The appearance of traces of age-related changes on the face is not an occasion to put a cross on itself. In addition to many innovative rejuvenating techniques, there is a simple and quite economical way to regain its former beauty. Have you ever heard about age makeup? In this article it will be about him.

Features of makeup for mature ladies

Over time, the woman's face undergoes changes that primarily affect the skin condition. There are wrinkles and pigment spots, there is a noticeable dryness of the covers. In addition, the contour of the face changes: the cheekbones become wider, the corners of the lips drop, and often a second chin appears. Given all of the above signs of temporary changes in appearance, age-related makeup is aimed at their visual elimination. In addition, he must not only perform a camouflage function, but also contribute to the creation of an elegant and sophisticated image. Therefore, make-up with the lifting effect should be easy and unobtrusive.

The main rules and secrets of the age-old makeup

When performing a rejuvenating make-up, one should strive for naturalness. Often it is not so easy to balance, carefully disguising all the shortcomings and at the same time preserving the natural image. To learn how to make the right make-up with a lifting effect, makeup artists recommend that ladies take note of a few tips.

  • It is better to apply tonal remedies on the face not with a brush, but with pads of fingers. This technique will allow us to qualitatively work out areas with enlarged pores. In addition, with this technique of application, the agent will be less noticeable on the skin.
  • Be sure to use concealer, in order to hide pigment spots. Grayish skin areas are perfectly neutralized by a masking agent of a lilac shade. For brown spots, it is better to choose a pink concealer.
  • Performing makeup with shadows, always check how the result looks on the open century. Perhaps your work will require adjustments.
  • Use classic mascara, without a lot of extra effects. Brushes, twisting and lengthening eyelashes, and also adding volume to them, in age make-up will be inappropriate.

Analysis of the main errors

Trying to hide signs of aging, some women just spoil their appearance. The reason for this is the inability to use age-sensitive make-up correctly. As a result, the image is quite unnatural, and sometimes even slightly vulgar. The main mistakes of ladies performing age-related makeup:

  • use of dense tonal tools;
  • the formation of thick and dense eyebrows, as well as giving them a rich dark shade;
  • the use of pearlescent eye shadow;
  • applying too thick a layer of mascara on the eyelashes;
  • use of liquid lip glosses instead of lipsticks; Here it is possible to carry performance of the sated or saturated make up of labiums (in bright orange and red shades).

As they say, warned - then, armed. Therefore, it is very important not just to know how to make make-up with the lifting effect, but also to remember possible mistakes during its execution in order to try not to repeat them.

The color palette in the age-old makeup

If young girls use bright, catchy shades in order to create a unique style, then for mature ladies this is a strict taboo. In place of impermanence and carelessness comes judiciousness and elegance, and in place of saturated shades - muffled. This should be noted when choosing cosmetics.

Proper make-up with anti-aging effect implies that foundation and powder should be slightly lighter than skin tone or fully match it. Too dark means you can not hide your age, but only make it more. Eyebrows should be given special attention. It is important not to overstraight the stick: if you pull out the hairs in a thin thread, it will look tasteless. At the same time, the falcon eyebrows look untidy. It is enough to pick them up a little regularly, and then make up the shadows or pencil in light brown or gray. It is recommended to select eyes with pastel shades, but in no case not white. To do this, it is better to use matte shadows. And for the design of the lips, it is preferable to choose nude lipsticks.

The initial stage of the implementation of age-related make-up: applying a tone

The first rule, which should not be forgotten, when starting a rejuvenating makeup - all tonal remedies should be as light as possible in texture and not frosted. Powder with reflective particles will be the ideal choice. If you perform a summer make-up, then in this case, an easily absorbed tonal balm is suitable as a basis.

Apply the best funds to a moisturizing day cream. This way you prepare the skin for further action. The tonal basis should be dottedly distributed over the surface of the face, and then gently rub it with the pads of the fingers. The skin around the eyes should also be treated with a remedy. Excess tonal balm can be soaked with a sponge or a napkin to make the complexion more natural and even. So your goal is to do make-up in the style of Nude look, or rather, create a natural image, this nuance is very important.

Do not forget to mask wrinkles, pimples and pigment spots with a concealer. After that, the applied tone can be fixed with mineral friable powder.

Technique of contouring: become a sculptor of your face

Refusing blush is not worth it, as they can make a huge contribution to creating a make-up with a visible rejuvenating effect. First of all, this cosmetic product helps to correct the face oval, make it visually clearer and tighter. Some ladies mistakenly believe that the technique of contouring is subject only to professional make-up artists, so making home make-up in this way is very difficult. It is worth noting that they are mistaken: it is quite possible to focus on certain areas of the face independently.

For starters, blush is applied to the "apples" of the cheeks. The product should not be too saturated color. Preferably choose a light pink or light coral blush. This technique allows you to instantly rejuvenate the skin and make the look more expressive. An additional lifting effect can be created by applying a blush of a darker shade on the temples and cheekbones.

As you can see, to adjust the contours of the face, you do not need to go to the beauty salon. Makeup is able to act no worse than cosmetic procedures.

Eyebrows shaping: how to make a neat accent

In adulthood, it becomes necessary to tint eyebrows, as they lose their density and color. Plus, it makes sense to perform not just the usual line drawing with the help of decorative cosmetics, but also slightly adjust their shape. So, over the years the corners of the eyes can become slightly lowered, and the eyebrows - lose their bend. This makes the look dull and inexpressive. Therefore, age makeup requires the presence of upward directed lines. When drawing eyebrows, raise their tip so that the view looks more open.

As cosmetics, shadows and pencils can be used. The most natural look is the make-up of eyebrows in brown tones. At the same time, all extra hairs should be removed, otherwise the makeup will get untidy. Before you begin to draw the eyebrow itself, you need to outline the outline with a light pink cosmetic pencil along its lower border.

Eye makeup: the power of beauty and youth in sight

Perhaps it makes sense again to remind that age makeup is a make-up in the nude style. Therefore, dark shadows and bright linings should be put aside, replacing them with means of delicate pastel shades. At the same time makeup artists recommend to give preference to matte texture cosmetics. Dark shadows with a slight flicker can only be used in very small amounts, applying them to the outer corner of the eye. If there is a possibility to completely abandon the black eyeliner or pencil - do it. The optimal option is a soft brown tone. Liquid podviku it is desirable to use only for allocation of the upper eyelid, and if you perform a summer make-up, then you should abandon it altogether. It is desirable to apply mascara in such a way that the upper lashes are more dyed.

The final touch: draw the lips

Lifting-make-up of the lips is aimed primarily at increasing them, since the former volume is lost with time. However, it is important to understand that such a correction can not be large-scale. Makeup will visually increase the lips no more than 1 mm. To start drawing the outline, you need to arm yourself with a cosmetic pencil. It is recommended to choose the means that match the color with the natural shade of the lips. Then contours are drawn (with a small indent). Then the surface of the lips is shaded. After that, you can apply lipstick, which should also be a gentle and natural shade. Ladies who are interested in how to make lip make-up, it is useful to know that liquid shines will only accent small wrinkles. They can only be used to create highlights. To do this, you need to put two spots - on the upper and lower lip, in their very center.

Undoubtedly, it is possible to look beautiful at any age. After all, absolutely every woman deserves to be admired.