In the hands of a caring grower ordinary ficus can acquire the most various kind. With the help of simple adaptations you can make the shape of a ball, Bush, tree, drops, or any other. But this at least will take patience, creativity and specific knowledge about how to grow a ficus benjamina. The formation of the crown of the plant may take several years, during which time the grower will require patient care and attention to the pet.

Grown ficus Benjamin

What you need to know as a new grower?

Before you take the scissors and cut half of the branches of the trees, become familiar with some basic rules:

  1. Not to cut shoots at any time convenient for you. You should refer to the favourable period for growth and development of new laterals. The end of February – beginning of March will be suitable for this goal the most.
  2. Use only sharp, sterile tools. Fit a box cutter, nail clippers or small pruning shears. Blade, before you need to disinfect so as not to infect the plant pathogenic organisms.
  3. If the cut stem has a thickness more than 2 mm, the cut should be sprinkled with a powder of activated charcoal or garden pitch, so as not to Deplete the ficus Benjamin, forming the crown which will require a lot of effort to restore.
  4. Place slices of the small branches will be delayed independently. Speaking of the milky juice to wipe.
  5. Cut the shoots almost to the base, taking care not to let the main trunk stumps. They not only look unsightly, but contribute to the reproduction of fungal spores. Small stems on the side branches are cut just above the kidney at right angles.

How to grow a lush bush?

To turn into a Bush ficus Benjamin, forming the crown in the home is carried out by way of pridobivanje. That is, the upper part of the stem is removed, thereby activating the growth of side shoots. The kidneys are divided into two types: axillary (grow from the lateral sinus) and apical (responsible for the growth of a plant up). Apical buds get more power for development, so ficus is growing up faster than in the side. When the upper part of the plant is removed and stops the development of the apical buds, the lateral Wake. If topping the tops to do in the dormant period (autumn or winter season), you can Wake up, not all kidneys. Get a one-sided hive. Better in the early spring to trim the ficus Benjamin, forming the crown is in this case symmetric.

Ficus benjamina: the formation of the crown and trunk

To give a decorative appearance can not only foliage, but the trunk. Due to its flexibility, will make for a beautiful braided design. If the pot is only one sprout, then braid it will not work. You need to wait until he let the side shoots. Or just put a few germ in a circle or in a line. The height and age of the branches should be roughly equal. Otherwise, the weaker the branches will wither, that the strong will to oppress them. Begin braiding the trunk is possible only when trees reach 20-30 cm in height. At this time doing the first round of the braid and lock it by the cord.

Over time, the weave will need to be updated, so that the thickness of the branches will gradually increase. If the lace is hard to pin down the barrel, then it will make a milky juice. This should not be allowed. If the pot only two trunks, they intertwine. It turns a beautiful spiral.

Another option: merging of the trunks between them. Planted in a row or a circle tree, you can splice in a hedge. For this you need to damage the bark at the same height from two near growing plants and tightly tie them to this place together.

How to direct the branches in the right direction?

If you are growing a young ficus Benjamin, forming the crown will require not only the timely removal of the apical buds, but pruning lateral shoots. Sometimes that pruning is strongly bares the crown of the tree, then it should be abandoned. It is easier to direct the branch in the desired direction. For this purpose, suitable stiff wire. It is wrapped around the protruding bone and arch it in the right direction. If the inside of the crown branch of the ugly hybridize with each other, they can be straighten using a wooden spacer.

Benjamin Ficus: the formation of the crown in the form of a ball

To give a rounded view as standard sapling and Bush. For this young plant, give time to its branches had grown and increased the green mass. At the age of two years the tops begin to pinch back once a month, causing growth of lateral branches. Do it in the warmer time of the year to crown formed evenly. It is necessary to conduct regular feeding. A year later the foliage of the ficus tree will be lush, it can be cut in the form of a sphere. Particularly impressive this form looks on the trunk. But you should know that as circumcision of young shoots and growth of lateral leaves will start to become smaller. This cannot be avoided, applying the topping and pruning.

How to make a ficus tree-trunk

A stem is a tree with a bare trunk and a lush crown. To grow such an instance, do the following:

  • buy or land a single shoot in the center of the pot;
  • as it all growth of the lower branches are pruned with a sharp knife
  • on the one-year-old plant should be five upper shoots;
  • further, the plant is grown to the desired height
  • when ficus benjamina (the formation of the crown, pruning and topping which are held in the spring) will grow to the desired height, it start to cut
  • it is better to tie a support to a thin stem, since the young specimen can bend until it is stronger;
  • the lower side branches will have to be trimmed constantly to get the desired result.

If you plan to grow shtamb with several levels, then you need to form a central escape. It will be the basis for growing a healthy tree.

Sanitary removal of dead wood

During growth on ficus appear weak or diseased branches. They eventually shrink and give the appearance of carelessness. In addition, they pull from wood strength, and are ideal for the development of pathogenic microorganisms. They are removed regardless of the time of year. Dry part cut off with scissors, the region can no processing.

How to rejuvenate an adult copy?

Beautiful big tree have dropped their leaves and withered? Do not rush to throw it away. Understand the causes of such behavior. If the reason is a prolonged dry period or low temperatures, the tree can be saved. You need to provide him with the optimum temperature and good conditions. All the withered branches to be cut off at the root. Or remove all shoots below in its place rose the young. The plant will be able to recover due to the developed root system. However, this method will not work, if initially damaged roots. And because of their illness the leaves fell.

For experiments it is better to choose a young ficus Benjamin. The formation of the crown (photo below) adult specimens carried out more difficult. They are not as rapidly increasing the green mass. That twisting thick trunks, or to mend their speech cannot be.

The aesthetic appearance of ficus need to start to give from the date of purchase. For forming you should always use clean disinfected tools. And the leaves grew rapidly and pleasing to the eye, ficus need to provide good conditions for growth and development.