Do you think the elements in real life and in dreams have the same conceptual meaning or are they different? The answer suggests itself. We are the “dual personalities” divided in half by a fine line. The elements are not limited in this way, which means that they act in the worlds in the same way. It is worth understanding if you are guessing what a tornado met in the astral journey. Dream interpretation, as a rule, quite objectively interprets this image. Let's look through its pages and select the quotes that interest us.

Met a tornado in the world of Morpheus? Dream Interpretation prompts and cheers

General rules of interpretation

Let's agree that the tornado dream regards the tremendous power that can break any fate, like a thin blade of grass. This force itself is not aggressive. It just is. To fight it is almost impossible. Modern technology does not help when a hurricane or tornado rages on the territory. And in her astral and can not be. After all, this is a world where the soul of a person, in contact with the elements, solves its own questions. Therefore, we will start from the non-aggressive elements. It is important to pay attention to your own feelings, thoughts and emotions. That they are significant in such a plot. You see, a tornado (the dream book leaves no doubt about it) is a reflection of the ego's reaction to external factors. It only symbolizes a player with whom it is impossible to fight, be it a person or circumstances. Consequently, a person can get the most important information for himself from a dream. Namely, to understand where straws lay, and when to hide more reliably.

Just see

If the element is raging in the distance, without touching you, then your hour has come. Some forces have long wanted to break a man. However, their efforts are in vain if the dreamer did not succumb to the elements. The tornado raging in the distance (the dream book is unequivocal) is a symbol of the incredible will of man. He will take a determined throw and take the enemy off guard. The bastions of the latter will fall unexpectedly for both. That is, a dream foreshadows victory. If you see the consequences of the elements, you will witness someone's misfortune. It will be crushing and bitter, the dream book predicts. Tornadoes, tornadoes, carrying people, breaking houses, destroying livestock, appear in night visions before serious social upheavals.However, the dreamer is not particularly affected by the mentioned troubles. We'll just have to watch the tears and grief of others, the dream book reports with regret. Hurricane, tornado flashed, leaving no destructive trail? Your fears are unfounded. As they say in a famous movie, do not read at night ... newspapers. Apparently, you are too carried away with the next emotional heat of the media. Believe me, they always foreshadow people global crises. Only we are still alive. If the predictions came true, then the planet would cease to exist centuries, some sort, five years ago.

Actively interact with the elements

Now consider the options for dreams, when you enter into confrontation with a hurricane, whirlwind, tornado. It is necessary to understand that in the wizarding world a man is capable of stopping the elements with one glance To reality, the plots are not directly related. It is bad, if you have completely mastered the tornado, the dream book is sure of it. This is a sign of lack of will, inability to resist anyone who is trying to enslave you. After such a vision it is better not to enter into arguments, to lurk. Your position seems very shaky and unprofitable. Wait and accumulate power. Time will change everything, strongly recommends the dream book. Tornadoes, tornadoes, sweeping away your property, ruining cities and crops, bring wars or other misfortunes to real life. Attempts to cope with tanks with a sapper shovel will come to nothing. It is better to turn your eyes to the leaders, more versed in the situation. They will point the right way. A dream speaks of losses that cannot be resisted.

Extraordinary phenomena

Let's touch on the wonders of the world of Morpheus. Fortunately, they are still able to surprise and delight us. Elements are mischievous. Try not to be afraid of their manifestation in night visions, the dream book gently advises. What dreams of a tornado of rose petals, for example? There is a stormy, happy, incredible romance! Why fear? After all, exciting adventures ahead filled with the sweetest impressions. The golden tornado also does not look menacing, if it does not carry the dreamer into oblivion. This is a sign of sudden enrichment. When gold brings death, it is clear that it is time to think about spirituality, ceasing to chase the profits. Otherwise you will find yourself behind bars or in a hospital. The hint is transparent, it is difficult to make a mistake with its decoding.