"Aquarius Woman - Scorpio Male" - an alliance that seems rather problematic, especially to outsiders. However, in reality they live very happily, fun and interesting.

Aquarius-woman - Scorpio-man - a couple to talk about

People with different characters

What is the first thing to tell about a couple of "Aquarius Woman - Scorpio Man"? Perhaps, that they have quite different characters. For example, a girl in this pair loves freedom. And she holds the same opinion about the relationship. It is difficult for the Scorpio owner to understand such a worldview, and often on this ground there are slight disputes. They have quite a big difference both in their characters, and in their opinions, temperaments, attitudes and beliefs. So, for example, Scorpio takes into account every detail, since in everything sees a certain meaning. In marriage, he enters consciously, having thought everything over, every little thing, and even looking into the future. The Aquarius girl does not even think about marriage, because she is strange about the idea that she will have to stop her free way of life and settle down at home, preparing borscht. Although, by the way, they can be joined by craving for the same pastime. For example, both love parties and enjoy walking on them.

About different views on life

What is the main difference between people like Aquarius and Scorpio? The most important thing is that Scorpio is a homebody (if it comes to creating a family), and Aquarius is a person who values ​​his freedom. But it should be noted one important nuance. The Aquarius girl is very decent and will never take such a step as treason. She is honest, straightforward, and she has no habit of cunning, deceiving and lying. But washing socks, housekeeping and cooking eggs is not for her. In general, this is an ideal option for a man who needs a faithful, affectionate and loving wife. But you have to get used to the fact that once you see the hostess will not work. She needs to get used to the idea that she is now a wife. And then she herself will begin to take up her duties. Scorpio will have to have patience. The main thing is not to reproach her with reproaches and claims, but gently ask for something.

The basis of a long relationship

The pair "Aquarius-Woman - Scorpio-Man" is based mainly on such qualities as love and mutual respect. It is due to these two qualities that they can develop long and harmonious relationships. However, you should know that this will not be achieved immediately. You have to go through a lot of obstacles and difficulties.

By the way, when these two are in society, they instantly attract the attention of outsiders. Why? It's simple. After all, these people are very bright and strong personalities. And it is for this reason that they practically do not have crises connected with financial or housing and household issues. "Aquarius Woman - Scorpio Man" - a couple in which prosperity always reigns. And they both take a direct part in making money and providing for the family.

People complementing each other

Aquarius and Scorpio, whose love is a very strong and, as a rule, a long-lasting feeling - people perfectly complementing each other. A guy in this union - an amateur is interesting and unusual to express himself, and his girlfriend just likes it. She does not take offense at harsh statements, but all because she has a unique sense of humor. She likes the original jokes of her partner. He often tries to poke fun at her, but it is unlikely to do so, since the Aquarius girl does not have a dark past behind her, which should be ashamed of. So her chosen one often suffers a fiasco in trying to make fun of her lover. And by the way, he does it not from evil, but very much the opposite - showing his attention. Aquarius understands this. And many others perceive this as an attempt by Scorpio to "sting" the interlocutor. But this is not so.

In general, I must say that the relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius is mainly based on the light character of the girl and her ability to get along with people. Her charm, sincerity and honesty play an important role. In general, they are doing well. The main thing is not to swear from scratch.

Family life

The marriage of Aquarius and Scorpio can turn out well. However, in order to live happily, they both need to understand something. And the most important thing is that they are different. This does not change - just the specifics of the characters and temperaments! To live together and rejoice at each day spent with each other, you need to take all the characteristics of your partner as its raisins, not shortcomings. Of course, this is not easy to do, but this method helps to improve relations and forget about what was previously unnerving. So, for example, the sociability of the Aquarius woman will become for the Scorpion man not a flaw and a reason for jealousy, but a plus. Maybe he should learn from her the ability to find a common language with everyone, whoever that is? It will be useful. And she, in turn, should try herself in the role of housewife and cook. Suddenly she has a real talent for it? At the same time and the requirements of his man will satisfy completely. It is worth trying and not to be angry with your chosen one or your chosen one. In the end, we are all not perfect.