman).
  • "He is not afraid of injections, he knows everything about vitamins, wears a white coat" (doctor).
  • "Children will be told about the globe, about Africa, assessments will be put and the work will go again with joy" (teacher).
  • "He sorts out sausages, sells bread and cheese with a stock. For all this money asked and the apron often wears "(the seller).
  • "The most native person who escorts in the morning to school and kisses for the night" (Mom).
  • "The good will give advice, teach you to catch a carp, only the wisest man, only our beloved. "(Dad).

Riddles for a child of 6 years will help master the basic concepts that relate to the world of people's professions. In such an unobtrusive game form, you can tell your child about the intricacies and differences in the professions and working life of a person as a whole.

Mysteries for children about sweets and other food

The most "tasty" and favorite in children riddles:

  • "The wrap is wrapped, sweet very. Rastaet in the hands, if you do not eat fast "(chocolate).
  • "Fragrant, warm, soft, the main one for all food" (bread).
  • "It makes us all cry this vegetable from our garden" (onions).
  • "They find him underground, bake him and fry. On all tables he is a frequent visitor, when in a uniform they will cook "(potatoes).
  • "Without this white snow, neither tea is tasty, nor pie" (sugar).
  • "On a leg and in a glass, girls and boys like summer" (ice cream).
  • "It can become once a chicken, if not broken into a frying pan" (egg).
  • "White as snow. Flows, but not water "(milk).
  • "Sweet, beautiful, on holidays irreplaceable. There is fruit, and creamy, and chocolate, and even with a candle in the center for the birthday "(cake).
  • "He was picked up by bees in a beehive, and a man put in a jar" (honey).
  • "It can be a simple broth, can - buckwheat or rassolnikom" (soup).
  • "Sunbathe in a skillet circles, wait until they are oiled with oil and jam will be poured" (pancakes).
  • "From apricots, from cherries and even from roses. Grandma will cook to eat it in the cold "(jam).
  • "The long legs hang from the fork" (pasta).
  • "The younger, the greener. The older - the yellower "(cucumber).
  • "They can not spoil the porridge, even if you put more than one spoonful" (butter).
  • "In a beautiful rustling wrap, put these sweets often under a tree" (candy).

Than useful riddles?

Riddles for a child of 6 years are invaluable for his mental development. They allow not only to diversify leisure time with the baby, but also to spend this time with benefit for his cognitive abilities.

The fact is that the solution of the riddle activates the child's processes of remembering, comparing, comparing the facts known to him, establishing a connection between them, which ultimately develops abstract and logical thinking. For a child of 6 years old, who just went or is going to school, this is of great importance. Because there he will have to deal with this information.

Riddles help to train memory, attention, speed and flexibility of thinking, learn facts about phenomena and objects of the surrounding world, develop speech and replenish vocabulary. In addition, if you conduct group sessions or games, riddles for a child of 6 years will also be an opportunity to learn how to communicate with peers and interact in a group.