This is a very interesting union. They immediately attract the attention of each other. Two air signs, both harmoniously complement each other and have much in common on a mental level. But the Aquarius-woman, Libra-man most often feel for each other more warm, friendly feelings than all-consuming passion and love. They are fully capable of building strong family relationships and living happily, while their lives will be very calm and measured.

Aquarius-woman, Libra-man: compatibility

Relationship Features

This is the perfect couple, but without controversy, and there will not do. For Aquarius, friendship plays a major role in life. Therefore, a man should become for this woman, first of all, a devoted friend, and then build love and family relationships. She is changeable, sweet, feminine, but often intolerant, irritable and does not always understand how to behave with this man. That, in turn, also fluctuates, since it does not accept its variability and enthusiasm for everything new. Aquarius-woman, Libra-man - is the union of two balanced and calm people, in every possible way avoiding conflicts. The man of this constellation needs comfort and harmony, as soon as the balance is lost, he suffers morally, mentally and physically. For a woman of Aquarius it is very important to understand. Together they are able to implement the most daring ideas. Scales are able to plan and turn into reality many ideas. This is just what the indefatigable visionary Aquarius needs.

Libra Man

This is a person with high intelligence, cheerful, friendly, soft and open. He is very popular with women, because he feels them perfectly and is able to communicate on the same level with them. Aquarius-woman, Libra-man can be the perfect couple, because they enjoy all aspects of the relationship. The indecisiveness inherent in the men of this sign is compensated by the resourcefulness of Aquarius. The advantages of the character of Libra include innate modesty and a sense of tact, sociability. Since this is a sign that symbolizes partnership, these people spend a lot of energy on maintaining harmonious relations with others. They are idealists who are constantly in the process of finding the perfect partner. Their whole life is a constant balancing. They are prone to mood changes due to any negative remarks addressed to themselves and are subject to frequent changes of states: from vigor to complete apathy.

Aquarius woman

She has a specific charm, which many astrologers call the cold shine. This lady is able to conquer a man without resorting to tricks and tricks. Aquarius-woman, Libra-man perfectly understand each other, because they have a similar way of thinking, common interests in the field of art and theater. The main value in the life of the lady of this sign - freedom. She, like Libra, is a zealous supporter of equality, so the couple never have disagreements on this topic. Choosing a partner, the Aquarius woman will give preference to the one who will support her desire for constant movement, communication with friends and will not control. Freedom she will not exchange for any feelings, ever. She may even be frightened by the prospect of strong family ties, since she prefers to be her own mistress.

Man-Libra and Aquarius woman: love compatibility

Entering into a romantic relationship, they should know that the man-Libra always idealizes the partner, so will demand a lot from her. She is not inclined to obey the whims of men and, rather, would prefer to spend the evening with friends than home gatherings. However, this will not be a cause for disagreement between them. Representatives of these signs can build a union based on equality and understanding. He is able to give her all the freedom of which she dreams. But Aquarius should not go too far in their desires. The love between them is very fragile and tender, any violence can destroy it in an instant. There should be no sharp corners and big problems between them. In a pair of male Libra, female Aquarius (compatibility in love is high), everything is in place, so it is simply impossible to wish for the best. In fact, these people love each other, and it will be very difficult for them to achieve the same understanding with other partners.

Compatible in bed

In physical terms, they are well suited to each other. Each of them gets here what he needs. The difficulty may be that partners may feel discomfort until Libra reveals the feelings and love of Aquarius. For her, sex is synonymous with friendship, for him love. Therefore, they sometimes need to determine what they like to both in the vicinity. Of course, each of them brings to the intima simplicity and ease, but the couple may lack a common look at intimacy. Here everyone can strive for their point of view. Male Libra, female Aquarius (compatibility in bed is high) are two contradictory in terms of proximity. Therefore, the smaller the differences between their sexual nature, the higher the compatibility. They are able to find understanding in this matter. It should be noted that these are not the most passionate and ardent signs, but they have every chance of becoming happy in an intimate life.

Marriage compatibility

The interests and opinions of these two always coincide, so they easily build both love and family relationships. Their life will be happy if the financial issue is resolved. As astrologers note, this pair can be constantly harassed by financial difficulties. It is better if the material side of the marriage will be under the control of the man, since she is not able to distribute funds rationally. The Libra man, the Aquarius woman (compatibility in marriage is excellent) are two mental signs loving communication. Even if a conflict arises between them, they will be able to reconcile, since they are really able to understand each other. Between them there will always be a sensual, emotional and intellectual connection. The only enemy of a successful marriage can be the freedom of an Aquarian woman. Very often she is not able to force herself to sit in four walls. However, the desire for peaceful relations of both is able to overcome any difficulties in this alliance. Their relationship is ruled by love, and they will always find a way to fix them.

How to win a man-Libra woman-Aquarius

This man loves to be praised, in need of flattery and admiration. In order to win his heart, the lady will have to try, because he is an inveterate idealist. The woman of his dreams is a very beautiful, romantic, intelligent, slim and sociable person. Communicating with him, do not invent topics for conversation, let him choose what to talk about, because in communication he has no equal. The favorite topic of Libra is themselves. So do not skimp on the compliments, and he will be conquered. These are sensitive people, the surrounding atmosphere means a lot to them. Inappropriate conditions can annoy them a lot. As a rule, Libra no matter what the cost of food in a restaurant, they are convinced that the main thing - their pleasure and comfort. The Libra man, the Aquarius woman in love is very similar, because they can lead delightful conversations together, love evenings with friends, love to make plans for the future. The only condition - a woman of this sign should not cause jealousy partner. After all, he needs a person who will make his life harmonious, and will not tickle the nerves.

What is important for partners to know about each other

Both have many conflicting qualities, but their intellect, noble character traits are an excellent basis for achieving understanding in friendship and in romantic relationships. According to astrologers, life (Libra man, Aquarius woman would agree) didn’t just bring them together for a reason. Who else will be able to show so much care and patience towards the changeable young Aquarius? And who will so faithfully love the ever-doubting man, Libra, sometimes timid and unsure, if not she?