Wax - a great way to get rid of excess hair in many places on the body. Only now there are a lot of manufacturers of specialized strips. We will try to find out with you what the Veet wax strips are. Reviews about this manufacturer appear now more and more often. What are they? What is good or bad about this product? Let's try with you to understand this, and then learn how to use this tool for its intended purpose.

Why do we need

But before that, you need to answer the question of why we generally need Veet Naturals wax strips or any others. Maybe it is better to somehow do without them?

Yes, indeed, any modern woman has a lot of different options for depilation: just wax, strips, creams, epilators, a simple razor - any approach you choose. Only here, for example, hair removal - it is very painful, and the use of the most ordinary machine is not very effective and dangerous. Therefore, it is best to choose among the usual wax, creams and strips. And for legs very often the third option is used.

Wax strips for Veet depilation qualitatively and quickly remove hair on the legs and in any other places. With all this, the future growth of vegetation in depilated areas slows down several times. And the hairs then appear very soft. In general, wax strips are a very convenient means for depilation. And now we will see what feedback they get. After that, it will be possible to get acquainted with the complete instructions for use.

So, you decided to use Veet wax strips. The price of this product plays an important role in the preparation of reviews. To be honest, many very often begin to form opinions about a particular product, based on this criterion.

How are we doing with Veet? The situation here is not very good, but not terrible. What is this about? The thing is that the price tag on the wax strips of this company is not very happy customers. Usually, on Veet wax strips the price ranges from 200 to 500 rubles per pack. To be honest, this is not such a small amount.

In most cases, regarding the cost of this product receives negative reviews. After all, if you compare it with other means for depilation, it costs several times more expensive. And this is not particularly beneficial for women who constantly use such tools.


Veet wax strips are extremely positive reviews regarding their prevalence in stores. And this is good news. If you like to use this tool, then you can always find it without any problems. In order to verify this, just look at any supermarket or cosmetics store.

Now most of the depilation funds are simply removed from sale. Veet, on the contrary, got their promotion. Sometimes only this tool is available on the shelves in stores. Plus, many customers note that this product can be easily and simply ordered online. And this fact also causes extremely positive reviews. You can find Veet wax strips, for the bikini area, and for the legs - any for your taste and needs.


For cosmetics, assortment and variety are always important. After all, then the buyer will receive the actual freedom of choice. And it will help him to choose the best means for permanent use.

To be honest, Veet wax strips are very positive about their diversity. For example, as already mentioned, there are special products for the bikini area, for the face, for the body (including for the legs). In addition, customers can also pick up strips with different extracts: aloe, honey or sea components. In addition, there are options for sensitive skin, moisturizing, normal.

Sometimes to understand all this is very difficult. Nevertheless, customers are still happy with this kind of diversity. This is a real guarantee that you can definitely find something really suitable for yourself.

To be honest, Veet wax strips for the face (as well as for other parts of the body) receive extremely mixed feedback about their effectiveness. If you carefully listen to the opinions, then we can conclude that it will take a very long time to talk about this product.

For example, many girls say that the manufacturer's promises regarding the effectiveness of the application are fully justified. In depilated areas, hair growth slows down, and then they appear more rare and softer. This is exactly what every customer wants.

You can also see a lot of evidence that Veet wax strips are not receiving negative feedback for a reason. For example, most similar opinions are backed up with personal photographs after use. They only show irritation and lack of hair on the strip after application. As many customers say, “the tool is about nothing”.

Who is there to believe? It is very difficult to judge. After all, every woman has her own skin sensitivity and reaction to the components used. Therefore, it is better to try this tool in action yourself, and then decide for yourself whether Veet is really good or not.

Implications of

Wet stripes Veet-bikini (or the same tool for any other area of ​​the body), as a rule, are designed for sensitive and delicate skin. And of course, the manufacturer says that you should not have any allergic reactions and irritations. Is it really so?

In practice, many girls claim that some lines of Veet products contain components hazardous to health, as well as chemicals. After use, they develop irritation, itching, rash, and (sometimes) minor burns at the end of the procedure.

To be honest, when applying this wax and specialized strips of such a result should not be. Maximum - this is a slight redness, which passes very quickly after applying the tool. Thus, it can be concluded that Veet wax strips receive negative feedback quite rightly. In any case, some products (for example, the Naturals line).

An important point when choosing a tool for depilation is such a fact as feeling during and after the procedure. The thing is that for this reason, epilators are slowly beginning to lose their potential, and they are replaced by creams and strips.

What do we have about the agent in question? Wax strips Veet reviews in terms of sensations during the procedure are just awful. Why? Many customers say that they seem to strip off their skin, not wax. With all this, emphasizes the fact that the effectiveness of the use of funds is not particularly good.

What is the result? You stick a strip, smooth it, and then with a sharp movement you tear it away from your leg (for example) in the hope of having a depilation. But instead, the wax will be pieces of leather, or it will be empty at all. That is, the suffering is all in vain. You'll have to use either an epilator, or a razor, or a special cream. Is it worth talking about sensations after this kind of procedure? Probably not. Here and so it is clear that they are not particularly pleasant and satisfactory.

Secrets of reviews

All reviews have their little secrets. What is this about? Yes, that if you see too good or bad opinions about the product, not supported by any evidence, then before you in most cases a real lie. For example, reviews that say that this tool is cheap and available to everyone are very suspicious. Maybe for someone 250 rubles for a few strips of wax is not such a big amount. But for most it is a weighty argument to abandon this product. After all, it is not everyone can afford.

Be attentive, listening to the opinions of others, if you do not want to be deceived.


How to use Veet wax strips? Honestly, the instructions here are extremely simple. Only it will have to be fully observed in order to minimize negative consequences. Consider the algorithm of action regarding depilation on the legs.

First, wash your feet thoroughly and then dry them. After that, remove Veet wax strips from the packaging. The instruction says that now you need to warm up a little bit of depilation. It is best to rub the stripes in the hands. Next, separate the parts and glue them to their feet. Smooth in the direction of hair growth. For the best effect, it is recommended to rub the strips a little (the area with wax), that is, slightly warm them. Now, with a sharp movement, remove the agent from the skin in the direction against the hair growth.

Basically, that's all. You can lubricate the skin with a special cream, and remove the remnants of wax with olive oil. This is how easily and easily used Veet wax strips. Exactly the same algorithm of actions applies to all areas of the body.

Some conclusions can be made regarding Veet wax strips. Frankly, this tool has a fairly high price, but with all this it is far from the most effective method of combating vegetation on the body.

Many customers do not recommend the use of this tool in the bikini area. Plus, it is necessary to heat the wax on the strips either in the palms, or with a hairdryer. In no case do not use hot water for rapid heating - the strip will stick tightly and it will be very difficult to tear it off.

But sometimes you can use Veet stripes. Especially if you have no other choice. But it would be best to use specialized depilation cream of this company. It is not so dangerous for your skin, and even the cost of his happy.