Recently, Wilo products have increasingly become a component of heating systems. The circulation pump of this company is able to increase the heating efficiency by increasing the power of the coolant in a closed cycle. Due to the fact that such devices must be located in permanent operation mode, strict requirements are imposed on the choice of a particular model. They can be satisfied by choosing a Wilo pump; its specifications are complemented by operational features.

This equipment originates in a company founded in 1872. It was then that the founder of the company opened the manufactory. She produced consumer goods from steel and copper. The first circulation pump was released in 1929. Then the son of the founder was engaged in its development, he also took up the re-profiling of production for the manufacture of household mechanisms. Today, the company's products have an impeccable reputation. She managed to achieve many years of work and the desire to create innovative new products.

Area of ​​use of the pumps "Vaylo"

Wilo (circulation pump): technical specifications and applications

Wilo - circulation pump, which is popular due to the ability to use this equipment in many areas. Devices can become part of:

  • industrial circulation systems;
  • water heating systems;
  • air conditioning systems;
  • cold water systems.

The described units have a successful operating experience, they have been tested by time, therefore they are widely used in the conditions of modern substations. The most popular of the range of nomenclature can be considered pumps WILO Star and WILO TOP.

Uses and main features of “Wilo Star”

Wilo - circulation pump, which is available for sale in a variety of WILO Star. This equipment has a wet rotor and a threaded joint, which is used in water heating systems and underfloor heating. This equipment is also used in industrial circulation installations, in air-conditioning systems, as well as cold water supply systems.

Specifications "Vaylo Star"

Wilo - circulation pump, which you can find on sale under the label Star RS. In this case, we are talking about equipment with IP.44 protection class. The maximum working pressure is 10 bar. Before purchasing equipment, it is important to consider that the head in the intake pipe should be minimal.

Areas of use and features of the pump WILO TOP

The Wilo Top circulation pump is used for pumping water in DHW and heating systems, as well as in closed industrial and systems that are designed for pumping drinking water. In the latter case, it is a TOP-Z model. When choosing a feature of the pumped medium, it is necessary to take into account, which is especially the case when the pump, or rather its internal parts, will have to be in contact with drinking water.

Depending on the diameter, the equipment has a flange or threaded connection. Instruments can be used for pumping:

  • water for food production;
  • regular drinking water;
  • technical water for the heating system;
  • water-glycol mixture and water, in this case, the ratio of one to one.

This Wilo circulator is characterized by its built-in motor protection and is resistant to blocking currents. All this prolongs the term of exploitation. There is also a heat-insulating casing in the device. The unit has three rotation speeds and does not imply the need for maintenance.

Technical characteristics of WILO Star RS

The above equipment can be used at an ambient temperature ranging from 0 to +40 ° C. The surface temperature of the pump during operation should not be higher than +160 ° C. The device meets the degree of protection IP 44. To determine the maximum working pressure, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the table that comes with the design.

Technical characteristics of the pump Wilo-Star-RS 25/4

The Wilo 25 circulation pump has a motor located horizontally. The terminal box can be set to 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours. When buying a terminal box is in the factory position. The advantage of the equipment is the motor, which is resistant to blocking currents.

The unit works at the expense of a two-pole single-phase motor with a built-in capacitor. The pump is intended for industrial circulation systems, heating systems, air conditioning and cold water supply. The circulation pulser Wilo Star can be used for installation with a horizontal arrangement of a shaft. Wiring is simplified; this is guaranteed by a removable cable gland in the terminal box. The control is carried out manually, the frequency of rotation of the steps can correspond to one of three positions.

At the base of the pump casing is gray cast iron, the shaft is made of stainless steel, while the impeller is made of synthetic material. Bearings are made of metal graphite. The circulating pump Wilo Star RS comes complete with operating and installation instructions, seals and the pumping equipment itself.

Technical features

Wilo circulating pumps for heating can significantly increase the heat transfer of water and the efficiency of a heating system. Connection allows to use highways with smaller section. The results are:

  • reduced fuel consumption;
  • savings without loss of quality of work;
  • reducing emissions of harmful gas.

The design of the equipment was created for continuous operation. This indicates that each element is highly reliable. Manufacturers have taken care of saving electricity. Per day the unit will consume 250 watts. When working devices do not produce noise, because inside there is no fan.

Wilo circulating pumps for heating are available in two varieties - with a dry and a wet rotor. The latter are used in the arrangement of heating systems in rooms with a small area. The engines in them during operation are cooled with water, which is pumped over by the equipment. This allows you to get an extra plus, expressed in the absence of noise.

Models differ not only in power, but also in the volume of pumped water. The weakest are able to increase the efficiency of the system at 200 m 2. If we are talking about powerful devices, then they are intended for heating areas of 1000 m 2. Both have a compact size and a simplified design. However, the main technical characteristics is the head height. The manufacturer claims that only such circulation pumps are capable of creating an 8th height, while the maximum possible flow rate is 5 m / h.

Installation Features

Before installation, remove the insulation. Installation is carried out after completion of the flushing of the system, its soldering and welding of pipelines, this is due to the fact that dirt can disrupt the operation of the equipment. The pump should be located in an accessible place that will facilitate the subsequent control and its replacement. It is important to install shut-off valves in front of or behind the equipment. This will prevent water from draining out of the system and refilling when replacing equipment.


Wilo RS circulation pumps have working mechanisms made of materials resistant to corrosion. Automation can control the operation of the system. The equipment has a built-in thermostat, while all functions can be seen on the LCD display. But the user has the ability to manually switch, which allows you to monitor the rotation of the working shaft.