How to choose a name that would bring happiness to the child? A similar question is asked by many parents, waiting for the birth of the baby. Of course, the task is not an easy one, but there is still a solution. First of all, before you choose a name, that is, stop at the final version, you should say it aloud in combination with the surname and patronymic, because it is very important that they harmonize with each other. In addition, it is necessary to consult the interpreter of the names and find out what fate awaits the bearer of the chosen name, for it is not for nothing that they say that "as a ship you will call, so it will float." Let's try to figure out what the name Jura means.

Yura: the meaning of the name, character

Meaning and origin

According to the linguists, the name Yuri came from the Greek name Georgi, meaning "farmer", "cultivating the land." For a long time, the name George was used only as a baptismal, while Yuri was his secular form, and only after 1917 they, like many others, gained independent documentary status. It should also be noted that the name of Jura in the XVII-XIX centuries was met only among representatives of educated classes.


Little Yura, the meaning of whose name is sure to interest his parents, grows calm, serious boy. And these character traits will be inherent to him in the future. Decency, prudence of the child attract the attention of others. Special hassle will not be with him. The boy treats his parents respectfully, feeling like a child with him all his life.

Yura, the meaning of whose name influenced his character, does not like big companies of children, he is more focused on his inner world. Some consider it phlegmatic, but it's not so, just a boy philosophically refers to life and his place in this world. The name of Jura, as a rule, belongs to a dreamy and very kind child. The boy adores looking at the clouds, the current river, the movement of the leaves on the trees. He adores animals, can pick up a homeless mongrel and selflessly take care of her.

School years

What else distinguishes the boy, called the melodic, slightly feminine name of Yura? The meaning of the name from the very childhood determines the nature of the child. Special zeal for learning from Yura is not observed, but his characteristic perseverance and hard work will help him achieve a lot. Often Yuri is well developed physically. The boy will be happy to visit the section of football, martial arts or swimming.

What kind of health does a boy named Yura have? The meaning of the name also left its imprint here. All childhood illnesses will pass, however, parents should pay more attention to the boy's vision. Yuri likes to read, and often does it without sufficient lighting, so he can ruin his eyes.

Adult Jura: character

The main features of Yuri are formed in childhood, later his character does not change much. He is very sociable, friends like him for his discretion and a wonderful sense of humor. If Yuri quarrels with someone, he prefers verbal attacks, turns to physical violence extremely rarely, no matter how unpleasant the interlocutor is. However, this does not mean that he can not stand up for himself. Yuri is well developed physically, he is brave, stubborn, temperamental, but he can restrain his emotions.

Yuri likes and can work. Colleagues often consider him a lucky one, but this is not true. He achieves his goal through hard work and well-developed intuition. This character trait helps him solve many problems. Yura - an excellent worker, often achieves good success in his career, although he does not possess leadership qualities. A guy can become an excellent specialist in various fields, but most often he chooses working professions related to technology: a tractor driver, a mechanic, a mechanic, etc.

Love and family

Yuri is not deprived of women's attention. Natural artistry guy has to him the opposite sex, so next to him always turns some pretty woman. However, in a couple Yuri often takes a passive position, so the girl has to take the initiative in their own hands. Yuri, as a rule, monogamous. The man is very high-minded, condemns indiscriminate connections. Of course, he appreciates feminine beauty, can even flirt, but the family for him is always in the first place.

Yuri marries late, because he chooses a suitable candidate for himself for a long time, he would rather live alone than next to an unloved woman. Preference is given to the independent, held by the ladies. Yuri is an excellent family man. All the men's work in the house will necessarily be on it. If repair is needed, Yuri will do it with his own hands and in a record short time. The financial situation in Yura's family is also on top, he will never allow his loved ones to need anything. He loves his children very much, but he will have a special affection for his grandchildren.

Astrological characteristics

  • The planet-patron is Jupiter.
  • Sign of the zodiac - Sagittarius.
  • The stone-talisman is an emerald.
  • The happy color of the name is sky blue, emerald.
  • The plant is a lily of the valley, poplar.
  • A totemic animal is a white bull.

Name Compatibility

For marriage, Yuri is best suited by Angela, Daria, Antonina, Galina, Larissa, Love, Zinaida, Lydia, Olga, Natalia, Raisa, Polina, Tamara, Svetlana, Sophia.

Relations with Veronica, Tatyana, Alla, Elizabeth, Marina, Julia, Karina, Christina, Maria, Alevtina will not be strong enough.