The distillery concern Khortytsya (the original name sounds like Khortytsa) produces not only strong distillates, tinctures and liqueurs, but also juices and soft drinks. This plant is the leader of the Ukrainian market. Its products are supplied, despite tense political relations, and on the shelves of Russian stores. In this article, Khortitsa vodka will be in our focus. In terms of popularity in the countries of the former Soviet Union among Ukrainian alcohol, she shares second place with such a famous brand as “Nemiroff”. And the palm holds the "Bread Gift". But, you see, the second place is also very honorable. Let's look at the types of vodka, which is called "Khortytsya", and examine the reviews about them.Khortytsya Vodka: types and description

A bit of history

Khortytsya distillery was built in 2003 from scratch. Since the location of production facilities was Zaporizhia region, it was not long to determine the name for the new brand. The island of Khortytsya, which is in the middle of the Dnieper, was the location of the Cossack Sich. An association with a freedom-loving republic and a valiant dalliance led to the success of the drink. But not only the name won Khortytsya vodka popularity with the Ukrainian consumer. High quality raw materials, impeccable cleaning, a beautiful gift bottle and low price were the main components of success. Already in 2005, Khortitsa was among the ten leading vodka producers in the world. The total volume of production is seventeen million decalitres, and vodka - 7.5 million annually. The company is also a distributor, exporting Khortitsa to seventy countries of the world. This vodka and the hearts of Russian consumers won.

Distinctive features of Khortytsya vodka

The production capacity of the distillery is not in vain located in the countryside, away from the metropolis of Zaporozhye. Being in an ecologically clean region ensures that no harmful impurities get into the drink. For Khortitsa vodka, only selected wheat grains and artesian water are used. In addition, the drink goes through a multi-stage purification system. But deep filtration is not all that distinguishes Khortitsa vodka from such high-quality distillates. To protect its products from counterfeit products and, thus, loss of consumer confidence, the plant paid considerable attention to the packaging of the drink. Faceted bottle with easily recognizable outlines has several steps to protect against counterfeit.

How to distinguish the original from a fake

Khortytsya vodka has a brand cap with a dispenser. A special hologram is made of a special paper on it, which collapses when it is first opened. The label of vodka is protected from counterfeit, like a banknote. With the help of micro-holographic technology, miniature concern logos are applied across its surface. Marking on the bottle is applied by laser. A special feature of vodka is the rainbow hologram, made with the help of modern technology dot-mix. If you twist a bottle of vodka in your hands, you can see a three-dimensional three-dimensional image. But reviews say that craftsmen can get around these degrees of protection, especially if you buy vodka not in a supermarket, where you can carefully consider the product, and in small stores. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase Khortitsa at proven places of sale of alcohol.

Types of Vodka

Like Nemiroff, the brand is known for producing vodka of not only a classic sample, but also with flavors. In general, the entire range of such products can be divided into three lines. The first is the so-called classic Khortitsa vodka. Reviews claim that this line is designed for the mass buyer. Nevertheless, a high degree of protection is observed here, despite the democratic price of the product. This line includes such "Khortitsa": "Classic", "Absolute" and Ice. The concern also produces “special” vodkas. Some of them are not much different from the classic ones - for example, “Khortytsya Silver Cool”, where the taste is set off by refreshing mint, or “Golden cedar” with spicy notes of nuts. But there are really special vodkas. These include the truly Ukrainian "gorilka" "Pepper with honey", as well as "Khortytsya Prunes". And finally, the third line includes elite vodka. These are "Premium", "De Lux", "Platinum". The concern constantly releases novelties on the market. So, the hit of the sixteenth year was “Wheat Tear”.

Khortytsya Premium Vodka

Reviews of Russian consumers call this product the best of the concern in the Russian Federation. Of course, the price of "Premium" refers vodka to the category of "drinks for a special occasion" or "as a gift." But it should be noted that the product passes customs, which affects the cost. Do not forget that vodka belongs to the third line - luxury drinks. For its production, as indicated on the label, special premium alcohol is used. And in it, and even in the repeatedly purified artesian water, lies the secret of the mild taste that distinguishes this Khortitsa vodka. Reviews recommend drinking it moderately chilled, under a variety of snacks. The head from her in the morning does not hurt and well-being is excellent. It is drunk easily and does not fight a throat. There is no sharp smell. Very soft aftertaste.

Vodka "Khortytsia Wheat Tear"

This novelty, born at the very end of 2015, is still unknown to the Russian consumer. But in Ukraine, her fame is already booming. The credit for the production of vodka belongs not so much to the Khortitsa concern, as to the state enterprise Ukrspirt. That it has invented technology for maximum cleaning. Alcohol "Wheat Tear" is released from any impurities - not only harmful, but also affecting the taste. These are fusel oils, methanol, aldehydes, ethers. In alcohol, only grain of selected wheat and crystal clear water, like a tear, are connected. The entire manufactured volume of this high-end product is purchased by concern Khortitsa for the release of the vodka of the same name. And, given the high standards of the plant, the quality of the product is beyond praise. Vodka “Khortitsa Wheat Tear” (photo presents bottles with medals) is suitable for both pure consumption and for numerous alcoholic cocktails.