Physiological childbirth is a process that is not susceptible to prediction. Often the result of a failed labor are various disturbances in the body of the newborn. No child is safe from complications in the birth process. Collar Trench for babies: reviewsEven at a fairly high level of modern medicine is the place. The most numerous type of injury at birth – damage to the cervical vertebra. It entails pain and discomfort of the baby. In this case it is necessary urgently to take measures to exclude complications and disability. In the event of such damage, the doctor will prescribe the wearing of the tire-lock. It's called “collar Trench for newborns”. Reviews for mothers of young patients, because the purpose of the collar – fix obtained or congenital defect.

What is the collar of Shantz

Collar Trench for newborns predstavljaet a kind of locking device, which relieves stress on the cervical vertebrae of a newborn. Due to this support recover major functions of the vertebral column. Parents of young patients assigned to this lock, worried for different reason. How to make the right choice children's orthopedic collar? How to wear it? If it brings inconvenience to the kid? How to choose the right size? So, about all under the order.

The collar of the Trench is a circle from foam material, whose ends are located the Velcro helps to adjust the diameter of the collar. This lock has another name – bus. It serves an important therapeutic function: leads in the normal position of the vertebrae of the cervical spine. This is necessary because only in the correct state create enough blood circulation, this allows the baby to feel comfortable and, therefore, contributes to its healthy development.

Indications for wearing

The decision on the appointment wearing such orthopedic devices may be made only by the physician in the existence of certain evidence. It normalizes the work of muscles. However, as a drawback, can create dependence that will lead to muscle atrophy. In normal condition the baby to 2 months himself to hold his head up. But if not properly wearing a collar muscle can not cope with their function.

Indications for the wearing of the collar Trench for babies are injured during birth, which are associated with damage to the cervical spine. This pathology leads to disruption of blood flow, causing various movement disorders, the syndrome of depression of the Central nervous system hyperexcitability. In more severe cases, deformation of the face, can result in disability.

Diagnosis of the incident of injury and the application of the collar to ensure getting rid of unhealthy consequences. Orthopedic collar Trench for newborns provides limitation of motion of the cervical spine Department. Thus, the conditions for restoration of functions of the cervical vertebrae and the normalization of cerebral circulation.

Collar Trench for newborn size

Orthopaedic device be sure the newborn gets a certain size, because short will cause discomfort when turning to the side, but is too long – you will not be able to perform to the extent necessary therapeutic purpose. Babies are born into this world with different anthropometric data, therefore, the length of the neck they have different. Orthopedist-consultant qualified to conduct length measurement child's neck and choose the appropriate size bus. The height of the child's collar Trench varies in the range of 3-5 cm.

The rules of wearing the collar Trench in a newborn

When putting the brace on the neck of the newborn is necessary to observe the maximum caution. Be aware that the acting place orthopedic appliances should be under the chin. Visually it seems that the collar lifts the chin and extends the neck slightly. The next step is to wrap the collar of the Trench for babies (photos are presented for consideration below) around the neck and fixed on the rear surface by means of the Velcro (Velcro tape).You should also remember that between the surface of the neck and the collar should fit your index finger. To verify the correctness of the splint, it is recommended to focus on the serrated edge of the Velcro, which was at the bottom, and smooth edge, respectively, in the upper part. In another case the Velcro will damage the delicate skin of the baby.

NB: you need to clearly know how to wear collar trench neonate, otherwise this device will not provide the necessary therapeutic environment.

Time wearing

Often, the collar of the Trench for babies beginning to be used in the first days of life, and the timing of its use are determined by the doctor individually. Basically, this period lasts 30 days, but sometimes the doctor ascribes longer use it. Children with the presence of torticollis or subluxation of the vertebrae is assigned to the constant wearing of the collar, his removal allowed only for bathing or washing (in this embodiment, even recommended to have a second collar for replacement). In other cases it is necessary to put on a newborn device immediately after a massage therapeutic or corrective physical education.

There is a misconception that a baby is assigned to the constant wearing of fixtures, often creates a delayed ability to hold the head. A properly selected collar Trench for newborns does no harm to the baby. Some lag may be due to delayed development of the Central nervous system of the baby, but it is not wearing corrective devices.

Care rules collar

Applying collar Trench for newborns, you need to constantly monitor its purity. Bus wash by hand in cold water. After washing and rinsing, dry the device in the expanded version. It is forbidden to wash in the machine, to drying and automatic near sources of heat, so that the tyre did not lose shape. The skin under the collar needs to be clean and dry.

The article provides information for mothers on questions concerning how to use collar Trench for newborns. Reviews about spent wearing corrective devices indicate that the efficiency is quite high and helps to cope with the effects of birth trauma.