Tattooing is a way to express and emphasize your individuality. But not everyone can decide on a permanent decoration of the body in this way. After all, a worn pattern, “hammered” under the skin with a needle, is quite difficult and sometimes dangerous to remove. What is the alternative? You can make a temporary tattoo for 3 months, using unstable dyes. What are the methods of applying such a body pattern and what is needed for this, we will describe in detail in our material.

Temporary tattoo for 3 months without using henna and using it

The benefits of a temporary tattoo

A non-permanent body pattern undoubtedly has several advantages compared to a classic tattoo:

  • a temporary image will not last longer than 3-5 months, and then you can experiment with a pattern
  • the application process is absolutely painless and safe;
  • paints having a natural composition are most often used.

Henna tattoo

The henna underwear pattern is an art that dates back to ancient Egypt. Symbolic signs on the body were a distinctive feature of warriors and people of certain classes. Gradually, the tradition of drawing on the body was adopted by other nations. So henna drawing (mehndi or mehendi) became a national art in India, Pakistan and other Arab countries. Particular importance is acquired by the image during the wedding ceremony. It is believed that the larger part of the bride’s body is decorated with henna, the more original and intricate the ornament, the more attractive and desirable the girl is for her husband.

Apply a temporary tattoo for 3 months. With proper care, drawing from henna can last longer.

Advantages of henna pattern

Henna is a powder from the dried leaves of the plant called Lawsonia. The dry composition is diluted with water to a creamy state - such paint is used for temporary henna tattoos. Accordingly, the advantage is the naturalness and safety of the composition that is applied to the body. Only in rare cases, the occurrence of an allergic reaction in the form of a local rash.

How to make a bio-tattoo henna?

How to make a temporary tattoo using henna? Since in this case the symbolism of the ornament is of paramount importance, first of all it is necessary to decide on the desired pattern, to know its meaning. Then you need to prepare materials and tools:

  1. Actually henna for drawing the image. You can buy the dry powder of the plant and to water it down. But it is much more practical to buy a special tube for mehendi, which is a ready-made composition, and a convenient cone shape allows to apply the drawing with fine details and curves.
  2. Stencils - purchased when necessary.
  3. Coconut cosmetic milk or olive oil.
  4. Dry wipes.

When materials are prepared, you can proceed directly to the application of the image:

  1. Attach the stencil to the area of the body.
  2. Open tuba with henna. Clasp the cone with your entire palm at the edge. Squeeze the composition onto a stencil with a thick layer.
  3. If dry diluted powder is used, henna can be applied with a brush.
  4. Carefully remove the stencil, taking care not to smudge the paint.
  5. Let the pattern dry for half an hour.
  6. Wash away paint residue.
  7. Secure the image with coconut milk.

Temporary tattoo with an airbrush

Another way to decorate the body with a temporary pattern is to apply a tattoo using an airbrush. Thus, even a non-professional can decorate the body with an image, since the process does not require qualified knowledge and skills. It is only necessary to paint over the stencil pattern - and the temporary tattoo for 3 months is ready!

To prevent such a body pattern from fading ahead of time and to have the appearance of a real tattoo, use the following tips before doing work:

  1. Before applying paint, degrease the skin with an alcohol solution.
  2. You should not do this tattoo on the part of the body that often comes in contact with the clothes of the figure, quickly erased. It is not recommended to attach a stencil on the body part with hair, as after inking the image will have a blurred edge.
  3. Paint for a temporary tattoo should be of high quality.

How to apply a temporary tattoo using airbrush?

  1. Prepare the necessary tools and materials: airbrush, paint, stencil, alcohol, sponges, masking tape, talcum powder and a soft round brush for makeup.
  2. Clean the skin area with a sponge moistened with alcohol solution.
  3. Attach the stencil and secure it with tape.
  4. Fill the airbrush paint.
  5. Paint a stencil with a thin coat of paint.
  6. Dry the first layer and apply the second one in the same way.
  7. Wait a few minutes until the paint is dry, carefully remove the stencil.
  8. With the help of sponge and alcohol, correct the edges of the picture, clean the possible spray of paint on the skin.
  9. Take a soft brush and dip it in talc. Will propylite image. This procedure will fix your masterpiece and give it a real "aged" tattoo. To care for body pattern to use talcum powder a few times a day, it is especially important to do before bedtime and showering.

Naturally, such a picture is temporary. A tattoo without henna will last with proper care - depending on the chosen paint - from one to six months. You can wash it off at any time with ordinary alcohol.

Chemical paints for temporary tattoos

In fact, chemical paints for a temporary body pattern are no different from simple inks or paints for permanent tattoos. But the process of their application is radically different. Non-permanent pattern involves only the top layer of the skin. Therefore, such a temporary tattoo is made for 3 months, although, as already mentioned, the image may please the owner a little longer (up to 6 months).

Chemical paint is quite resistant, but due to the natural renewal of the epidermis, the pattern does not last longer than six months.

Biological paints

Biological dyes for temporary tattoos are made from natural dyes, have an extremely natural composition. They are unstable and easy to wash. Depending on the type of paint, such a tattoo is applied for 3 months or a shorter period.

The advantage is the high safety of the composition, affordability. With the help of such paints, they make wearable drawings even for children.

Temporary tattoo with glue

There is another way to create washable patterns on the body. You can make temporary tattoos for the month with a special glue. You can purchase such a miracle remedy in specialized stores. The method of applying the image with glue is equally safe and does not cause pain. In addition, this way you can make a bright spectacular pattern using rhinestones and sparkles.

How to make a temporary tattoo with glue:

  1. You will need the following materials: glue for the body, stencil, brushes of different thickness, glitter or rhinestones, sponges and alcohol.
  2. Attach the stencil.
  3. Apply a thick layer of glue.
  4. Wait for the composition to become transparent.
  5. Apply glitters or rhinestones to the surface of the glue with a brushing motion with a brush.
  6. Dry the drawing with a hairdryer.

Thus, you get a multicolored shiny extraordinary body pattern that is easily erased with alcohol or nail polish remover.

In order for temporary tattoos to please their owner longer, you should properly care for the picture: you can not rub it with a washcloth, smear with cream or lotion, a sudden change in temperature will also lead to the destruction of the image, so you will have to limit yourself to visiting the sauna and solarium. Materials for a tattoo for 3 months will cost much less than for permanent drawing. And to draw a temporary underwear adornment is easy and at home. Try it!