A large amount of time a child is in school. An important task for parents is to choose the right clothes for children. It should be comfortable, not constraining the movement, warm, but not hot.

Who, if not the girl's parents, wants their "princess" to be dressed not only neatly, but also stylishly. Most educational institutions strictly follow that a certain dress code is observed. And if in the choice of the school uniform there are strict rules and preferences in models and color, then when buying blouses for girls for the school there are no strict requirements and restrictions.

Product selection

What should be the blouses for girls in school? Smart - will be the answer of any little fashionista. In reality, comfort is placed at the forefront, then durability comes, and in the third, but not the last, place is the appearance.

An important role in the purchase is played by the fabric composition. Do not give preference to products with a high content of synthetics. They are cheaper, but they are harmful to health, not allowing the skin to breathe.

Another important criterion is the quality of the seams. Blouses for girls for school should have soft seams. To check whether they will rub the delicate skin of the baby, it is quite simple: you need to attach the product with the wrong side to the face.

The fabric of the shirt should be strong. Pulling the edge of the product and seeing that it deforms, we can say about not very reliable quality. It's better to put such a thing aside.

Who produces the best quality products?

An important role in product quality is influenced by the producing country.

By giving preference to well-known clothing brands for children, you can be sure of its quality. But the choice of these manufacturers has its drawback - often an unreasonably inflated price. The buyer pays money not only for quality, but also for the name of the manufacturer.

To go to extremes and buy things for the child from China, too, is not worth it. Ideal option in the ratio of price to quality are the goods of domestic producers.

Blouses for girls for school. Required quantity in the wardrobe

Many parents are worried about the optimal number of products should be in the wardrobe of the schoolgirl.

Even if the financial situation allows, it is advisable not to buy too much. Children grow very quickly, so you can face a situation where even new things will be small. Taking shirts for growth, with a large margin - not the best option, since tucked up sleeves look untidy.

White blouses for girls for the school - not the most practical option, so their number should not exceed two pieces. It is desirable that one of them had a short sleeve, and the other with a long, for a cooler time of the year.

The best option is to have five copies with a long sleeve and five with a short one (one for each school day of the week). If the family budget does not cope with such a purchase, then it should be noted that it is better to purchase more shirts with a long sleeve. This is due to the fact that in the cold season it takes more time for clothes to dry. And the material of the product often does not allow drying it on the battery.

Trends of the season

In 2016, preference is given to a strict English style. The most actual colors are blue, burgundy, brown. Look good will be the product in the cage. Also comes back popularity to blouses in the form of a shirt.

If you want to create a more gentle image for a girl, then a blouse with sleeves-lanterns will do.

Do not give preference to very bright colors, it is important that the blouse is in harmony with the school uniform.

When choosing a blouse for girls for school, the main parameter is that she should like her owner.