From year to year the number of lovers of active leisure on water, and increases the number of vehicles available for skating on the water surface. Currently, it is difficult to imagine the pond, open spaces that are not cut through to water scooters. To get in the course of riding the whole complex of thrills, it is extremely important to thoroughly approach the question about the choice aquabike.

What is a water scooter?

Water scooters – main typesWater scooters are distinguished by the complicated device on the technical side. In fact, such a watercraft is presented in the form of a lightweight fiberglass hull specific design, two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engine, hydraulic controls.

Initially, water scooters was developed as a technique for sports. However, over time, means of transportation become extremely popular among Amateurs of active leisure.

Water scooters are divided into several categories depending on the method of planting rider:

  1. The standing of the model is represented mainly by light weight, sports jetski, able to reach speeds of 100 km/h the possibility for the correction of the angle of the jet thrust nozzle allows freestylers to perform dizzying jumps and difficult maneuvers.
  2. Sessile water scooters – most often used for outdoor activities. Distinguished by the presence of several seats. Compared to the previous type of boats have reduced maneuverability, high stability and safety for users.

Family scooters

Development, intended for family use, with the big stretch can be called a sports vehicle. These models are quite bulky and can simultaneously carry up to three or four people.

Typically, this aquabike is equipped with a trunk containing lifejackets, things and objects, which can be useful on the walk.

How much is a family jet ski? Prices on these models start in the domestic market from 300 000 rubles, which is an opportunity to buy such boats is not all interested consumers.

Sports aquabike

As mentioned before, sport models often involve landing in a standing position. Such vehicles have little weight and high speed. At the same time to drive safe and effective management of it requires some skills. Therefore, familiarity with the jetski to start with such models is not recommended.

Tourist scooters

In order to organize trips on the water some manufacturers have turned aquabike in real court. Travel models have the highest capacity, with a lot of useful additional components such as folding steps, which facilitate the process of boarding the transport after bathing.

Children pedal scooter

Aquabikes for kids are represented by the safest models. Such boats have small dimensions and demonstrate the highest stability on the water.

In designs for children management is minimized. Therefore, performing complicated stunts using such models seems problematic. One of the most secure solutions in this category is the inflatable water scooter, which is an imitation of the real model and is designed for riding the smallest.

How will parents have to spend money to buy a jetski for a child? How much is a water scooter? Prices on motorized models for kids approximately equal to the cost of boats of family type. As for inflatable scooter, the price is 400-500 rubles.

In conclusion

When choosing a water scooter should be based on personal needs. When deciding on a specific solution, it is useful to seek advice from a specialist, to see reviews, surveys, other useful materials that reveal the advantages and disadvantages of presented techniques.

Before purchase it is necessary to clarify the terms of the warranty. And, of course, to ensure long equipment life, it is important to arrange for a suitable place to store it.