Sometimes it's hard to understand the desire of women to constantly change something in their appearance, but the fact remains: the winner direct from nature hair passionately dream of curly hair, and curly girls all by hook or by crook aspire to those same curls to straighten, so much so that the effect remains forever. The benefit of a modern beauty industry can fulfil both desires.

So what are the types of hair straightening for a long time currently exist?Hair straightening for a long time: the basic methods

Modern barbers use three main methods: chemical, Japanese and keratin-based. In no case can not be used on their own, and definitely worth doing this procedure in the salon. There are also some folk remedies, which give a shorter result, but they can be applied at home. But first you need to consider professional techniques.

Hair straightening for a long time: chemical method

Briefly describe its essence, it is perming, but with the opposite effect. The process is this: the strands across the length of the applied chemical composition, then it is processed by a special locking mechanism, and the end — conditioning.

As active substances used sodium hydroxide or ammonium thioglycolate. The first acts more rigidly, but the result will remain up to four months, the other — softer against the hair, but the effect is less prolonged. But in the first and in the second case, the substance penetrates into the hair shaft, completely changes its structure, increases the volume. And strands become silky. This procedure thickens and weights each volosiny, bringing under its own weight, each rectified.This method is quite aggressive, but why not make beauty for the sake of. Although you should know about undesirable consequences in advance: it is dryness, brittleness and further thinning of each hair.

The price of this procedure in the cabin ranges from 4,000 to 6,000 rubles.

Fortunately, there are more gentle chemical methods of how to do hair straightening for a long time. Among them are the following.

Japanese technique

The secret lies in the miraculous drug cysteamine. It penetrates much further than the aforementioned substances, namely the very molecular structure of keratins. That is, unlike the previous method where the curls are straightened forcibly, cysteamine at the molecular level makes them how they might want to straighten up. In the end, no side effects, but on the contrary, the appearance is significantly improved, since cysteamine rich in proteins.

The procedure is as follows: into strands to apply the composition with the notorious cysteamine, he then thoroughly washed off. Now processed hair ready for further manipulation. It all depends on the thoroughness and accuracy of the wizard. It needs to take strand by strand, pulling their maximum. After exposure, the result can not fail to please even very curly hair will be completely flat.

It turns out, this hair straightening for a long time which is perfect, because no harm, and the result will be fixed for half a year. During this time the procedure may be performed on the regrown roots. Plus, unlike other chemical methods, after the Japanese methods of no contraindications about hair coloring. But you have to have from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles, going to the salon.

Straighten hair permanently with keratin

This method is quite clear and simple. Often, this procedure is done not so much for straightening, how to make your hair healthy and well-groomed appearance, and especially to restore split ends.

The fact that our hair is mainly composed of natural keratin is a complex protein that contains amino acids. Its concentration ranges from 85% to 95%. Keratin, responsible for elasticity, smoothness and integrity of the hair. But poor nutrition and stress, frequent chemical perms and coloring dyes containing ammonia, hair loses this protein and become fragile, brittle, thin and dry. Also they lose weight and begin to curl.

The procedure keratin straightening whereas the lack of this component, filling all the voids and damaged the edge of the cuticle. Hair scales begin again fit snugly to one another, causing strands to become smooth and straight.

The most popular to date, two types of keratin straightening: Brazilian and American. They differ in chemical composition, which is applied to the hair, and the procedure for the same. In General, the service will have to pay from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles, depending on length.

Brazilian way

In addition to the main component is the protein keratin, straightening comprises formaldehyde. This substance is quite toxic, has a negative impact on the respiratory system and skin. In the process of straightening it evaporates. In fairness I must say that in the Brazilian part of his just a fraction, but the fact remains.

The American way

Technologists from the United States created the chemical composition without toxic formaldehyde, which yields impeccable hair straightening for a long time. The price is naturally higher, but if we talk about health, it is better not to save.

Stages of keratin straightening

First, the hair is cleaned from dirt, grease and styling products. Then along the entire length except the roots, apply a straightening composition, which is dried with a hair dryer. Then the master hot pad leveled every little strand. Keratin, like any protein, tend to collapse from exposure to hot temperature. Now like the keratin sealed in the hair. That was the goal of the process.

And how long does keratin hair straightening keep the result? On average from 2 to 4 months.

Folk remedies

Is it possible to make hair straightening for a long time at home? Here popular recipes are useful, where the active ingredient is natural ingredients. Here are a few of them:

  • The strands along the entire length to apply a hot mask from colorless henna Iranian. If the hair is healthy, it can keep whole night (8 hours). But if the ends and the hair dry, not over 3 hours. Then the mask is washed off thoroughly.
  • It is necessary to cover each strand with heated hair oil (castor, burdock or olive), put on a plastic cap or roll the head with a towel, and wash off after 1 hour.
  • Using a cotton swab, apply apple cider vinegar, leave for half an hour, then rinse. But this is only suitable for normal and greasy hair. For dry mask can not be used.

True, to make hair straightening for a long time at home is almost impossible. The effect of the use of such masks is kept maximum until the next shampooing.

Of course, there is a simple and affordable alternative to salon hair straightening. This is an iron. He quickly leveled off the disobedient strands, and using it is easier than ever.

Which way is better

What say those who have already tried on her hair straightening for a long time? The testimonials say in favor of the Japanese method. Unlike keratin straightening, which lasts from 2 to 4 months, this method is more durable than 2 times. If to speak about the harm to the body, no negative effects is neither Japanese nor American keratin method. Of course, all significantly also depends on the professionalism of the master.

But in general, the Japanese method is the undisputed leader in terms of safety and performance.