The legacy of Russian Orthodoxy is very great. A huge number of churches and churches, which gave Russia history, today are undergoing a new stage of their "life" - restoration and return to the fold of the Orthodox faith. The Moscow Zachatyevsky Monastery is no exception. A great orthodox relic is a worthy decoration of the capital and a place where believers can always talk to God, ask Him for the most intimate.

Zachatevsky Monastery

The location of the nunnery

Today, a lot of people visit Zachatievsky Monastery. How to get there, knows every second. The monastery is located in Khamovniki, near the Moskva River, at 2 Zachatyevsky Lane, 2. The nearest metro station is Park Kultury. Further you can reach the monastery by trolleybus No. 31, stop - Ul. Dmitrievsky.

The picturesque place by the pond is a kind of a halo of the Russian shrine, which pleases its humanity with extraordinary beauty from the 1360s. Ancient Zachatievsky stauropegial nunnery, preserved to this day, recalls how important the spirit and faith of people, carried through the ages, despite the various difficulties and adversities.

Historical past

Thanks to the efforts of the Moscow Metropolitan Alexy, Zachatievsky Monastery was erected. At the request of the sisters who served him, the matter shifted from the place in 1360. This institution is the very first female monastery of exemplary order, which was erected in Russia. Zachatievsky monastery has always been famous for the strict observance of the Orthodox canons and the piety of nuns and nuns. Many residents of the capital called it the Old Believers, this name is kept for him until today.

Since the first building was built of wooden beams, it could not survive a large fire in 1547. Most of the Orthodox monastery burnt to the ground. Ivan the Terrible, the sovereign at that time, allocated additional land for the construction of the new church, but the parish minister did not abandon his good deed and gradually worked on the restoration of the buildings. Only in 1584 the monastery from the surviving community will again grow into the revered church thanks to the financial assistance of the sovereign, Fyodor Ioannovich, whose wife Irina Godunova suffered infertility. In the hope for the birth of the heir, the couple will finance the structure of the main architectural elements that filled the territory of the monastery.

A good deed in the form of a built temple gave its result: after the consecration of the icon of the Mother of God, the holy abode granted Irina Godunova a daughter. Therefore today it is called Zachatievsky Monastery.

A very pious institution attracted the attention of representatives of a noble family who, by virtue of their faith, renounced worldly goods and served God. In the monastery, a female shelter for orphaned girls was formed, which, growing up in the abodes of the church, continued to serve him, even after reaching adulthood. Strictness and order always reigned in the walls of the Orthodox institution, which were the lot of intelligent rulers of Juliana and Eupraxia.

In 1612, the holy monastery of the monastery suffered from Polish invasions, and in 1812 - from the invasion of French troops.

Architectural Orthodox tandem

By the beginning of the revolution in 1917, the Conception of Zachatiev had four churches:

  1. The Cathedral Of The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin. Built in 1807 architects Kazakov M. M. and M. F. Kazakov Style buildings reminiscent of the Baroque. Pinnacles, spires tents, ogival testified about the romantic architectural mood creators.
  2. Temple of the icon of the Mother of God "Burning Bush". It was built in 1706. At the base of the temple are the graves of the founders of the nunnery - the sisters of St. Alexius of Juliana and Eupraxia.
  3. Temple of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. Built in the years 1844-1850. architect MD Bykovsky.
  4. Gate Church of the Savior Not Made by Hands. It was built in 1696 by Andrei Rimsky-Korsakov, one of the most devoted nobles of Peter the Great. This temple was and remains to this day baptismal and wedding.

During the revolution, the bell tower was destroyed, the women's monastery itself was closed, the parish was dissolved.

To date, surviving, but largely modified its original appearance are the Gateway Church of the Savior Not Made by Hands, the Temple of Conception of the Holy Righteous Anna and built after 1927 construction. On the site of the destroyed churches there was built a school and a building to house homeless children. The Orthodox Zachatievsky Convent was used by the Soviets as a labor colony.

Revival and restoration of the monastery

Only in 1993 Zachatievsky monastery in Moscow will return to its original destiny - the Christian initiative. The remaining buildings today are more like residential buildings, but nevertheless preserved many architectural tiles of ancient times. During the years of restoration, a new refectory of the monastery and the cathedral were erected.

The monastery was restored thanks to the donations of the parishioners. Today, this ancient relic is one of the most revered Orthodox Christians, who tirelessly contain in order such an expensive legacy of their ancestors.

In the basement of the newly erected cathedral, a museum dedicated to the history of the structure of the convent is planned. It is here that the most ancient remains of the buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries, found during excavations, will be exhibited.

Christian relics kept in the monastery

The main relics that the Zachatyevsky Monastery stores in Moscow are the relics of nuns of Juliana and Eupraxia, as well as the "Merciful" miraculous icon of the Mother of God. It was she who prayed to Godunov and as a result was endowed with the happiness of motherhood.

Ancient icons in Zachatyevsky Monastery create a favorable spiritual atmosphere, which sets a happy life.

The modern purpose of the Convent of Zachatiev

At present, the nunnery is the abode of the revival of ancient monastic life styles. Since 1995, the women's monastic parish has been opened and is now operating.

Miracles taking place in the monastery

The most important miracles that happen in the women's convent of Zachatiev are the deliverance from infertility of many married couples who applied for help specifically to the shrines of this monastery. Also, very many believers were convinced of the healing properties of the relics in relation not only to procreation, but also getting rid of many other ailments.

The basis of miracles of healing, of course, is a strong faith in the help of God and all his holy faces. The famous Zachatievsky Women's Monastery continues to surprise many people with miracles today.

Schedule of services in the monastery

Today, the convent performs its most important function, being a measure of the Orthodox faith in contemporary society. Finally, after years of exploitation by appointment divine abode, returned to the Christian parish that is to the benefit of the people.

On the territory of the Conception of the Monastery, worship services are held daily, in each separate church at the same time: morning - from eight, evening - from five hours. Every believer can become one of the worshipers.

During its existence Zachatyevsky Women's Monastery has made more than one woman happy to become a mother in spite of all difficulties.