In the light of the New Year's and Christmas holidays, it would be useful to make a review of quality vodkas for the upcoming feast. Recently, the product, from which the head does not hurt in the morning, you will not meet often. Vodka "Morosh" has proved to be quite good in the Russian market. The name is associated with the northern orange berries. But the brand name was given not by cloudberries, but ... a natural phenomenon observed in the Carpathian Mountains. In the gorges over the forest, evaporation rises. "The mountains are fuming," say the locals, and call this phenomenon a cloudberry. But if you buy the same name vodka in Russia, it turns out that its producer is in Vologda. And spirits diluted with purified water from the lakes of Karelia. What is the catch, and who actually produces the "Morosh" vodka? Let's understand. In this article, we will analyze the quality of this product, based on feedback from consumers.



Russian vodka "Morosh"

Over time, the alcohol holding Global Spirits, having gained popularity in Ukraine, decided to expand its productive capabilities. He signed a contract for the production of Morosha vodka with the Limited Liability Company "Russian North", which is located in the city of Vologda. For the production of the drink, the same packaging is used as in Ukraine. The holding positions itself as an ecological one, and therefore the bottle is stylized with a drop of water, and the counter-label is made in the form of a leaf of a tree. What is produced by the Russian vodka "Morosh"? The composition of alcohols is different. Some brands are made from flax seeds or rye flakes. Also in the composition there is a rectified ethyl alcohol and natural honey. And water for dilution is brought to Vologda for a thousand kilometers - from the lake edge of Karelia. It is extracted from wells of different depths. Because water is artesian, it also does not require deep cleaning.

Types of Ukrainian Vodka

In the recipe "Moroshi Carpathian", in addition to the higher water (the source is located at 630 meters above sea level), there is an alcoholic infusion of oatmeal. The color of the bottle is blue.

Vodka "Morosh Zapovednaya" smells of Carpathian herbs. The dominant is verbena. The softness of the drink is provided by the height of the spring - 850 meters. The bottle is made in the color of the sea wave.

Luxury vodka of the Ukrainian line is "Morosh on the water from Lake Sinevir" and "Premium". The bottles for them are made of blue and dark green glass. In the bouquet of the first product, notes of lime-colored and eucalyptus are guessed, and the second - verbena and dogrose.

Reviews about Ukrainian vodka

"Morosh" is a very popular brand in the country, and it catches up with such unconditional sales leaders as "Nemiroff", "Khortytsya" and "Khlebny Dar". The cheapest is the "Dzherelna" vodka "Morosh". The reviews claim that this is a quality product that does not cause a severe hangover and heaviness in the stomach. To taste it is classic vodka without foreign smells and taste. But users rated other types of "Moroshi". "Preserved" on herbs is in demand. Vodka "On the water of Lake Synevyr" and "Premium" because of the high price goes as a gift option. These are very high quality drinks with a piquant aroma and very mild flavor. The original design of the bottle protects the product from falsification.

Russian types of vodka

Here the release of this brand started later. But LLC "Russian North" is also trying to diversify the range. At the moment only three kinds are produced. A distinctive feature of them is the softness of vodka. "Morosh" is sold in bottles of green, blue and red. Tare for vodka - a quarter, half and 0.7 liters. In Ukraine, the Gelman plant produces Morosh and in liter bottles.

What does the term "softness" mean? After all, water for Russian vodka "Morosh" is extracted from the springs of Karelia. It is clean in itself, does not require filtration or boiling. The fact is that in the production of "Moroshi" spirits are selected to water, and not vice versa. And in their softness and is the "potency" of the final product.

Green "Morosh"

This vodka - the cheapest of the entire line. The level of softness in it is No. 1. It includes mineral water from Karelia, ethyl alcohol of the luxury class. A special charm is attached to the natural honey. In the recipe of green "Moroshi" is also added an alcoholic infusion of rye flakes. And this product is inexpensive - 335 rubles for a half-liter bottle. What do consumers say about the taste and other qualities of the green Moroshi? It will please fans of classical vodka. In the cooled form it is easy to drink, it gets along well with other ingredients in the cocktail. No fusel impurities. Honey and rye flakes in taste are not felt. But if you go over with the dose, then there will be cunning, with which the "Morosh" vodka creeps up to the body. Reviews of consumers advise that the head does not hurt, limited to one hundred grams of this product. But as a budget option, and even under a shish kebab or weed in nature - that's exactly what you need.

Softness level 2

The people call it vodka "Morosh blue". Of course, this was not without the mineral water from Karelia. But from the "green" sister "blue" is really soft taste. Instead of rye flakes in its recipe used alcoholic infusion of flax seeds, as well as natural honey. The color of vodka is absolutely transparent. The taste is a little sweet, very soft. Aroma - classic, vodka, without any impurities. At a price the blue "Morosh" differs little from the green one. Therefore, consumer reviews recommend buying it, overpaying a couple of rubles, but getting a really soft and "spicy" product. With an organism such vodka is transferred better, the head after it does not hurt. Because of the sweetish taste, ladies also want to try it.

Vodka "Morosh" red

We can say that the plant "Russian North" invested the soul in this product. The model for the red "Moroshi" was the Ukrainian analogue "Premium". Like all Ukrainian vodka of this brand, the Russian "softness level No. 3" is made on high-quality grain wheat alcohol. In addition, an old recipe was taken for the sample. In addition to alcohol and mineral water from Karelia, vodka components are infusion of cloudberry, thyme, peppermint and rose hips. These herbs give the drink the perfect flavor of pure luxury vodka with a barely perceptible shade of ice. The taste of the product is a little sweet. Vodka, as the reviews say, is very soft, it does not cut a throat. The aftertaste is long, warm.

How much does the "Morosh" vodka cost red? Surprisingly, its price gap from the green and blue sisters is very small. In different baccarat it is sold in the range of 340-360 rubles for a half-liter bottle.

Thus, the main characteristics of vodka under the brand "Morosh" are considered. As you can conclude from the above, this is quality alcohol at an affordable price.