Modern cuisine is impossible to imagine without the oven. One like gas, while others prefer electric. The latter wins due to the fact that it has temperature controller to the heating chamber of the oven. This may be important in the case when you need cooking to set the exact temperature.

What is the rating of the built-in electric ovens for 2016?

The advantages of electric oven

Food cooked in the electric oven, is almost always different from cooked on the stove. In the oven often cook meat. It is soft and tasty, and the toasted crust and melts in your mouth.

If the meat can be a good idea to bake on the stove using a thick-walled pans, cakes for there is no other option. That oven is the best product for the hostess. So the choice is always pay great attention to.Oven built electric: rating the best and compare models

Internal and external dimensions of the oven

Choosing recessed oven, consider its external dimensions. It needs to fit into the niche he identified in the interior of the kitchen. It is important that the oven will fit any dishes. Different volume of the inner part has a recessed oven-electric. The ranking of the best models shows that the most popular are the oven with an inner volume of 60 liters. If it is more, the device uses extra electricity.

What qualities should have the best electric oven, built-in (2016)? The rating includes models of different price class, with a number of features.

Function built-in electric oven

Frying temperature is 250 ° C, for grilling - 200 ° C.

Buying an oven, the owners want to see in it not one, but multiple devices. They must have the functions:

  • convection (heated air moves through the chamber and heats the food from all sides);
  • steaming
  • it is desirable to have a telescopic extension rails for trays
  • the oven door mounted at face level, should open to the side, while the one at the bottom, to recline.

Should have spit oven built electric? The ranking shows that in the best models it is optional. Grill and convection function would serve the skewers, but the price will be lower.

Selection criteria of electrochemi

How to choose the best ovens electric built? The rating is based on customer feedback and characteristics of the devices.

Choosing an electric oven, the emphasis is on these features:

  • Reliability. The oven buy not for one year, so her as more demanding. It is difficult to draw an unambiguous conclusion. The price of the oven depends on the number of functions. The more of them. But models with touch can fail faster than mechanical. This does not apply to premium-class models, where the price usually matches the quality.
  • The ease of use. Must be met all of the ergonomic measures. Glass should not be hot and burn if accidentally touched. Modern electrical cabinets are equipped with doors that have multiple glass panes. The ovens have a lock that prevents the children to open the door.
  • A set of additional functions. This light, the presence of a timer.

Rating built-in electric ovens 2016 models and takes into account primarily. As you know, more expensive models typically be more qualitative. But the price of the oven is often an important selection criterion.

Experts consider it very important to accurately adjust the temperature. It is more important than the number of cooking recipes and functions.

Electric Oven Cleaning Systems

Cleaning system which has an embedded electric oven, the rating also takes into account. Modern electric ovens that are in the forefront of the ranking, equipped with one of three systems:

  • Hydrolysis – steam cleaning and chemical substances. They are placed inside the oven, boil, then wash by hand.
  • Catalytic a certain time does not require mechanical action. The special coating breaks down fat. Unfortunately, it is short-lived.
  • Pyrolytic is the only expensive ovens. It takes place at a temperature up to 500 degrees and is only possible in the presence of the hood.

Built-in electric oven manufacturers

What companies produce the best built-in electric ovens? Rating manufacturers begin with premium products. This is Asko, Sweden (Asko oven); Magotra Handelsgeselshaft, Germany (model Hansa). Prices - 70-100 thousand rubles.

A rating of manufacturers of built-in electric ovens midrange head of the German BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate (Bosch, Siemens), Swedish AEG-Electrolux (Electrolux brand ovens). Selling price – from 12 to 30 thousand rubles.

General-level electric ovens produce:

  • Candy Group (Candy Oven);
  • the company Gorenje, Slovenia (brand Gorenje)
  • italian Merloni (Ariston, Indesit ovens);
  • Whirlpool Corporation (Whirlpool);
  • Turkish Beko (Beko).

The average price is 10-15 thousand rubles.

Rating ovens electric, built-in (2016) price

The best models in the medium price class

  • Rating best brass recessed electrical cabinets the average price of the class is headed by Gorenje BO 87-ORA-W. It belongs to the classic models. Its technical characteristics are sufficient to cook the most basic dishes. Its main advantage is the oven has three levels of heat distribution. Therefore, the air in it is heated evenly, providing high-quality cooking. But the door remains cool, no matter how heated the oven. It is smoothly opened. The only disadvantage is the opaque glass doors. It allows you to monitor the cooking process.

  • Hotpoint-Ariston FTR 850 (OW) has 8 automatic programs. Camera medium volume, 56 L. Has the function of convection and grill. Manage the process with the handle. Cooking is on a timer. Purification of the hydrolysis. Door with triple glass is slightly warm. Oven inexpensive, saves energy, allows you to cook most of the dishes. Price – about 21 thousand.

Bosch HBG 634BS1

Bosch HBG 634BS1 class And energy consumption. Door with three panes opens from the top down. It has the function of automatic finishing. Users believe that it is convenient. No need to monitor the density of the cover. There are modes of convection, grill small and large area heating. The trays are easily moved for lattice guides. You can purchase a slide separately and set in the oven. The sleep timer feature allows you to pay the process of cooking less attention. Put on a TFT display the options you want, and the oven itself turned off at the specified time. Displays: color and text 2 character. There is a multifunctional watch.

Modes of cooking in this model 9. Control is a rotary switch with sensors. Modes of heating – 13. Consumers like the function of heat preservation inside the oven. This allows the dish for a long time to stay warm. There are modes of heating crockery, defrosting. Plus the oven is a function of the child lock. Glass doors do not heat up much to get burned on them it is impossible. The oven belongs to the class of power consumption . Cleaning catalytic.

Brass recessed cabinets with microwave function

May have a microwave function (microwave) built-in electric oven.

The rating of such devices is headed by Asko OCM8456S. The volume of the oven – 50 litres. There are more than 100 programs and 10 cooking modes of heating. Performs defrosting heating products and ready meals. Run the oven with the handle JogDial. Inside the oven there is a double-sided backlight. Clean pyrolytic method. The oven can be used as a oven. Heats up quickly. Drawback – no telescopic rails. Price – 93 thousand rubles.

Electric oven available range

  • Whirlpool AKP 234 – oven, which does not fit the concept of the modern electrochemi. The color is black. Management made metal handles. There is a timer with arrows. The volume of the oven is small, only 52 L. Has 5 temperature modes, features convection and grill. The set includes 2 baking trays and 2 grids.
  • Ariston FD 52.2 GC has an average volume of 56 liters. Includes one pan and one rack. There are convection and grill functions.
  • Electrolux EOB32000 X metallic color has 7 different cooking modes. A volume of 51 L. the Switches otoplaza when turning. This simplifies maintenance panel. The oven has a digital display. It has a nice modern look, so it will look good in any interior. The price is 12.5 thousand rubles.
  • Siemens HE 230522 is also a gray metallic color. Oven capacity - 58 l. cost - 15.4 thousand rubles. To it you need to buy a compatible hob, which is sold separately.